Thursday, September 5, 2013

Swirled Tree and Seasons Greetings...Annabelle Stamps Sketch 170 and CAS-ual Fridays #113

D minus:  the grade I 'earned' for my obvious inability to "Exercise Restraint" in following through with my "use up the old papers before opening up the new."  Several brand new pads of patterned paper, the majority Christmas-themed, arrived recently. They sat, untouched, glanced at occasionally (though longingly), nestled in a wicker basket, tucked slightly out-of-sight on one of the bookshelves in our kitchen (aka: my crafting zone! Crafting studio...oh, how I wish), until a couple days ago.  Rummaging through my Christmas stash, I came across my set of lovely Annabelle Stamps "Gifted Swirls," and decided that I'd embark on creating a first time entry for their current challenge:  Annabelle Stamps Sketch 170

.  Then I went looking for a colour inspiration, which I found at CAS-ual Fridays: Kraft and text. (Darn - missed the deadline!!)

A journey through my regular paper stash yielded nothing that seemed suitable for what I had in mind...and in a moment of nearly giving up, I remembered the basket.  And  I dove in, willy-nilly.  Can I just say that yes, I will be serving a detention; yes, the papers have been returned to their 'do not touch' status; and yes, I'm sooooo glad I was just a wee bit naughty!  Let me also add: BoBunny's Silver and Gold has also been been officially declared:  *must hoard*!  In fact, once it's back in stock at Simon Says, I am buying oodles more!

Here's my card: background from Silver and Gold; embossed tree, stars/snowflakes, and sentiment from Gifted Swirls (and just to show you how *far* I've come: if you'd told me I'd be embossing those images a year ago, I would have stared quizzically at you, wondering, "What does she mean 'embossing'?"

Thanks so much for dropping by; I'm so glad that you did!!


Happy Dance said...

You are so darn funny! I won't enforce the detention. I vowed not to make any more stamp and die purchases, and well guess what happened...Your card is lovely, and you NEEDED what was in the DNT's that for justification?! Lalalove that tree! Great card. : ) Bev

Greta said...

Love this beautiful card, Carol! It was worth digging into your new papers! When I started stamping I embossed everything & I still really love the look--perfect for this card!

Shannon J said...

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE reading your posts?!! Your wit and your humility just make me smile from ear to ear! And make me LOL ALL the time!!! Well I say break the rules and use whatever you want whenever you want! Save shmave! Hoard shmoard!!! Forget it! Throw caution to the wind and go for it! Especially when awesome, perfectly embossed cards like this result!!! Love, love, LOVE IT!!!! Hope things are well - I've been thinking of you! Any news on your role at work yet? And just one more sleep (although by the time you get this it will be NO more sleeps!) until hubby comes home!!!!!!! I saw a story on the event on The National last night! This race sure is BIG TIME!!! I'm so thrilled for both of you that he got to be a part of it!!!

Jackie Rockwell said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Love the gold embossing on your Christmas card!!! Happy shopping at Simon Says when they get more BoBunny in, :)

Darnell said...

This is really, really pretty, Carol! I love the papers, the tree, the layout ... well done with the LITS philosophy! Life is definitely too short to be saving and hoarding!!

Geri said...

Do you not know that there is an entirely different rule book for crafters? Sure is! There is only one rule in this book and we are bound to live by it.

It reads: "There are NO rules when it comes to being creative"....see, no detention or jail time for you dear friend!

Good thing, because your lack of self restraint was well worth the risk of heading off to a life of bread, water and no scissors! The images are perfectly embossed....not a speck of shrapnel to be found! Beautifully and perfectly balanced elements! And yes, the background paper is divine!

Ditto to everyone's comments above...your posts make my day!

Kylie said...

Can I ditto all the other posts? lol I make rules for myself all the time - and break them just as quickly. It's part of the fun of this wonderful hobby. :) Your card is really pretty. I think the background paper is lovely! I also think it is wonderful you are diving into things which you haven't really explored before. :)