Friday, June 28, 2013

Thanks a la "Pattern Play" Class...Unscripted Sketches #216

Whoosshh...last week our town was in the throes of destruction; this week, baby steps to recovery are appearing day by day.  Just yesterday, the Tran-Canada highway, closed to all but residents, opened to traffic, even though its down to two lanes from its usual four.  Long-weekend tourist traffic was certainly a motivator, however, I'm not sure that the usual crowded streets will appear this year, as so many people - usually arriving from Calgary, our nearest city - are still contending with their own local emergencies.  While I certainly don't want our tourist-destination businesses here and in Banff to suffer, sometimes a 'stay-cation' is perfectly fine.  That's exactly what's on our agenda this weekend - and I'm 1,000% fine with that because Tour de France starts tomorrow!  Woo hooo!! Twenty-one days of top-notch cycling!  I. Am Excited (oh, and my husband is too.  Maybe just a teensy bit more than me!).  Of course, the more he watches, the greater his motivation to race - and given that Bend OR's Cascade Classic is but 2 1/2 weeks away, that's a very good thing.  .

Anyway, I've been crafting up a storm the past few days, however, the fruits of my labours are looking a bit *meh* - not all, but some.  Perhaps I'm in recovery mode of some fashion, too, given that our week has been super hectic.  Work has been catch-up and keep-up; we headed into the city for an appointment I had - our usual 1 hour drive turned into 2 - each way; the appointment rattled my nerves (long story...won't bore you with details); I was a day ahead of myself beginning Wednesday...and now that Friday's here, I'm looking over my shoulder wondering where the time has gone!  Still, I've carried on with my card-making, and even if things have been a bit "miss and toss" the act of  'doing' has been rewarding!

This post's 'featured' card is my entry to Unscripted Sketches #216, and after a fair bit of "hmmm-ing" about whether or not I should give it a go, I remembered a lesson from the Pattern Play online course.  Kristina Werner shared a most scrumptious card to showcase this tip:  "Break up really large patterns and let them take center stage as the background, keeping the rest of the card very simple."  Her card involved patterned paper cut into strips - and when I saw US 216, the wheels began to turn.

The next little trigger was Gretchen's card that you can see here (I'll wait while you look), and since that rather zany paper is one I can call my own (it was in my 'stymied by this' stash), the decision was sealed.  Play time!!

Here's US #216

and here's my Pattern Play 'lesson' turned into action.  Be warned: this paper is bit 'hectic'- striking, but definitely hectic - so I fully understand if you glance and go.  Hopefully the black/white/pink 'solids' turn the volume down a bit...

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know your did! Your comments are welcome and appreciated, immensely!!


Marlena M. said...

I love this patterned paper Carol~the white sentiment is perfect! I'm so glad you got to craft~

Shannon J said...

Gasp!!! This is so eye-catching and gorgeous!! The white on black is striking, and I love how the sentiment overlaps into the patterned paper as well. Such a FABULOUS card!!!!!
So glad to hear that things are slowly getting back to normal after that scary, crazy flooding. And glad that card making and now the Tour de France are taking your mind off of it (I bet you are glued to the TV right now)! But I am a little worried about your nerve wracking appointment...everything okay??

Greta said...

So glad your world is starting to return to normal, Carol! Are you coming with hubby to Bend? It's not that far out of the way to come see me--LOL! You used that gorgeous paper to perfection! I wouldn't have had a clue what to do.