Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cool Shades Chickies...Paper Smooches SPARKS Mar. 18-24 Challenge

Spring is in the air (well, sort of, as we awoke to -21C this morning); spring is in the colour palettes of home decor and fashion; spring is in my step, as the days grow longer; and spring is definitely evident in this week's  PS SPARKS Cool Shades Challenge.  

My cards (again) are targeted for my niece and nephew.  The citron colours, combined with the concept of 'fiesta' sent me to my PS Chubby Chums stamps, to create Easter cards - and who fits that centre stage role better than the plumpy little gumdrop chick.  In one version, its dapper in polka dots; the other, in yellow 'pin-stripes.'  I cast an egg or two into the mix, and a bit of greenery...Hopefully, you'll recognize all the fiesta colours in my cards; some are obvious, while others are more subtle, found in little X's and O's.

Here's the PS Fiesta

First up is the card for my niece (a big of a 'forest' chickie, nestled in a cosy nest of jungle leaves)

and the one for my nephew,

Here's the twosome: 

Yes, simple, simple, simple, but since that chick is just so cute and I couldn't 'hatch' (couldn't resist - should have, but didn't) ideas for what else to add, I decided to leave well enough alone.  Inside - wishes for "Happy Easter," an "Aunty C" note and the best part - gift cards for ice cream.  Hmmm...maybe they'll hold off on the ice cream until I visit next...

Thanks for dropping by.  Wishes that your day is filled with play and love!

Update:  My little chick card was selected as a Featured Player for this challenge (scroll past the new challenge)!  I'm so honoured and thrilled!  Thank you PS!! 


wienerhoneymooners said...

Thanks for your great comments on the HOPE card.

I love Paper Smooches too! Keep making cute cards with them!!! (I only have one stamp set of theirs, and I need more!)

Shannon J said...

Nice work on the very much deserved FEATURED PLAYER status!!! Eeek, Eeek, Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!! Big, huge, GIANT smile spread across my face as soon as I saw the announcement! So, so adorable - the kids are going to love these! My favourite part - the stitching across the top and bottom of each card.