Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wild and Craazzyy B-Day Card… Retro sketches #63

Want to know what happens when you mix the delightful layout from Retro sketches #63

with house-cleaning (we're off to visit my husband's family tomorrow - on the road again!), laundry, and eating far too many baking home-made chocolate chip cookies?   Full on sugar-rush multi-tasking distraction – and a card bearing results that look like this:

 Bright, bold, and waaaayyyy too much going on!  Time to revisit the lessons from the online Pattern-Play course and get. things. straight.  Actually, this makes me want to laugh (no, it’s not the sugar acting up any more…).  If I turn my head *this way*, it's sort of cutesy, despite its rather wild appearance, yet sort of totally wonky!

Let’s chalk this up as a crazy retro funky flower frenzy (had to showcase - X 5) one of the blooms from my new PS Friendly Flowers set) and leave it at that!  Enjoy! (Sometimes we learn from others ‘what’ to do; and sometimes, as in this case, what ‘not’ to do.  Teachable moment.  Another  giggle-fest coming on…).  Oh yes, I've also put away my EP For the Record paper pads for the time being, as they are partially responsible for the hodge-podge (patterns are just too darn tempting!)

Thanks for dropping in and sharing a chuckle! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!
Hope your Friday is fantastic and a wee bit frenzied - in only the best of ways!  Long weekend...yayyyy!!!


Shannon J said...

I, for one, love this! It's fun and flirty. Sweet and sassy! It makes me happy!!! I have such a hard time with anything slanted (OCD?!) that I didn't even have the courage to attempt this one myself! I think you, on the other hand, showed huge courage and YOU ROCKED IT!!

You will see that I asked you what plans you had for the weekend in the other "little" note that I sent you - and another head smacking moment, because of course, you already told me - you were going to visit your hubby's family! I think I better go back to work soon so I can kick start this faltering brain of mine!! Enjoy the visit, and if you decide on a whim to travel a few miles further west, let me know!!

Happy Dance said...

It's good to think out of the box and try something different. I happen to think this is a really fun card! And I especially love the patterned blossoms! Great job my friend. Have a great weekend. Bev

Kim S said...

OK...there's a lot going on...BUT the way you have grounded it with that simple black and white brings it all together - it's really cute!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

I LOVE the flowers and the texture on this card! Fabulous!

Also, thanks for the kind and supportive comments on my blog, you are so kind! :)

Marlena M. said...

I personally LOVE it! I love the wild, the fun, the funky~ ;)