Friday, May 14, 2021

Inkspirational Challenge #239~Triangle...Triangle Slimline Birthday


Welcome to Inkspirational Challenge #239, where our prompt for the next two weeks is *triangle*. Whatever shape your triangle - equilateral, scalene, isoceles (had to dip into memories of high school math for that trio! - bring them on in what shape and size you want! If the angles add up to 180 degrees, your triangle is perfect! 

Patterned paper (from my stash, no idea who made it...darn!) came out to play and look at alllll those equilateral triangles!  I was tempted to keep it on my 'gaze at and admire' pile, as it's the only sheet I have, but I dove in. So glad I did; it made for an easy slimline To keep both the sentiment and triangles visible, I used a vellum panel. Overall, a quick make.

Please check out my teammates' takes on the prompt, then play along with us!

Thank you for dropping by!


Pia S said...

I do have a gaze and admire pile too. But when I get a new paper pad nowadays, I’m better at using my favorite papers straight away, telling myself they need to get used before I potentially grow out of love for them. This is a fantastic DP, perfect as a sentiment only design. Age and gender neutral, so versatile!

Jeanne said...

That is a really cool piece of pattern paper, Carol! I'm glad you found it. It sure helps make a fabulous card. Thanks for sharing!

Marlena M. said...

I have a gaze and admire pile too; that's so funny Carol ;)! I love that you brought this beauty out to play. Perfection in your execution~

Lindsey said...

You were just waiting for this perfect opportunity! Beautiful paper, but more importantly, beautiful card!