Friday, May 31, 2013

Wild Thing...Retrosketches #65 and CASology #46

Wild thing, you make my heart sing...

My apologies, but this tune has been playing in my head for the past couple of days, and rather than keep it entirely to myself, I'm sharing! I know, I can thank me later.  (dang earworms!!)

Anyway, my third 'flash post' is inspired by Retrosketches #65

I couldn't resist...
and yes, I stamped "You make my heart sing" inside.

My sister-in-law would laugh herself silly with this, so it's headed her way, to give to my brother on one of those occasions when he's being a doof-asaurus. Hmmm...maybe I should make her a stack of o'squatches...

Hope this brought a smile to your day...

Tweet Spots Note...Unscripted Sketches #212

Yikers - so many distractions (of a good kind!) happening today that my posts are actually succinct!  Trust me - this is short- lived, as I have plenty o'babbling to share when time permits.  Plenty!

Sharing today, my entry for Unscripted Sketches #212.  Yes, some liberties taken with the sketch, but my new TAWS Tweet Spots were calling for their turn at a 'stage presence'. I listened and even gave my somewhat neglected Crayolas an outing (yes, old-school pencil crayons!!).

Here's the inspiring sketch:
followed by my Tweet Spots card...

(A little out of practice with colouring...but what fun!!)

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Up, Up and Away....The Paper Players: Challenge #147 and ColourQ #191

A *cas* post this morning (longer one later...stay tuned) because, yet again, I'm drawing near to a Mr. Linky closing on me!  Three inspirations for my card:
TAWS Lighter Than Air stamp set - new family members to my collection
The Paper Players Challenge #147 (second go-round with this sketch, as I used it first for Ardyth's b-day card)

ColourQ #191 - first time with this challenge, because I *had* to show you some of my lovely new AC papers (trying not to hoard, but...)

Here's my card (and I think I've covered all the ColourQ colours in those oh-so-charming patterns...)

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Have a fabulous Friday!!

Note:  Tickled pink to be selected as a ColourQ Courtier!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ardyth!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Arrddyyythhhh…
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!!

Hi Ardyth - Carol here from "just down the road' in Alberta, chiming in with birthday wishes, birthday singing (trust me, *reading* me singing is far easier on the ears than listening!), and, of course, a birthday card!
As much as I try, my capacity to case one of your stunning cards would be, well - akin to my voice - not quite 'in tune.'  Your talent and creativity in escalating 'simple and clean' images to elbows-on-the-table-staring in admiration works of art is beyond compare, and all those participating in this wonderful, well-deserved Darnell-orchestrated celebration of 'you' have shared their love for your cards over...and over...and over.  Truth is: you're an incredible artist with the most delightful sense of humour, and the warmest of hearts.  I can't begin to tell you how much your uplifting comments on my 'fledgling' cards have been sources of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement.  You are truly a gem!

So, when the singing voice isn't 'great,' there's always an alternate way to join the choir: just hum along.  And that's exactly the approach I took with creating a card for you...I just *hummed* along, adding bits and pieces of "Ardyth-ique" where I could - sparkles, rainbows (okay, stripes), some white space.  My card isn't a "case" of one of yours, but it is a special 'case' all the same: because I made it exclusively for you, and because of you!  Thank you for welcoming me into this community; thank you for being a friend; and especially, thank you for letting me know that in whatever I've made, a little 'sparkle' can be found.  
Hope your day was fantastic!

Darnell - you are amazing! What a special friend you are to celebrate your friend in such a dynamic, inspiring, heart-warming and thoughtful fashion.  Wow - whatever I did "right" to meet such amazing people, I don't know, but I feel incredibly blessed!  *Mwah* to you!!

Hope you like my card, even if it's (as often happens with me) a bit 'out there'....

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!!
And many more....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Flying Critters" (X 4)...4 Crafty Chicks Challenge {Critters} #143 and My Creative Time Designer Challenge (Critters)

Confession: I love 'little cards," which likely doesn't come as too much of a surprise, given the few several times I've created them for various challenges (amongst other things...that's a whole 'nuther story).  Indeed, at two points last year - Halloween and Christmas - I was so obsessed with immersed in working with small canvases, that when time came to return to 'real' card making, I was paralyzed.  All that space seemed so, so, so vast (I know - 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 is hardly ginormous), like shifting from paper the size of a postage-stamp to a wall mural, waiting to be adorned with something, or in my case, some things. Lots of somethings...  The temptation to create itty bittys only was one difficult to resist, yet I managed, regaining my ability to work with those oh-so-huge A2 sized cards.  I was nearly on the brink of declaring small cards a no-go zone.  Nearly.  Because, as we know, sometimes challenges come up that call for mini-me cards, and when that happens...I heed the call.  Have to - it's in my genes! 

So, here's the big question: guess what I made today! Hint: think little; think 3 X 3.. Ready?

My inspiration comes from two challenges: My Creative Time Designer Challenge, which calls for 4 3 x 3 cards, and the added bonus of a critter theme, which in turn, fits tickety-boo with same theme at 4 Crafty Chicks' Challenge #143.  Connecting the two "had" to happen - and what a fabulous opportunity to showcase some of my favourite things: My Creative Time 3 X 3 card die, as well as PS, TAWS and MCT stamps.  The "pattern" in my set is fairly obvious: butterflies (winged critters, right?), common papers, and "thank you" sentiments.

Here they are...

The gold brads on each are meant to be more functional than decorative, to keep the cards
closed because I used fairly heavy cardstock, but if you think they add 
an 'extra touch' embellishment-wise, I'd be delighted...

Hope you enjoy my set of butterfly thanks...
Thank you for dropping in; your comments are welcomed and appreciated immensely.

Thinking of You...CAS(E) #29 and Case Study #142

As I mentioned in my previous post, our visit to my family was sheer delight.  We left early Sunday morning, destined for a bike race where we were officials.  My husband held reins as chief official, a position he handles often based on his skill and expertise in the sport, whilst I, along with four others, were designated to follow (we're in cars driven by the race organizer's volunteers) assigned categories of riders.  Often, I follow the women's groups, and feel much like a 'den mother,' herding my little cohort along the road, doing my best to ensure that they're riding safely as well as adhering to the 'rules' of racing. 

Over the several years that I've been an official, 99% of the races are relatively 'uneventful,' meaning that the riders race, a 'minor' crash may occur, but for the most part, everyone makes it to the finish upright, exhausted and typically none the worse for wear.  Other times, there's that .9% where something goes a bit more askew than is normal; perhaps a number of penalities handed out, or maybe some disqualifications - nothing tremendously extraordinary, and typically, more 'bruised egos' than anything else.

And then, there's that .1%, where bad things happen.  Sunday's race, sadly, falls into that realm.  Three riders were injured in two separate incidents, ironically meters apart from one another,  involving competitors from two different categories.  My husband was the 'voice of calm' in the midst of all that unfolded: ambulances, police, the road closure that ensued to accommodate STARS air ambulance's arrival, to transport those injured to the hospital, the decision to stop the race... No one likes to see people hurt; no one especially likes to see people they know, hurt.  In a nutshell, it really wasn't a good day for racing for three people...and their families, their friends, their teammates, and us - the  officials who come to know - and care - about these riders for their passion and dedication to the sport.  Our drive back home, as you can imagine, was clouded by the events of the day, and the 'unknown' of the riders' well-being.

A day's passing reveals that all three are on the mend; one is home, two remain in hospital.  Such news is great to hear, but we know that the healing will be a long process, especially since concussions are involved. My husband and I have talked about little else than the event; have thought about little else.  Preoccupied, indeed - and I suspect we will be for a while yet to come.

Yesterday, I decided to put the 'thinking' into a productive, positive process, all the while sending'good vibes' to the injured while doing so.  My "Thinking of You" card that resulted was inspired by the layout at
CAS(E) this Sketch #29

and the 'emotions evoked' by Maile's gorgeous card at Case Study #142
I didn't use a stunning flower, as she did (wish I had one to use...); rather, I was touched by the lightness and delicacy of her images.  I reached for my butterfly die; it just seemed 'right' given the circumstances.

Simple card, packed with a whole bunch of 'well-wishes'...

And, since I don't want to close on a sad nephew said "Aunty" on Saturday!  Woo hooooo!!!!!
Have a wonderful day - and I'm looking forward to plenty of blog-visiting today, to see what day-brightening, smile-making, spirit-lifiting creations you'll be sharing!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nautical Shades (X 2)

We've literally stepped in the door from a most wonderful, awesome, delightful weekend with my family! I spent most of Saturday with my niece and nephew -  baking cookies (which means nibbling on cookie dough  of course), playing 'rocketship,' shopping, and, as always, getting *in trouble*.  Whenever my niece does something she ought not to, we both take on our 'respective 'responsibilities for being naughty- she for usually performing the little infraction and Aunty C "for not keeping an eye on me."  Most of the time, we truly aren't in trouble..just kinda sorta.  Too much fun!

Anyway, quick shift in gears to the task at hand: I wound up creating not one, but two cards for Paper Smooches SPARKS Cool Shades challenge because I finally, finally have a new stash of 6 X 6 paper pads to gaze at, play with, and, in all likelihood, hoard (oh, there's some pretty ones in the mix, for sure!)  Lo and behold, American Crafts' "Soho Garden" had the nautical colours called for in this week's challenge so, what else could I do but...indulge.

My first card was inspired by last week's MUSE #18 card created by Marion Vagg, but as is sometimes the case, I missed the entry deadline.  Even so, I had a chance to feature a 'garden' of blooms from PS Friendly Flowers.  The second card is a "mini" card, using the notebook die.

Without further chit-chat (need to unpack...), here's the inspiration from PS:

and from MUSE #18
followed by my entries

and my mini note

Thanks so much for dropping in; your comments are always welcomed and appreciated, deeply!
Warm wishes to all!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Embossed Blossom Birthday Card...TAWS BE Inspired #28

Rain, rain go away...we're under a *rainfall warning watch* for the next couple of days, with no signs of the sun breaking through the dense clouds until Sunday, or maybe Monday.  That's okay, because despite the weather, the 'silver linings' abound: traveling to see my family tomorrow, which means "Auntie C" time, card-making and cookie-baking incentive (although weather of any kind allows for those activities, doing so when the rain is streaming down in sheets adds the 'indulgence' aspect); and yet another challenge accomplished, with a twist: a 're-visit' to a technique I gave up on months ago...

My card truly is a labour of love, which stems from a couple of sources.  First, it's my entry into the TAWS BE Inspired #28 challenge, with a photo inspiration showcasing a bedroom  - soft colours, dreamy decor -I'd love to own, and a chance to play with my much-loved TAWS stamps.  Second, my 'approach' was inspired by the embossing technique shared by talented, creative and wonderful Shannon on her card here.  In a word: gorgeous! 

Now, embossing powder and I don't have a particularly strong relationship, but after seeing Shannon's stellar results and thinking (hard!!) about the subtle palette in the photo, embossing seemed the way to go.  *Seemed* is the operative term, because holy smokes, did this take  a long time to create! "Back to the drawing board" and "scrunch and trash" happened about 10 times; a lesson on embossing is definitely on the agenda!  Given an 'extension' (I know, I know -  we had two weeks to ponder and excuses!), I'd do some refining and polishing to enhance my 'vision.'  Still, I knew the 'look' I was seeking, made some inroads in re-connecting with embossing and all the possibilities it offers, and wound up with a card that is, like Shannon's, an 'experiment.'  I'm in awe of Shannon's white embossed, copic coloured flowers, but with neither the 'right' shades in my copic collection nor white embossing powder, a Plan B was needed. Solution: silver embossing (it was that or green...and why I have green embossing powder is anyone's guess! What was I thinking??) on patterned paper...

TAWS BE Inspired photo here:
and my embossed blossom...

Hmmm...not sure if embossing the flower pot was a wise decision, but
it's all part of the 'challenge' process of trying new things.

Thank you, Shannon, for 'technique' inspiration, and for the oh-so-pretty card!
Thank you to TAWS, for the gorgeous photo inspiration and especially, for the wonderful, much loved stamps!  Hope I did justice to to the images from Pedal Pushers and Wish Big!

Thanks for dropping in; your comments are much welcomed and appreciated!
Hope you have a day filled with 'silver linings'...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Polka-dots, Warm Thoughts...Fusion #7

Well, the 'second part' of my two card mission from yesterday had a posting delay, due to the must-eat-now pizza-fest followed by a catch-up chat with my mom.  She is simply awesome - and I"m tickled pink we're heading north on Friday to visit!  Today, however, a full agenda: card to post, work, home to make more cards, post and other stuff (are my priorities just a *wee* bit obvious?).

This morning's post is my entry for FUSION #7, with its lovely colours and images, and clean sketch.  Best part: finally, finally a chance to use my barely touched Studio Calico Classic Calico papers, and debut another of the flowers from PS Friendly Flowers ("everyone" needs a turn on 'stage,' as you know....).

Here's FUSION #7
and here's mine:\

Polka-dots, flowers (colour inspired by the flowers' stems in the photo,
and some red pearls, because when I squinted closely, I'm sure the
wee tag reads "for you" in a red/pink colour.  I think...) and a butterfly.

Hope you like my 'soft' FUSION...

Thanks for dropping in; your comments brighten my day!
Warm thoughts coming your way....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cutie Robot B-Day...Dynamic Duos #53, Retro sketches #64 and 4 Crafty Chicks #142

Traveling 'hither' to visit my family a couple weekends ago, and 'yon' to visit my in-laws this past weekend, has its perks, but talk about missing my card-making!  And my card-making 'friends'!! Thankfully, you were all busily crafting away, designing charming, delightful works of 'pretty' to keep me feeling 'grounded' until I returned...and return I have!  We're journeying 'hither' again this weekend - my family once more. Niece and nephew time are Saturday highlights (hopefully a snippet Friday evening, depending when we arrive), along with officiating at a bike race on tap for Sunday, before departing for home. Betwixt now and then, I have cards to make, and fellow crafters' artworks to oogle and drool over, and comments to write.  Oh, the hectic-ness of it all. Okay, okay...I'm addicted, but that's fine, because I. am. not. alone!

Today's mission was a two-part production, the first of which was inspired by Dynamic Duos #53, featuring
Retro Sketches #64, starring the ever-talented Danielle, with this sketch
and 4 Crafty Chicks #142, where the theme is Birthday, Birthday, Birthday.

As good fortune would have it, just before we left on Friday, happy mail arrived from The Alley Way Stamps, so making its debut...ta dahhh...

(My blue paper isn't 'true' Pacific Blue, but I tried to get as close as possible.  Crossing fingers that my blue fits, 
\but if not, I totally understand if my dynamic duo is a 'sort of solo' and has to go...)

the cutie-patootie robot, from Lighter Than Air. 

Need to rush off, as my husband is experiencing a "must eat NOW" calls...

Thanks so much for dropping in; love your comments!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day *Take 4*...The Paper Players #145 and Unscripted Sketches #210

Quick post to share yet another Mother's Day card which, yes, is belated, but only because we're 'in person' delivering it this weekend.  Last week, I posted my three "You're Special" cards destined for my mom, my sister-in-law and my husband's mom.  My sister-in-law, after seeing them, asked for one for her mom (Grammy) that my niece and nephew could *write in* - and I was only too glad to say, yes!  So, all three wound up being left with with my family.

Fortunately, because we weren't heading to visit my in-laws for a week, I had time re-create one for my mother-in-law, and in the wild scramble to complete various cards before packing our bags to head west this time, designing one for her was a priority.  Despite claiming this card "a wrap" on Tuesday, here I am, once again, posting just under the wire.  Clock's ticking...

The common elements for each of the first three cards - butterfly, flower, heart - were *must haves* in the design, but beyond that, I was open to 'suggestion,' or rather, inspiration. And inspiration came, with the layout from Unscripted Sketches #210

and the bold colours of The Paper Players #145:

Here's my card, and fingers crossed that she'll like it....

Thanks for dropping in; your comments are welcome and appreciated, deeply.
Have a wonderful weekend (it's a long one for us,with more traveling hither and yon...)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wild and Craazzyy B-Day Card… Retro sketches #63

Want to know what happens when you mix the delightful layout from Retro sketches #63

with house-cleaning (we're off to visit my husband's family tomorrow - on the road again!), laundry, and eating far too many baking home-made chocolate chip cookies?   Full on sugar-rush multi-tasking distraction – and a card bearing results that look like this:

 Bright, bold, and waaaayyyy too much going on!  Time to revisit the lessons from the online Pattern-Play course and get. things. straight.  Actually, this makes me want to laugh (no, it’s not the sugar acting up any more…).  If I turn my head *this way*, it's sort of cutesy, despite its rather wild appearance, yet sort of totally wonky!

Let’s chalk this up as a crazy retro funky flower frenzy (had to showcase - X 5) one of the blooms from my new PS Friendly Flowers set) and leave it at that!  Enjoy! (Sometimes we learn from others ‘what’ to do; and sometimes, as in this case, what ‘not’ to do.  Teachable moment.  Another  giggle-fest coming on…).  Oh yes, I've also put away my EP For the Record paper pads for the time being, as they are partially responsible for the hodge-podge (patterns are just too darn tempting!)

Thanks for dropping in and sharing a chuckle! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!
Hope your Friday is fantastic and a wee bit frenzied - in only the best of ways!  Long weekend...yayyyy!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Congratulations...FUSION #6

Gorgeous FUSION #6 elements this week,
but whew *wipes sweat from brow* I wound up spending inordinate time making my card and I'm not exactly thrilled with the outcome.  The 'vision' and the 'execution' were a bit at odds, plus I think my muse was having a nap when I tackled this.  Here's how things played out:
  • A couple weeks back, one of the nicest, sweetest and most gentlemanly cyclists I know (well, not including my husband, because he's all that and more), announced his engagement.  Yayyyy!!  The 'essence' of my card - congratulations on the delightful news - ranks a 10/10.
  • I decided to use two coffee mugs from a set I have, and in doing so, tried a 'new-to-me' technique - mirror image stamping, which I found here.  Excellent tutorial!  Coffee mugs (as inspired by the FUSION photo) plus new learning - ranks 7/10 (need more practice on the mirroring).
  • A love-themed card calls (loudly!) for a heart, so debuting here is my PS Flourishes 1 die.  I 'deduced' that cutting two and placing them 'just so' created a 'steamy' heart. Ranking on 'figurin' stuff out - 8/10.
  • The FUSION layout showcases a tag, reflected in my card, but minus the 3-band toppings and with the sentiment (mis)placed beneath the image.  Ranking in 'following the sketch' - 5/10
  • I wavered back-and-forth between two sentiments - Congratulations (went with that) or "One good cup deserves another."  Perhaps the second sentiment will find a home inside the card.  Ranking in sentiment indecision - 10/10; ranking in final decision - 7/10 (still debating...).
  • My card was labour intensive (note: muse napping comment above) - and I messed up several things, several times. Ranking in 'effort' = 10/10; ranking in 'final product' = 6.5/10
  • Enjoyment in making the card (despite the paper scrunches, ink everywhere episodes) - 12/10!!
So, overall outcome reveals - a photo inspired + 1/3 sketch inspired FUSION, that showcases love, in a 'couple-oriented' fashion (not too girl-y...or so I hope!), clean and...well, rather simple when all is taken into account.  Net outcome = passing grade!!  Actually, my response of *meh* is slowly shifting to "I kind of like this..." We'll be seeing the couple at a bike race the last weekend in May, which gives me time to make renos, or maybe just leave it as is.  Hmmm...yep, it's starting to grow on me (and my husband quite likes it  Always a positive influence...)

Here it is:

Thanks for dropping in; comments always welcome and appreciated, deeply!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Black, White and a Colour Splash...CAS(E) #27 and CASE Study #140

My sister, celebrating her birthday in parts as yet unknown (she and her husband always zip somewhere for her birthday; last year was Disneyland...year before, Disneyland...year before that, Disneyland.  Hmmm, I detect a trend, although she said no Disney for her b-day this year, but maybe later.  Oh those silly kids!) is very black and white...and beige.  By this, I'm referring to the colour palette for her ever-so-stylish wardrobe.  She's all about the neutrals, and she sports those basics with a flair and panache that is, ironically, incredibly eye-catching. Sometimes, she'll add a splash of colour - a snippet of turquoise in a scarf, a spot of green in a sweater, a wee glimpse of burnt orange on a blouse - but nothing that 'jumps out.'  Bright colours just aren't her thing; not in her clothing, not in her accessories, not even in her home decor.  Given her vibrant (yet somewhat reserved) personality, she doesn't *need* to wear vibrant hues to make her presence known. She sparkles subtly all on her own...

With her birthday nearing, I decided to 'try a card' that reflects her colour preferences as well as her love for flowers; sunflowers, in particular. My EP For the Record papers called to me with some black, some white, some 'muted' colours...and a 'splash.'  My new, yes new, PS Friendly Flower stamps make their debut, paired with my My Creative Time frame and wee heart dies. My inspiration comes from two challenges this week (perfect timing!):  the layout from CAS(E) #27, created by the ever-talented Chrissy Larson

and the images from the amazing Maile Belles, featured at CASE Study Challenge #140, 
Here's my card...

Hopefully, my sister will like this - a little bit 'neutral,' a bit flowery, and bit of a 'splash'...

Thanks for dropping in! Your comments make my day!
Hope you enjoy YOUR day immensely - and may it be filled with a splash of colour wherever you may be, and in whatever shade you want!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

No Fuss, No Muss, Just Hippopotamus(es)...MUSE #17 and Paper Smooches SPARKS: Designer Draft

First, I saw this at Paper Smooches SPARKS: Designer Draft Challenge:

then this appeared at MUSE: Challenge #17
and after I swooned over the adorable elephants for a bit (for another over-the-moon cute elephant, check out Shannon's Miss Ellie here), I decided, nope...not going to resist, even for a second.  Sooooo, I reached for this set (you can guess where I'm heading...), figuring that sometimes, cute stamps need to just 'speak for themselves,' with little interference from me (hope I did my *selected* little dudes justice!) and wound up with.... 

My little hippo herd is off to MUSE and PS; it's a touch simple, a bit silly (okay, maybe a whole bunch silly), but sometimes, doing what's 'obvious' is a fine course of action.  Besides, hippos make me smile - these ones    (their little tails especially!) and real ones...

Thanks for dropping in, and please know that your comments are welcome and appreciated, deeply!
Have a wonderful, happy day!

Happy "Auntie Day" - and the Best. Card. Ever!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend; we most certainly did, especially celebrating Mother's Day/Grandma's Day with my mom, my sister-in-law, and her mom.  (Bike race, which I chatted about in my previous post, was not so good for three of the women riders I followed. Crashes, due to the crazy prairie winds buffeting everyone around, added another layer of 'daunting' to the already challenging nature of a first season race.  Yes, sometimes I shake my head in wonder -puzzlement, perhaps is more apt - at people passionate about this sport...hello, husband, do you hear me?  Hello???  Overall, though, the injury tally didn't win out over the proud "I survived this' smiles I saw from the majority.  One race done, and in two weeks another 'parachute in' as commissaires for my husband and I. Bonus feature: a chance to visit my family again, much sooner than I had expected!).

Mother's/Grandmother's Day was special on so many fronts. Little did my sister and I know it was also Happy Aunties' Day!!  In the midst of card-giving to the moms present, imagine how delighted my sister and I were when we received OUR cards! 

So, here's the Best. Card. Ever. for Happy Aunties' Day (my sister's card shares this status too).

and the inside
which, according to my niece, reads: Auntie C, you're silly and we love you very much.
Special...I feel special, and my sister does too.

Anyway, just thought I'd share!

Thanks for dropping by, and please know that your comments are welcomed and appreciated, deeply.
Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!  

By the way, my dad was all good with the cards I made my sister-in-law and brother; he figured they housed his, niece and nephew's poems...quite well.  And extra score points:  he selected one of my recent FUSION entries for my sister's birthday - same poem gig happening - for later in May.  I didn't think the 'wild and crazy' style of my frenzied flowery explosion would pique his interest.  Who knew? And I'm thrilled!!  I think he has more in mind...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day - You're Special (X 3)...Retro Sketches #62, 4 Crafty Chicks #141 and just because...

A bunch of things to be jazzed about this morning, with the Top 3 being:
  • We’re off to visit my family this afternoon (two weeks since last visit have flown!),  and you know what that means:  some time to be Aunty C, some time to be my parents’ daughter, some time to be a sister and sister-in-law and…some time to be a bike-race official…
  • First road bike race of the Alberta racing season is this weekend, and while I usually don’t sign up to be a commissaire (cycling referee) for this event, (busy being Aunty!), they needed an extra so…I agreed to help out.  My husband (who divides his time as a rider or official) is an official for all three stages – both Saturday and Sunday – while I’m involved with only the first.  Sometimes, following behind a group of riders, decked out in their cycling suits (whoops… my husband, who chose just this moment to read over my shoulder has yet again, reminded me: “They’re cycling kits, Carol…kits, not suits.” *heavy sighhhh - him, not me*  Okay, okay, I stand corrected.  Kits, suits, whatever – it’s all spandex and latex, and helmets, and shoes and chains and gears.  The whole kit-and-caboodle…) is a blast and sometimes it’s not.  First race = nervy jitters for everyone involved.  I’m sure all will be well – and besides, a drive through country roads on the (dusty and windy) prairie is an outing.  By the time I’m finished, my niece should be ready and raring to do “stuff,’ so I’ll have a balance of ‘work and play’ (hmmm….actually, it’s all play, when I think about it…).

  • I finished the Mother’s Day cards I set out to do, although “Happy Mother’s Day” doesn’t appear on any of them, because…ummm, I don’t own such a stamp.  Instead, I went with a phrase (from my PS Sentiment set) that captures the essence of the moms – my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law’s mom - I made cards for: “You’re Special.”  They truly are three most amazing women and I hope my cards – a little bit whimsical, a little bit colourful, and a whole bunch ‘love-infused’ – will make them smile.

Two of my three cards were inspired by this week’s popular Retrossketches #62, which has soooo many possibilities, as well as an idea to 'extend' my PS Notebook Basics Die, by the incredibly talented, super sweet Savannah O'Gwynn, shared in her video here.  Thank you, Savannah!

Here's my first card:

My second card had an inspiration boost from Melissa, one of the creative minds found at both TAWS  and 4 Crafty Chicks #141, where her colour challenge - based on My Mind's Eye "Saffron" paper pad - is on
Guess what I have...that very paper (scraps only, but enough...and now I want more...), so here's my Retro sketches/4 Crafty Chicks entry...

and here's the pair....

Finally, my third card is my "re-vision" of a stunning inspiration shared by Shari Carroll, one of the amazing guest artists at the recent Online His and Hers card class.   

Shari's is a bajillion times prettier, of course, but I'm happy with my 'tried something new' outcome,
shared here, just because...

I'm not yet sure what the mom-card pairings will be;  perhaps I'll let my mom decide which one she wants because she's my #1 fan (it's only fair, right - she 'puts up' with all my card-making shenanigans...). On the other hand, perhaps I'll let my husband decide which one he wants for his mom (he really puts up with my shenanigans, card-making and otherwise...).  We'll see what happens come Sunday.

Thank you for dropping in, and please know that your comments are welcome and appreciated, deeply.
Have a wonderful Friday...and to all of you who are moms - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  Hope you receive plenty of spoiling and pampering on your day, because "You're Special"!

Update:  So honoured to be selected as a Top 3 for the 4 Crafty Chicks Colour Challenge Combo!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Be-YOU-tiful and Fabulous...TAWS #27 and Unscripted Sketches #209

Whew...card-making this afternoon/evening (seriously...sometimes I spend hours dabbling with my creations!) was quite the workout - and quite different from my earlier share today where I mused on how quickly and easily that one came together.  Not so this... a couple of paper-scrunch moments, a few steps back to the drawing board, several head-scratches (coupled with "what AM I doing?), and a whole bunch of playing with some products I totally love, both old and new!  So, before I sink down into the couch, spent (in a very good way), with my efforts, here's quick post to share my entries inspired by TAWS BE Inspired #26 and Unscripted Sketches #209.  Since both challenges are high on my "must do" list, I figured why not combine them. Perhaps this was a better idea in theory rather than practice, but...that's the nature of challenges, right?  Hope you enjoy what I came up with...

TAWS #26 - bright rainbow colours, some black, some letters, a whole lot of 'dive in' possibilities...

Unscripted Sketches #209 - rectangles, squares, sideways, straight-on - so many choices with this layout.  I heard a little whisper repeating "collage, collage" I listened...

Perhaps a card to recognize an accomplishment, or to boost a bruised
ego, or simply a reminder that "you" are fabulous.  And on that note,
I'm *sending* this to all of you who have been so encouraging,
supportive and positive about my ventures in card-making. Your comments
warm my heart and keep me going, and going, and going....

Thanks for dropping in, and please know that your comments are welcomed and appreciated, deeply!
YOU are fabulous!

Update:  So honoured to be selected as a Top 3 at Unscripted Sketches.  THANK YOU!!!

Daffodil and Baja "Hello"...FUSION #5 and Dynamic Duos #51

A *cas* post this morning to accompany my card destined for two challenges:  FUSION #5 and, a first time, Dynamic Duos, featuring Daffodil Delight and Baja Breeze.  My card came together incredibly quickly, as in 'weird for me' quickly!  Once done, I spent another half hour placing my card next to the challenge 'details,' wondering what I'd missed.  (Okay, okay...with only two colours allowed for Dynamic Duos, I should have figured out there was nothing more to add!!  See what happens when a card is easily put together?  Mush brains!!)  Anyway, after several 'review and compare' stints, I reckoned my card was done...aaaaaand then decided to cut the edge off the front and emboss a border along the inside.  Why (other than 'because')?  Flowers...


and mine:

I had a bit of a tussle trying to get the embossed edge to show in the photo; hope
you can see it okay! 

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Have a wonderful day, filled with daffodils and soft breezes...