Sunday, November 24, 2013

Silver and Gold...Seize the Sketch #8

Hello ~ hope your Sunday is off to a bright start!

A quick post before I venture off into the cold, heading to a craft fair in our little mountain town. We've lived here for oh, seven years, and this is the first I've even heard about the fair, never mind the fact that it's held in the school where I work. Apparently I have a  serious case of 'blissfully oblivious'. I wonder what else I've been missing...sheesh!  Our librarian made some stunning stained glass pieces of the show, which is how I came to hear about it, and upon further queries (thereby confirming how out-of-tune I am!), found out that the organizers are quite 'selective' about who they allow into the fair.  Of course, that caught my curiosity immediately - not only do I want to see who the featured artists/crafters are selling their wares, but I'm also on a scouting mission. As far as I know, I'm on my ownsome in card-making here, so my little journey will prove illuminating, one way or another.  Hmmm...maybe, if no home-made cards are featured, I could (provided I get my act together) get a table for next year.  Possibilities...

Anyway...Bo Bunny's Silver and Gold patterned paper, part of my Christmas paper collection, is gorgeous. See:

Yes, I am hoarding it, but when my Clearly Besotted Signature Christmas dies and Signature Additions stamps arrived, as did a Memory Box tiny ribbon die, I saw the makings of a pretty match.

Simple card, using Seize the Sketch #8 as layout inspiration, 

the  CB ornament die, cut from silver foil, with the Merry and Bright sentiment silver embossed, and a tiny ribbon cut from gold foil.  My photo doesn't do justice to the lovely paper pattern and the fine lines of the dies, but...they are a pretty combination for a 'first try.' 

Since I have your attention...One of my Christmas gifts for my sweet three-year old niece is a subscription to a kids' magazine, called Chirp (the 'younger' version of Chickadee).  She likes receiving mail *just for her* so I figured this, as well as my monthly cards, would see two things heading her way). A couple weeks ago, while I was on the phone, waiting to place my order, I went on a wee journey of the site, and discovered a Holiday Greeting Card contest.  Kids, under age 14, are invited to draw a picture conveying their rendition of "A Joyous Celebration," with the winner's picture printed as an official 2014 UNICEF holiday greeting card. Cool, right!

Well, like any Aunty who thinks her niece is brilliant, and an 'artist-in-the-making," (and who herself, is a card-maker) I fired the link off to my brother and sister-in-law.  I received a copy of Ms. T's picture to be entered, yesterday...

I see a purple sun, because that's her favourite colour, with rays, some blue puddles and a most colourful rainbow . Check out those arcs - and she knows the colours of the rainbow. I was 'planning' to teach her the Roy G. Biv last summer, but she already knew!  She 'sang' the colours to me!! Call me biased, but I think she's conveyed "A Joyous Celebration" pretty well. She is 3... The pink paper: that's an Aunty C hand-me-down for the 'stash' I'm building for her (she has a lot of stuff in her stash...)

Can I call 'winner' on this??  Oh yes, I also suggested that her folks carry on with her "math" lessons (that I started, or rather, that she started, when I last visited), because (bear in mind, the contest is for 14 and under) "To claim the prize the entrant must correctly answer a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question."  Hahahahaha... if they ask her simple addition and subtraction (yes, I'm promoting her as a winner - it's an Aunty thing), all will be well.  Multiplying and dividing...maybe when she's four...  

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments add sparkle to my day!


~amy~ said...

okay, your niece is a fabulous artist! I can't believe she's 3! Awesome work!

Your holiday Lovin' the silver and gold...yes, now that song is repeating in my head.

Thanks for joining us at Seize the Sketch:)

Greta said...

Oh what a good niece you are, my friend! And I have to say I agree with you--Winner, Winner, Winner! Enjoy the craft faire--never heard of one so secretive--will be interesting, for sure. Always love Bo-Bunny & looks like I should have gotten this pad--so darn pretty & you've made great use of it & your new goodies. Love the gold & silver ornament & everything!

Shannon J said...

I think we have a little Picasso in the making!! I love her use of ink splashes around the sun too, and artist who knows her trends!!! And seriously, HOW does she know the colours of the rainbow at 3?!!! I'm still struggling at 41!!!!!!!
Okay, and YOU NEED to get a table at next year's craft fair!!! You will be THE most popular table there!!! How lucky will the folks of your little town be to get their hands on a Just Me: C original?!!! Must, must, MUST!! And the card...BEAUTIFUL, absolutely stunning, Carol! That foil paper just adds so much pretty and shine to an already gorgeous card!!! LOVE IT!

Geri said...

I'm calling two winners here....sweet little Ms. T and cool Aunty C!

Her picture really is amazing! I love how she 'grounded' the sun to the earth - perhaps it is her way of portraying the warmth/love we need to feel for our fellow earth dwellers just like she feels the warmth of the sun's rays on her.

I'm soooooo in agreement with Shannon! You have got to get a table next year. Your cards will fly off the shelves! That really, truly is a SA-WEET little bow die! I don't think I have ever seen this one before! It is so 'card perfect'. Looks beautiful paired with the silver foil ornament and the rich colors in the base and DP.

I'd love to hear what you found at the craft fair :)

Kim S said...

Hey! It was you and I, last minute together, at Seize the Sketch!!!

I see why you are hoarding that paper, but you have used it perfectly! It is gorgeous behind that silver and gold ornament!

I just love Geri's interpretation of your niece's picture! The sun is providing warmth and I also see a big smile on the sun's face! You are wonderful for all of the opportunities that you find for your niece.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that paper is gorgeous, Carol ... and is beautifully matched with the card colours ... and that gorgeous bauble and sweet bow! I see little Miss T is following in Auntie's footsteps ... great design on her picture and what an eye for colour! Craft fair ... how exciting ... you'd never be able to build up a stock! Anita :)

Sherry Eckblad said...

Such a beautiful card. Love the ornament.
Your little niece is such the artist for being so young.
Thanks for joining us at Seize the Sketch!