Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fly, little Butterfly, Fly...TAWS #23

Yet another fantastic challenge at TAWS (#23) this time around - and the cross promo/double challenge with 3 Girl Jam simply added to the 'adventure potential.'  The photo of the stacked pillows (or are they, ottomen? Perhaps 'footstools.' Not sure what to call them, but they're sure stinkin' cute!!), the wood wall and fence, and the green wood 'button' offered SO much inspiration.  The stunning cards from the DT over the two week time-frame amplified how one image results in multiple perspective.s  Even with all the angles to explore, possibilities to consider, and details to focus on, I wasn't sure this was a challenge within my scope.  I hemmed, hawed, pondered, puzzled...almost decided 'nope,' don't have the foggiest about where to begin even 'thinking' about what to do.  And then, I remembered the butterfly freebie...and I noticed the little diamonds on the bottom pillow...and the red, the yellow, the aqua...

Here's the inspiration photo:
and here's my "Fly..." card, 

Isn't the butterfly freebie amazing (THANK YOU for sharing it with us!! I sure hope my paper-piecing did them justice!

Thanks for stopping by!  May your dreams and hopes take wing and 'fly' today...

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Shannon J said...

Oh my goodness Carol - you are on fire! This card is perfection! I love everything about the design...and I am totally in love with the paper pieced wings and how you used patterned paper on the larger ones, and a solid colour on the smaller ones! As Kim Hughes would say...swoon!!