Sunday, May 5, 2013

Notebook Basics Die = Notebook Basics Note Cards...PS SPARKS Anything Goes Challenge

A glorious spring day here in our Canadian Rockies town! My husband has a five-six hour date with his road bike, so he’s off to ‘wherever,’ and I’m at home, relishing the opportunity to craft away.  Since our kitchen doubles as my craft room (one of these days, I’ll have my own space, but until then, this is just fine), I’m surrounded by sunlight, and  the gentle breeze wafting through the patio doors.  Yes, indeed…a most pretty day!

On today’s agenda – Paper Smooches SPARKS Anything Goes challenge; and I added a few “must do” twists, as a result of participating in the Online His & Hers Card class (nearing the end!).   So, the ‘self-imposed’ instructions to follow were:
  • must use PS products (required) but need to use them in a ‘different’ way from my usual (thinking cap was tightly tied on to reach that goal!)
  • must demonstrate a ‘new learning’ from the His and Hers course, and so I did – partial die cutting, shared on Day 4, when Mother and Father’s Day cards were showcased
  • must use patterned papers that featured ‘back-to-back’ patterns and include both 'guy and gal' colours.  

My  hypothesis (or theory, whichever) is that designers place patterns back-to-back because they’re meant to ‘go’ together.  Judging by what I discovered in my pads…umm, maybe not so much! Still, I persevered.  In the case where I selected a paper that wasn’t back-to-back, I choose a companion from the piece directly before or after, again using the assumption that ‘in proximity’ means ‘goes together.’  Actually, the real reason behind this zaniness decision is to use up more of my stash, on account of…I caved in to the Simon Says sale yesterday and ordered a bunch of paper *palm smack on forehead*  It’s not like I *need* more paper…but at 20% off? Why resist?  Why try?  Anyway, deal is done. Paper enroute. Happy dance!

So, all my little gimmicks arrived at, I ended up making a series of mini cards (used up strips of  oddly sized cardstock scraps - worked perfectly!) using the PS Notebook Basic die as my card base, where the partial-die cutting came into play. After my mini cards were done, I decorated them with a full-size panel of the same die, added some fussy-cut PS stamps, included some PS sentiments inside and ta dahhhh…a set of ‘little’ notebook paper notecards; something to drop off on a colleague’s desk, or sneak into a loved one’s briefcase/purse/lunch bag, or leave on the door for the mail carrier/newspaper delivery person.  Just little ‘somethings’ to brighten a day and widen a smile.

Here’s what I did (sorry for the boring details, but this was super duper new for me…)
1.  scored and folded cardstock  - any piece longer than 6” will work. 
2.  taped over the holes on the die (taping not needed if  you have an eye for ‘straight.’ I don’t…sighhh…)
3.  lined up the fold of the cardstock at the edge of my bottom stack of cuttlebug plates, then put set the die on top, with the taped off portion hanging off the edge, so as not to cut out the holes and to keep the fold intact.   Put Plate C on top and ‘bug away.

4.  end result = wee card the same ‘body’ shape as the PS die, and already folded, ready to be dolled up.  I used the die as it’s meant to be used on patterned paper (followed rules #2 and #3 from above), gluing it to the mini base. The ‘notebook’  edge extends over the base (above the fold) and (my opinion), makes for ‘cuteness.’  Hope you think so, too…

"Just a Note" (sentiment inside)

"Hello" (sentiment inside)

"Thanks" (sentiment inside)

"Thanks" sentiment inside
My two 'guy' versions.  Yes, I know - guys and butterflies don't
necessarily mix,but I checked and one of the world's leading
experts on butterflies is male - Art Shapiro - so  he's likely to appreciate a
butterfly card...maybe...

These truly are super quick and easy to make.  In fact...don't go anywhere...I'll be right back...
See what I mean...a mere few minutes...

"Way to Go" (sentiment inside).

A quick shot of a couple of insides (simple, no fuss)

Here's the 'gang'

Hope you like the "Notebook Basics Note Cards"....and I think I filled my requirements...

Thanks for dropping in, and please know that your comments are welcomed and appreciated, deeply.
Enjoy your Sunday!!



Terri Trotter Earley said...

I don't have the die, but it looks great! Love the set you put togehter. Thanks for taking the time to comment on Izzy's card. She really loves to create and it means so much to her to hear kind words from others.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Shannon J said...

These are just so sweet and thoughtful, Carol! It's little cards and gestures like this that can brighten someone's day like nothing else can. Love all of them! I love the butterfly themed set, and I have to tell you, I have an extra soft spot in my heart for that hippo! Gah! They all make me happy!

Darnell said...

What adorable note cards these are, Carol! You are way ahead of me on both the class and on partial cutting a die. I've yet to try that and I appreciate the inspiration and instruction here as I think it's an awesome idea for some of my dies. AND, you've done a really great job using your patterned paper, making way for the new stuff, which is how it's supposed to be!! Well done!!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOVE this-- I was going to create a video for this type of tutorial but now I don't have to:) Great job! LOVE these notebook cards!! LOVE all the papers you've used-- my fav is that hippo card! LOVE LOVE LOVE it:)

Geri said...

Thanks for the cutting tutorial! Do you know that this something that I have yet to try? My goodness, the versatility of dies has just jumped right of the road map! Must buy more...

These 'mini' cards are so cute! Each one is different, so pretty, so unique and so well put together (tell ya girl, you have a keen, keen eye for design!!!) You could make a fortune selling these as sets (maybe not a fortune, but definitely enough to justify buying more product).