Friday, June 7, 2013

Birthday 'Brellas...MUSE #20 and Unscripted Sketches #213

The sun was out in full splendour this morning, without a cloud in the sky; not even the misty swirls were visible on the peaks of the Three Sisters Mountains that are part of the scenery framed by our patio windows.  Yes, the plans my husband and I made to go for a wee hike early this evening were looking good.  "Were."  Anyway, no point complaining about the weather, because crafting whilst the rain is pummeling the windows, doors, pavement really is a guilt-free indulgence. And I embrace guilt-free indulgences!!

My card that I was worried I wouldn't have a time to squeeze in, but did (sometimes precipitation is a very good thing) is inspired by Laurie Wilson's lovely MUSE #20 for its colours and "numbers," the sketch challenge at Unscripted Sketches #213, and....well, you'll see.  Actually, for me, this is a really 'cas' card, and I'm a bit concerned by its simplicity.  However, I need to practice, practice, practice the 'cas' if I'm planning to improve...

Here are the inspirations from MUSE

and Unscripted Sketches

My interpretation:

Hmmm...maybe I should have embossed the background with flowers,
or added something in the empty white bits. Why is *cas* so complex? Conundrum!!

Hope you like my MUSE + Unscripted Sketches + Rain Birthday 'Brellas card.  My PS
dies were quite delighted to be showcased once again.

Thank you for dropping by; and do let me know you did! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated, immensely!


Cat Craig said...

Such a sweet card, love the brads at the umbrella's tops!

Anonymous said...

Those empty white bits are fabulous, Carol, love the texture on the card. The brollies are so sweet and fun, especially with the pearly touch on each! Anita :)

Shannon J said...

Awww, those little umbrellas with the hearts and little pearl tops are JUST SO sweet!! And I like how you used umbrellas for a rainy day crafting session! I know all about those...and love every one of them!! The rain is SO worth the indulgence (although I'm not too happy that it ruined your hike!!!). Be in touch soon xx

Geri said...

Did you know that eating chocolate standing up has no calories - yep, just one more example guilt free indulgence! In our dreams perhaps!

The white space is brilliant, the white space is gorgeous and the white space is just as it should be....white! Clean and simply perfectly executed. Add anything more and CAS is out the window. Leave it as you did, Clean And Simply perfect!

These umbrellas really are sa-weet - love how you off-set them to create a border!