Monday, May 6, 2013

My Dad's Poetry meets My Cards...CAS(E) this Sketch #26

Sometimes, my cards come with a background story, and the two I’m sharing today most certainly do. 

My dad is an incredibly stolid man – not much of a conversationalist, not given to socializing beyond the sphere of family.  Even with us, he’s a man of few words.  My niece manages to get more chats out of him than anyone else. I mean, who can resist the call of “Poppa, Poppa” from a 3 year old when she *needs* to show him the boo-boo on her knee, or requires his help to get her Hot Wheels car going fast, fast fast?   Three years ago my dad was catapulted into retirement from his long-standing profession as a civil engineer due to an exponentially unexpected and extreme heath issue. One minute he was fine; the next, life changed.  Drastically. That he’s still with us is nothing short of a miracle.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen a side of him not seen before: he started to write poems. I know: “old school” engineer + writing poetry doesn’t seem fathomable, however I kid you not!  Now, we’re not talking ‘outstanding’ poetry – no sonnets, or odes or haikus -  but the fact that he’s playing with verse, and sharing them with us (each poem connected to an occasion – birthdays and so forth) is mightily amazing!  They’re written sort of ‘cat in the hat’ style, and often from the perspective of my niece and nephew.  Yes, the poems are sometimes are a ‘stretch’ in making sense, however, they come from the ‘heart.’  Whimsical, wonky, quirky, charming – they run the spectrum.  Originally, my sister was given card-making duty  – all computer engineered with photos and so forth – so when my card appearances became more noticeable, she didn’t mind handing the reigns over.  I was ecstatic when my dad accepted my offer .  Even though we don’t chit-chat often, the chance to make cards “for him” to reflect what he’s composed “from” my niece and nephew…wonderful!   Truly!  The only hitch: sometimes he likes to give me card-making advice, as in “using those foamy things makes it difficult to store the cards flat in a folder for future referencing.”  Sometimes I listen; sometimes I don’t J  Based on our ‘collaborations’ from the past, I think we make a pretty good team.  And his way of showing his love for us through his poems:  endearing!

So, today’s cards are ‘my’ interpretation for the poems my dad wrote for my sister-in-law and brother, from the voices of my niece and nephew, for Mother and Father’s Day.  Clear as mud, right?   You won’t be once you see them.  They’re definitely ‘whimisical’ – as cards from toddlers would be – and I’ve tried to capture bits of the poems in each.  My dad (or rather, my “niece and nephew” are) is giving my brother a little oak tree to plant in their back yard, so my new set of Trees Company from TAWS worked perfectly. For for "mommy" - baby birds from Trees Company, a Doodle Frame (both TAWS), and a PS Flap Happy butterfly.  No Happy Mother/Father Day sentiments; instead I chose to describe what they are - special and fabulous.

Since this is in keeping with my His and Hers online class homework, you'll see similar elements in each version, as well as the sketch, inspired by the delightful team at CAS(E) this Sketch (#26).

"Ladies first" - here's my sister-in-law's "Mother's Day,' inspired by the sketch and my dad's poem"

and here's for my brother, his 'Father's Day

and here's the 'happy couple'

Hope my dad likes these, and my sister-in-law and brother, too (and you, as well!!)

Thanks for dropping in, and please know that your comments are welcome and appreciated, deeply.
Have a fabulous, special day!!


Ardyth said...

I love your colourful birdies in their polka dot world - fun! Thanks so much for playing along with us at CAS(E) This Sketch this week!

Happy Dance said...

Loved hearing about your dad's poetry. My dad would probably come up with lame limericks! Your cards are lovely. I'm positive that the little ones will enjoy giving these to mom n dad. Have a good evening! Bev

Kim S said...

What an amazing combination of a loving family, quirky poetry and fabulous cards to showcase it all!! The patterns you have chosen are perfect together. I so love the singing birds on each! (You even do fabulous things with that Doodle Frame - what a happy look!!). Thanks for joining us at CAS(E) this Sketch!

Janelle Stollfus said...

How neat to see that age has no limit for learning to do new things and your dad has taken on such a fun new one! Wonderful cards with Paper Smooches... that brand is just the best for fun and quirky cards.

Can you send me a private message about your recent visit to my blog. I made a mistake posting and need your help to fix it. :)

Geri said...

Your post brought a wee tear to my eye! You are so fortunate that your dad made it through his health issues. I'm sure you all look at this crazy world differently, especially with the little one around!

The cards are, whimsical and so appropriate coming from your niece and nephew. Beautiful story, beautiful cards!

....BTW, I just got back from the post office and as long as Canada Post isn't too pokey, you should have your Unscripted Sketches prize package within the next week. Hope you like the goodies you find inside :)

donna mikasa said...

Love your masculine and feminine takes on the sketch--wonderful cards! Thanks for linking up at CAS(E) this Sketch this week!

Darnell said...

What a heartwarming post today, c!! I enjoyed getting to know you better and your dad and you and your dad together, as well as the adorable nieces and nephews! Your cards are sensational and all the better because they are so personal. Your cards and your blog and your dad's verses are all something that can be treasured by the little ones years from now. How cool is that?!

Greta said...

Oh I hoped we could see the poems. Brings back memories as my mom wrote poems for family occasions starting with the birth announcements for each of us 3 kids--some of my most treasured possessions. Your cards are wonderful & perfect for the toddlers to give to mom & dad. I also loved that sketch--great use of it, Carol.

Linda said...

Such sweet cards, Carol. Very cute. And thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Very nice story about your dad...and family.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE that your dad is writing poetry-- that really is a gift!!! And I love that you were inspired by him!!! That will bless him for sure:)

LOVE these His/Her cards-- love the papers and the sketch you used (I must find time to play along with this challenge!! LOL!)-- FAB job all around:) YOU ROCK!

Shannon J said...

Ack - these are so sweet Carol! And you KNOW I love the inspiration behind the cards - makes them so extra special! The poems and the cards - family treasures for sure!!