Saturday, January 11, 2014

So Loved...Paper Smooches SPARKS: Anything Goes, Case Study #173


Saturday evening; taking some time to sit and post for a bit before my sous chef responsibilities are called upon for the evening’s special of home-made pizza.  The added bonus: we’re watching another episode of Sherlock, a la DVD, because I didn’t twig in to how brilliant it is when the seasons were airing on TV.  TV and I…take it or leave it. We eat dinner late, and typically wind up watching whatever’s on Food Network. I confess to liking Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Impossible, Top Chef, and the newest ‘culinary delight’, Chopped Canada.  The grand irony: I don’t cook very often, as that’s my husband’s ‘thing’ and I also add entirely new definitions to the phrase ‘picky eater.’  Yeah…I’m a grazer.  Anyway,  as a full-blown fan of Sherlock Holmes (I have an ages old volume of all the Holmes mysteries, passed on to my from my grandma on my dad’s side…she was a most remarkable grandma…spoiled us rotten!!), I’m impressed with this modernized version of the old classic.  Clever, engaging, suspenseful…

We awoke today to a snowfall warning, which didn’t really amount to much beyond a rain/snow/wind combination however, the slushy conditions did put a damper on my husband’s plans to go for a bike ride.  Yes, he does ride in the winter…often.   Having him home for the day was a rather pleasant change, so we ran a few errands, and went for a wonderful long walk along a trail we haven’t been on since before the flood in June.  We had to take a few detours to find the trail head, as the construction to deepen Cougar Creek has wiped out our easy access routes, and in short order, we were out of the blustery winds, enjoying the forest.  I truly do love this trail, but in the spring and summer, the reality of cougars and bears living in close proximity to our town does sketch me out.  It’s not a trek I do on my own, just in case…  

Once home,  we went to our respective zones of creativity:  I, to the kitchen counter, aka my ‘craft room’ (not kidding…kitchen counter…); my husband to the basement and his stable of bikes.  He bought a new frame (if we did ‘equalized’ spending, OMG, I’d have scandalous amounts of stuff!!), so he’s constructing it into a full-fledged bike for the upcoming season.  I think, at one point, he informed me that the handlebars on my bike were exactly what he needs for his new *precious*, and I think I nodded assent that he could use them.   Hmmm….I think there must be a trade-off in there somewhere…

Okay, ‘nuff of the Saturday recap. Time to share my wee entry for Paper Smooches SPARKS: Anything Goes Challenge

as well as Case Study #173, where Donna Mikasa's delicate, pastel card is the inspiration. Swooon....

Mine is much more clunky, but I did try to work with the concept of 'gently tumbling' images...

Off to pizza prep..

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


  1. Yes....a tumbling effect has definitely been achieved! The hearts and sequins are so perfectly placed! Clever idea to 'attach' the sentiment banner to the handle of the swoon worthy polka dot umbrella...especially so with the pearl (?) topper!

    Home-made pizza...I will be right over! BTW, booked my flight to Calgary. March 6th to 10th. Can we squeeze in a lunch or coffee?

  2. Sounds as though you had a fun Saturday, Carol ... fresh air, home made pizza and creating this little beauty ... rather perfect really! This is so sweet ... such an elegant brolly with it's wee sequin and banner ... and clever addition of the sequin 'rain' among the tumbling hearts! Anita :)

  3. Sounds like a good Saturday!! :) I love your card!! The upside down umbrella with hearts come out is sooo cute!!!

  4. Love the hearts falling into the umbrell :) Darling case. I had giggle at the sous chef comment as that is my job for sure! I don't enjoy cooking and hubby loves to cook so sous chef and clean up girl I am. We watch tons on the food network (or I should say, hubby does: Diners Drive Ins and Dives, Chopped, Iron Chef, Robert Irvine, and a few whose names escape me). Needless tos say, we are often the benefiiciaries of soemthing hubby has seen on the shows :)

  5. Love using the umbrella with your tumbling hearts--what a great card, Carol! Now if only my hubby had an expensive hobby--LOL!

  6. Awww, this is just the sweetest thing ever! What a heartwarming way to let someone know they are loved! Such a great take on Donna's card - you totally rocked it! Pretty, coordinating hearts amongst pretty, sparkly sequins tumbling from the sky into that adorable polka dotted umbrella (love the silver tip!), doesn't get any better than this! Oh, and totally agree with you - cougars, bears, coyotes, wild beasts in the woods = SKETCH!!!

  7. love the tumbling hearts into the umbrella! so very fun!

  8. Fabulous! love the umbrella! Thanks for joining us at CASE Study!