Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy "Auntie Day" - and the Best. Card. Ever!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend; we most certainly did, especially celebrating Mother's Day/Grandma's Day with my mom, my sister-in-law, and her mom.  (Bike race, which I chatted about in my previous post, was not so good for three of the women riders I followed. Crashes, due to the crazy prairie winds buffeting everyone around, added another layer of 'daunting' to the already challenging nature of a first season race.  Yes, sometimes I shake my head in wonder -puzzlement, perhaps is more apt - at people passionate about this sport...hello, husband, do you hear me?  Hello???  Overall, though, the injury tally didn't win out over the proud "I survived this' smiles I saw from the majority.  One race done, and in two weeks another 'parachute in' as commissaires for my husband and I. Bonus feature: a chance to visit my family again, much sooner than I had expected!).

Mother's/Grandmother's Day was special on so many fronts. Little did my sister and I know it was also Happy Aunties' Day!!  In the midst of card-giving to the moms present, imagine how delighted my sister and I were when we received OUR cards! 

So, here's the Best. Card. Ever. for Happy Aunties' Day (my sister's card shares this status too).

and the inside
which, according to my niece, reads: Auntie C, you're silly and we love you very much.
Special...I feel special, and my sister does too.

Anyway, just thought I'd share!

Thanks for dropping by, and please know that your comments are welcomed and appreciated, deeply.
Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!  

By the way, my dad was all good with the cards I made my sister-in-law and brother; he figured they housed his, niece and nephew's poems...quite well.  And extra score points:  he selected one of my recent FUSION entries for my sister's birthday - same poem gig happening - for later in May.  I didn't think the 'wild and crazy' style of my frenzied flowery explosion would pique his interest.  Who knew? And I'm thrilled!!  I think he has more in mind...


Shannon J said...

Your heart must have melted into a giant puddle when you recieved this. Oh Carol, this one is a forever keeper! And I just love the sweet "sentiment" your niece "included" inside!!!!!!!

Shannon J said...

BTW, I had so hoped that the race had ended smoothly, but it sounds like those jitters did get the better of some :( But glad to hear that the beaming smiles and the sense of accomplishment for the majortiy outweighed the little "bumps in the prairie road" encountered by a few.
...AND so glad to hear that your cards got your Dad's "stamp" of approval!!