Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back Home and THANKS!...PS SPARKS + CAS(E) this Sketch #33

The past few days have been a wreaking of havoc in my town of Canmore, Alberta, due to the unexpected flooding of Cougar Creek that runs through it. Usually a gently flowing trickle - the result of snow melt from surrounding mountains - the creek - true to its name - transformed into a ferocious snarl of wild and crazy rapids that spread quickly and with unforeseen consequences.  Below is a photo of the creek bursting its banks, tearing away the foundations of nearby houses.

The highways surrounding us were also assaulted by the water; we were, in a nutshell, land-locked - a situation that continues even today.

Glued to news of the quickly changing scenario, on Thursday, I believed we’d be spared evacuation, but my optimism was short-lived when the fire-fighters arrived and told us we had to leave.  Panic for me, as I’m such a stay-at-home person – and I had no inkling of where I’d end up, beyond being shuttled by bus to the local high school on the other side of town.  Told to travel light, I grabbed the bare-essentials, and headed off to…wherever. 

After seeing the crowds at the school - predominately families who needed space more than I did - I decided to head to my office downtown, and squirrel away there.  And so I did, heading off into the rains pouring down with renewed vigor.   

Down the hall from my office is a small timing company; a group of three men who Andy, my husband, and I have come to know because they provide the timing infrastructure we use for bike races.  I passed by their office to say a quick hi, told them I was evacuated, and faster than you can blink an eye, the two young men who share a townhouse (and who we worked closely with at last weekend’s Banff Bike Fest – talk about perfect scheduling for that event!) – offered me a room at their place.  Ecstatic?  Only YES!!   Knights in shining armor rescuing a damsel matron in distress - the lore of fairy tales came true at that very moment! 

So, Thursday, Friday and until late Saturday, I was most blessed to be with these lads!  Their home was spacious, comfortable, safe and warm; their hospitality welcoming, thoughtful and heart-warming.  They listened to me prattle on about ‘whatever’ prattling I had stored up; they made me pizza (awesome!!); they gave me a ‘home’ when I was certainly in need.  To say I was spoiled and pampered is an understatement!  I’m not sure how we’ll repay them, but we’ll find a way!

In the midst of all this, my charming  husband abandoned his decision to race in Mt. Hood, OR (and that was a sacrifice, as this was the race's last running) and ‘try’ to come home – only to discover all roads closed.  Today, we finally heard word that he could return - and so we are united!

Even though I’m safe (blessing!) and home (blessing!), I’m exhausted! Compared to those 60-70 families who lost their homes, our little discomforts are mild!  The school districts have announced that the school year is officially over (we had one more week), and even though I still have to go to deal with my tasks, this is an excellent decision.   Writing exams really isn’t a priority, at this stage!   The road to recovery will be long, indeed, but the little steps are being made.

Hugs of exponentially huge proportions to you!  Wait, make that a double amount of said hugs!!

As you can imagine, a return to card-making was important - a chance for 'normalcy' - and forefront in my mind is making Thank you cards.  

My colour inspiration is from Paper Smooches SPARK Challenge: Cool Shades (hopefully you can see the four key shades in the patterned paper) and features the PS Thanks die, the notebook die, extended (thanks to Savannah's Virtual Smooches video!) and Chit Chat.

The layout - although I took some liberties with sizing -  is Jackie Rockwell's CAS(E) this Sketch #33

Here's my take:

 I'm sending this one 'virtually' to all of you who left notes on my blog, or sent me messages,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU with all my  for thinking about me. Your notes and concern over my well-being have touched me deeply.  I am blessed to have you in my life!


Larissa Heskett said...

Oh My GOODNESS!! So SORRY to hear about all of the BAD water problems!! This happened in 2009 up in Yellowstone as the snow melted they flooded we went over Memorial Day weekend and the waterfalls were running larger than they had in over 20+ years the locals said they had to move the animals to higher ground for safety and it closed down the roads!! I'm glad to hear you are SAFE and I am glad you were able to play along with us over on the Paper Smooches SPARKS Challenge Blog!! I LOVE your Card and take on the challenge and I hope you'll play along again this week!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK as things hopefully get back to normal!! =)

Kim S said...

I am so very, very glad to hear that all is well with you and that you experienced some good old-fashioned human decency in the midst of your stress and fear! And also that you are reunited with your husband. Even if your home was spared - you didn't know what was going to happen - and the fear of having a disaster happening all around you is absolutely horrifying. I'm glad you got right back to your cards - I bet your card supplies were happy to see you again!!

Marlena M. said...

Your card is beautiful Carol.YOU have me smiling, my friend~thank you for your sweet message. It made my day. have had quite a scare~I'm so glad you are ok and so is your home. My husband mentioned last night about the flooding~and then I read your post today. I pray that restoration will come quickly for those affected. Take care~

Houses Built of Cards said...

Glad to hear you made it out safe - and are able to come back home again! BEAUTIFUL card as well! So glad you played along with us this week at Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge!!!

Happy Dance said...

This is exactly what the dr. ordered. A beautiful card amidst chaos. I love this, and I so love that you're back posting. Hope by today that the rains and flooding have subsided. So glad to hear that DH is home with you as well. Hang in there, and keep making these kinds of beauties!! big hugs. Bev

wienerhoneymooners said...

Wow "C", this is totally a devastated area. I used to live in a flood area, and was unlucky enough to be landlocked away too. Scary to come home and find the only road is blocked and under 4 feet of water both sides. In the dark, and at the time, I had no cell phone with me. Had to sleep in my car. I sure wish that it turns out better than it looks, and there are not so many injuries, etc.

Thanks for your comments as always! I don't get to make the rounds as much as I'd like. "Gotta" make them cards. With a few days away, I feel lost in the challenges a little and need to get the groove back.

Prayers to you and your family through this hard traumatic times.

-Kimberly Anne

Geri said...

So nice to see you practicing some paper therapy....I'm sure it helps to forget, if only for a short while, the devastation surrounding you! Your kindness in creating such a beautiful card for us is a true reflection of your caring personality!

Soft, gorgeous colors...simply the perfect way to say thanks!

Shannon J said...

So, SO relieved that you are okay, and that you were surrounded by such sweet angels during such a horrible, scary time - the ones who took you in, and the ones that brought your hubby home to you. I've been thinking of you a whole lot!!
I can't think of a better way to bring normal back than to make a card. The pattern paper has me drooling again - as does the little embossed border along the side. And that thanks die is just to "die" for! Love it so much, Carol!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! I can't believe that natural disaster from the rain/weather/river! OH MY! OH MY! I can't believe it! We live through hurricanes (and we had a pretty bad one two weeks after I moved here-- totally destroyed the town I lived in for years).... but a flooded raging river?? WOW! I'm so glad you are safe and sound and that your home is ok! And more-- I'm so thankful that your husband was ok and is able to come home!! Bless your hearts!! I'm so sorry I've been MIA and didn't know! OH how horrible!

I absolutely love this card-- love the sentiment die cut with that extended notebook die!! LOVE the paper with white!! GORGEOUS card!!

Greta said...

What a relief for you to be together & back home--even with all the turmoil around you. This sort of thing is so hard to comprehend--pictures just look unbelievable. Glad you got to make a card & what a wonderful one it is, Carol! Terrific use of the colors & the sketch!

Darnell said...

I've had a busy week and finally I've had a chance to catch up with you here! Even though you told me the horrific news in an email, I still read it all again just to be uplifted with the part about those sweet angelic lads you helped you through the worst of it!

I'm delighted to hear that Andy made it home safe. It really was best (IMHO) that he didn't race because he wouldn't have been able to focus and he might have gotten injured. I will keep you and the other families of Canmore in my thoughts and prayers as recovery begins.

Getting back to the happy therapy of card-making is good for you, as is evident by your wonderful card!! Keep well and take good care! xo Darnell

Anonymous said...

I was so delighted to get your news that you and DH are safe and sound, Carol ... those knights in shining armour really were stars ... what a joy to find such warmth and caring amid the turmoil. Your card is stunning ... the pp is mouthwatering and I love the white die cuts! Hope life in Canmore is easing and that normality is restored soon for everyone affected ... Anita :)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Uh... how did I miss that you played along with the PSS Cool Shades challenge?! SORRY! THANKS so much for joining in the fun over at the Paper Smooches SPARKS Cool Shades challenge-- hope you play along with our photo inspiration challenge this week <3

ps..I still love that sentiment die cut on that patterned paper-- GORGEOUS:)