Friday, March 29, 2013

Butterfly Muse...MUSE Challenge #10

We are in Bend, Oregon, nestled in our adorable vacation rental, with a view of the Cascade Mountains outside the living room window.  If you read my previous post, you'll know how much I love Bend!  So, with a bit of time before I do my part for dinner preparations, and while my husband is putting finishing touches on getting his road bike re-assembled, I'm chiming in to share my 'pre-trip card' made for this week's MUSE Challenge #10.   After two long days of driving, I sure hope what I write makes sense!  I admit, I'm a tad travel-weary, but we're in BEND!  Love this city!

Ardyth's cards are always, always day-brighteners and smile-makers with their cas style, bold colours, and the ever engaging and entertaining accompanying posts.

Her MUSE card is perfect for a birthday celebration:

In my card, I've tried to 're-vision' those elements of Ardyth's card that inspired me: the colours, the 'movement' of the circles, and of course, the sentiment.  My additional inspiration: new PS stamps that appeared in my mailbox the day before we left!   Talk about an order arriving with perfect timing!  I stamped and cut out a variety of butterflies to 'replicate' Ardyth's circles, on pattermed paper that reflected several of the colours she chose.  

I hope my 're-take' does justice to Ardyth's card, as she is, indeed, incredibly talented!

Thanks for dropping by and if you leave me a comment, know it's welcomed and appreciated deeply.

Wishes for a Happy Easter - and to all who have ventured beyond home this weekend:  safe, relaxing, rejuvenating journeys!


Greta said...

Hi Carol & Happy Easter! I love how you used Ardyth's inspiration for this really fun & pretty card!

Kim S said...

Wonderful patterns on each - they are SO cheerful!!

Ardyth said...

This is so fun - I love how you've taken the idea and added dimension to it - you still have the fun movement that I was really happy with on my card. And thank you for your very kinds words! I'm so happy you played along!

Shannon J said...

I'm so glad you arrived safe and sound - I was thinking of you! And I am so glad that you have the PS butterfly set in your hot little hands now! It is SUCH an awesome set, and you are making it look even better than it already is with this card!!! Oh WOW! Just gorgeous. I can actually see the butterflies fluttering all around the card. The craft card base makes them pop even more. I'm in love! Enjoy your time in the beautiful Bend - can't wait to hear all about it when you get back :) Oh, and have a glass of Two Buck Chuck for me!!!

Bonnie said...

I think you did wonderful justice to Ardyth's card! Love the butterflies that look like they're about to fly off the page!