Friday, March 8, 2013

Twinkle, Twinkle...Retrosketch #53

Oh my -  I almost didn't finish my retrosketch #53 card on time!  I could 'blame' this on my lack of organization, or my limited supplies, or my 100% inability to tackle anything that asks for 'straight lines,' (serious case of 'straight-line challenged'), or any number of excuses.  Truth is: sometimes I submit at the 'last moment'  because I'm humbled by the 'amazingness' of all the entries that appear.  So much prettiness!   I look at my *attempt* and I play the comparison game.  Not. smart.  Rather than seeing what I've done that's'different,' or what 'risk' I've taken, I see 'not good enough.'  Doubt creeps in; I begin to question whether I should play, or not.  Net result:. pity-fest!!  Silliness, actually!

In my previous post, I shared my little card + envelope duo, based on my husband's passion for cycling, combined with a quote by Eddie Merckx, a professional cyclist:  "Ride. Lots."  Those two words truly are secrets to success:  to get 'better' at anything, you need to do it - to practice, to try, to persevere - lots.

So, when the doubt crops up, I entertain the mood (for a bit), and eventually remember: these challenges are about learning, growing, trying and having fun!!  They're about stretching creativity, about exercising perspectives, about creating 'personal bests' and especially, about admiring and learning from the expertise of fellow card-makers.  They're about doing what we love.  Lots.  They're about taking risks. Lots.  Most of all, they're about having FUN.  Lots.  Because, whatever we wind up making, in some small way, we truly do brighten someone's day when we share.  Pep talk done - time to get this post posted!!

Here's the inspiration sketch:

Here's my card:  

A little twinkle, a little star...and a whole lot of love!!

Just "because," I made a 'companion''s the twosome:

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you days and nights filled with twinkles, stars and love!!

1 comment:

Shannon J said...

I have to disagree, I think you have mastered the straight lines!!! Your card just pops - it is so eye-catching! And so perfectly balanced with the strips at the bottom, sentiment piece in the middle and the perfectly placed stars at the top which really anchor the whole card.
And silly girl, you are being WAY too hard on yourself!!! Your cards measure up to ALL of those other pretty cards you see. You have so much talent and I see it coming through in all of your cards - you understand design and balace. You are an artist of beautiful cards - be proud to show them off! :)