Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TAWS Tags...TAWS BE Inspired #29

Sometimes, my ‘muse’ jaunts off on wandery, meandering paths when inspiration photos appear in challenges, with results that wind up rather a*mazing*  - as in strange and curious; as in what in “that” picture lead me to create “this” project?  As in – a ‘maze’ of ideas all firing and sparking in different directions.  Yes indeed, sometimes I can’t help but wonder how I end up where I do (and my husband, reading over my shoulder, is nodding his head.  *hand flutter* Please go away…I hear a cool beverage calling your name…).
With that as a, disclaimer…er, maybe a light ‘be aware – this is likely to be weird’…I’m ready to share my entry into the TAWS BE Inspired #29 challenge.

From first viewing, to when I finally settled on what I wanted to create Saturday evening,  I was inspired by ever so many elements:  colours, ‘confetti,’ the different decorations of each of the treats assembled as part of a yummy group, the glass container.  So, I decided to work with what was attracting me…

My project is a set of four tags, each covered with vellum (the ‘glass’ effect) which I’ve never used before and in my attempt to convey the "same, but different" concept, my score patterns vary. (Can you tell I ‘over-thought’ this…a little bit J?) .   I noticed that two treats were more ‘red’ and ‘blue’ than the others, so two tags follow that scheme; the other two are white. Two have confetti patterned paper, two highlight the ‘red, white, and blue’…and I’m babbling!  I’ll let the photos speak the “thousand words”… 

Here's the inspiration:

and here's my 'tag gang,'

followed by the "red, white and blue" duo,

and the 'confetti' couple

Anyway, as you can see, I tend to drift away... While my 'thinking' isn't always simple and straightforward, these tags are; in real life, they are rather cutesy!

Hope you enjoyed traveling along with me.
Thanks so much for dropping in; your comments are welcomed and appreciated, immensely!


Jennifer said...

I love these! I'm always drawn to tags when others create them, but it never occurs to me to make one when I'm crafting… wonder why…??? Anyway, you rocked this challenge! I love that you took the inspiration piece in so many different directions! :)

Kelly Griglione said...

Such a fun group of tags! These turned out really well. Love all the colors used to make then so cheerful : )

Kim S said...

They are wonderful! Your muse may go wandering but certainly comes back with creative ideas! (My muse runs away and never looks back with inspiration photos!). I love the idea behind each tag. I love the fun colors and confetti papers and variety of embossing! A fantastic set!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOL! I can totally see your husband standing behind you as you write your post or as you craft-- Trav does that to me all the time!

I LOVE when you explain your thinking for each project and how you were inspired-- I do that and sometimes wonder if I'm the only one that might see something differently (not that you have-- I'm just saying that when you explain I see that we tend to see the same thing! LOL!)!!

LOVE these little tags-- esp. the vellum overlay! What a fab large present!!! And those flowers are GORGEOUS! Fab take on this challenge! You nailed it!

Michelle said...

The tags are so fun! Fantastic! I especially like the one with the banner. I LOVE that banner! And I don't think that I've ever seen it before. Great tags!

Geri said...


Seriously Carol, every post shows a new and amazing side of your creativity that never fails to amaze me. It's like you are slowly sharing tennie weenie bits of your infinite talent with us, always leaving me to wonder what beauties lie ahead on your creative horizon!

The mix of patterns, paper, ribbon and techniques are works of art put together with a keen eye for design and color coordination. Love the SU flowered ribbon!

...another goodie that you could add to your "sell local" items!
Beautiful work....another googdie that you can add to your "sell locally" list!

Jen Mitchell said...

Oh, these are so great! I love the textured background and the mix of fun patterned paper! Thanks for joining us at the TAWS BE Inspired challenge!

Greta said...

Your tags are all really neat, Carol! I can see the inspiration photo in your creations, so not too much wandering from my perspective!

Shannon J said...

Wherever that muse is wandering off to, it sure is coming back with some absolutely delightful and fun projects! These tags are awesome! I love, love, love how you tied the confetti paper in on two of them, and LOVE the different score patterns! I haven't tried the glass effect yet, but I will now, thanks to your inspriation!

sandie said...

I love how you describe your inspiration and so understand hoe you got there!! And these tag are n inspired idea, I completely live the confetti two. Thanks for such sweet comments on my blog. Signing up to yours to get some more inspiration!!