Sunday, September 22, 2013

Puppy Tag Smooches...PS SPARKS: Cool Shades Challenge (Sept. 22), MUSE #35

My day spent officiating a cyclocross race was nothing short of delightful!   Yes, I came home a wee bit frozen – glad I had those several layers of clothes , and my toque, which I ended up wearing briefly at the end, when the winds swelled, the clouds greyed and the skies opened – and a wee bit stiff – standing at the finish line for 5 hours or so, tends to wear on my lower back  - but the overall experience was wonderful!  I’m rather shocked that I’m glad I ‘un-retired’ from being a ‘cross commissaire, and aside from figuring out how to keep totally warm for future events when we know the temperatures will dip and snow may even fall, I’m looking forward to the next race – perhaps as early as Oct. 5/6, but more likely the 12th, and a few more after that. 

Here’s a brief overview of what cyclocross involves, as ‘demonstrated’ by photos of my husband from a race last year.  Riders race several laps of a course, usually in a park/field, that has some hills, playgrounds for running through sand, muddy bits and so on. Essentially, the sketchier the terrain, the more the riders like it. Seriously!!  In some parts, they ride their bikes,

sometimes they have to carry their bikes – over obstacles or up steep hills/stairs – which are features that must be included in the race –

and sometimes, they fall off their bikes (he did so gracefully, though!).

Yes, it is a most challenging sport, and one gaining in popularity like you wouldn’t believe.  Me? I’m content to stand on the sidelines, as an official or a spectator..and ring little cowbells.  Cyclocross and cowbells… silly, yet fun!

Okay,on to the important stuff: catching up posts with cards after the internet issues of the past week.  And I’ve decided one card per post…too confusing otherwise, especially for me!  

This week Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge was Cool Shades:
with lovely colours, yet not ones easily found in my papers.  Searching was fruitful, though, as was a sketch, from this week's MUSE challenge, by the talented Marion Vagg:

As you'll see, I took my inspiration from the sentiment. and the layout to create my rather quirky little card:

This puppy reminds me of my salt-and-pepper schnauzer, Casey, who was such a vibrant part of my 
life years ago.  Cute++++

Thanks so much for your visit; you've added sparkle to my day by dropping by!


Ardyth said...

So glad you joined us at Muse this week, with this sweet card - love your bright colours. As for cyclocross, wow! I've learned something new (and I think I'd be happy to watch it on TV in the comfort of my chair! lol! Good for you for getting involved!)

Anonymous said...

First off your super cute card, Carol ... this little guy's such a sweetie ... and he's perfectly paired with the sentiment and that wonderful DP ... a fun and fabulous take on the Muse ... a definite smiley card! Cyclocross ... not sure if your job as commissaire isn't harder than the competitors ... at least they get to keep moving and so stay warm and cosy!! Anita :)

Pamela said...

The second card is adorable! The doggie is so cute! Thanks for joining us at PS Sparks Challenge!

Geri said...

Quirky, cute, fun....perfect way to send a smooch to someone special. Thanks for the info on cyclocross...I have been enlightened! Honestly, I have never watched an event...but then I never watch TV. Hope Andy was boo-boo free after his graceful spill!

Kylie said...

I've decided you are superwoman! I haven't even created one card today and you've managed to create at least one a day - as well as all the other things you have to do in a day! *SUPER* woman!

I'd be on the sidelines too. :) Looks like a fun and challenging sport though. :)

And at the risk of repeating myself again....your card = CUTE! Love the little dog and you've coloured him PERFECTLY! Such dimension and character!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

I am with you, content to stand on the sidelines! I love the photos of your husband (gracefully) falling off. :) This card is super cute you are rocking the PS stamps!!!!!!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

I am with you, content to stand on the sidelines! I love the photos of your husband (gracefully) falling off. :) This card is super cute you are rocking the PS stamps!!!!!!

Kim S said...

Wouldn't you think those cyclists would understand how much the officials are suffering!!!

I'm glad you are getting some crafting time! I love the tags - particularly with the images off the edges.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

WOOOOOOOOWZA! Your husband does THAT?! OH MY! I can't even ride on the pavement straight! LOL! That's intense! And you have to stand at the finish line for 5 hours-- OH! I would totally get a chair:) I'm so lazy!

LOVE your take on these colors and casing that design! LOVE that little tag with the pup on it! I love that Kim's images always makes us think of one of our furry friends! I will now think of this little pup s Casey!!! <3

THANKS so much for joining in the fun and playing along with us over that Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge!

ps...I know I'm SUPER late in leaving this comment:) I hope that you will link up some more creations (tonight ends the ANYTHING GOES challenge! And tomorrow starts the "lace" trend!)!!

Shannon J said...

Hot digity dog!! SO adorable Carol!! You are blowing me away with your colouring - the greys on the sweet doggie (one of my fave images ever!) are very life like, even on a cartoon image!!
And oh my OH MY cyclocross sounds craaaayzee fun!!!!! A tad more adventurous than my spin classes, that's for sure!! hahaha!!! And they do it in the cold temps too??!! Impressive!! I can totally see how you would love being part of it!! A thrill to see for sure!!!