Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A "Technique" to Share...Little Tangles Technique Challenge

Are you seated, comfortably, in a place where, *should*  you topple over, you’ll be safe?  If not, I’ll wait while you nestle in, surround yourself with pillows, or cuddle up in a cozy blanket (provided temperatures are cool), or just place your feet squarely on the floor for stability.  Why, you ask?  Because you will laugh yourself silly over this post; it’s something absolutely, 1,000% unexpected and most definitely, certainly and absolutely out of my league:  sharing a technique, specifically for the Little Tangles Technique Challenge.
Yes, you read that right: me + a ‘technique’.  Me! As you know, I'm still such a newcomer to card-making, and everything, from watercolouring, to embossing, to masking to inking is still a challenge for me. Heck, even figuring where/how to place sequins/embellishments for best effect puts me in a dither.  And bows? We won't even talk about those.

I do, however, have occasional ‘technique skill’ in some areas.  Not many, but some and the one I’m sharing today is….are you ready?   Are you sure?  Okay…folding!  Yes, yes, I can fold (provided a ‘manual’ of sorts is accessible!) and truly enjoy doing so because typically the outcome is something rather ‘cute,’ often ‘little-ish’ (I’ve posted before about how much I love X love ‘itty bitty’ cards, tags, labels) and usually ‘purposeful.’  

Why am I tackling this #inovermyhead challenge? Because, and only because, some adorable, fabulous Neat and Tangled stamps have joined my collection, and what better place to ‘show them off’ then in a Little Tangles challenge, which was part of their recent Birthday Bash celebration.  

Just so we’re clear: no illusions here beyond sharing my new arrivals in a ‘different’ format (especially because the winner of this challenge has the honour of being a GD, and in noooooo way would I ever be qualified to do that.  Just the thought….hahahahahha…whoops, nearly fell off my chair!!).

The highlights of my ‘technique’ include:
  • Simplicity - especially if you have some 12 X 12 sheets – as I do – that need some ‘using up’ (use up the old; shop for new =my latest motto)
  • Purposeful  - little ‘pockets’ can hold all kinds of small ‘gifts’ – gift cards, small notes…
  • Cute – no further explanation required. 

My entry to the Little Tangles Technique Challenge (again, just a ‘sharing’ not a real ‘competition’ entry, especially next to the AMAZING entries already posted) is a pocket card, inspired by this video.
Once I finished folding, I used one of my Lil’ Inkers rectangle mats (♥ ♥ ♥ these dies) to create a smaller sized card, embossed and cut-out the Thinking of You bubble, then stamped and die-cut the ‘hello’ from On the Strip into a banner.   A little ‘notecard’ (PS notebook die) with ‘Thinking of You,’ (from the Across the Card set)embossed along the top, is tucked inside one of the pockets…and there’s still one more (behind the note, which, when set straight tucks nicely inside) waiting to be filled.   And that is it:  simple, purposeful, cute…

These little cards truly are sweet, and my N&T stamps are FABULOUS!!

Thanks for dropping by; so glad you did!!


Kylie said...

I don't think you'd be in over your head if you won, and I also don't see why you couldn't win. You are extremely talented and creative and this latest example only serves to prove this. I'm loving the colours you've chosen and the stamped greetings are wonderful. I feel like I *must* have them too. lol Good luck! :)

Shannon J said...

You better watch out!!! Good chance you will be the GD with this baby!!!!!! You are SO much more talented, like a billion times - no, a kagillion times more talented than you give yourself credit for! This is just SO AWESOME! I love it - the technique (LOVE IT and going to try it out right after the little card I'm working on right now!), the colours, the stamps, the design - eeek, everything!! Yes, you are one talented lady, Miss Carol!!!

~amy~ said...

Wahooooo...I love what you've done!!! Awesome pocket card...super duper darling!

Thanks for playing with us at Little Tangles:)

Happy Dance said...

Very sweet! And don't you just love N&T stamps?!! Your surprise holder is way beyond 'cute'. You have created something wonderful, and I am totally loving this. Thanks for sharing your technique with us all. Calling winner on this one. Bev

Greta said...

You are incredible, Carol! I've stamped for years & can't hold a candle to this terrific card! You should certainly be up for GD, my friend!

Geri said...

Meticulous fussy was sure that you had used a die! Beautiful, bright and cheerful colors - love the wee shmick of pink peeking out from the bottom corner. What I love most is your design - the pocket is fabulous with the little pull-out card. I also love how you tucked the sentiment banner under the speech bubble...a sweet little deviation from the expected that adds that extra pop of interest to a card!

Ren-Yi said...

hey- folding is totally a technique. on laughs here, just a ton of gawking! thanks for playing along with us at little tangles!