Sunday, March 17, 2013

Come Play...TAWS Stampy Sunday Linky Party

Dear Arielle,

Your cheery Sunday morning, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Watcha doin'????  greeting was a happy coincidence to shift the ‘possible’ flavour of this day – snowfall warning in effect, temperatures dropping, gloomy skies, general ‘blechy-ness’ – to one of brightness!  A dreary, blustery, chilly day is the perfect reason to hibernate; and what better hibernation activity than to accept your invitation to join in on a TAWS Stampy SundayLinky Party??   *smile – big, wide, smile*  Make a TAWS card today, post, link = easy peasy!  

With the Milan-San Remo road cycling race on in the background (“Go Team Garmin-Sharp, Go”  - Ryder Hesjedal fan, big time, even though he isn’t racing this event – saving himself for another Giro d’Italia win J. ), I settled down to create.  While “technically” I didn’t get ‘inky’, as I dabbled once again with your oh-so-adorable paintbrush and sentiment freebies, I did get “colour-y” and most definitely “TAWS-y”.   My card is 100% a ‘today’ effort, with only a few distractions in its creation, as I watched and listened to the bike race unfold.  My husband - who races competitively – though not at the pro level by any stretch! – is away this weekend, tending to a National Biathlon Championship, so I've been tasked with 'race synopsis' duty.  I’ll have plenty to tell him: about the uncharacteristically heavy snowfall that lead to the race being re-routed and its length shortened; about the crashes (slick roads + fast bike = inevitable crashes!); and *most important* about how I came close to cutting myself with my super sharp pointy scissors whilst averting my eyes from the crashes!   Anyway, no major injuries sustained – neither bike-race or scissor-wielding wise.

Here’s my card -  simple, almost *cas* (I think), and it makes me smile.  The best feature of my card:  those paintbrushes.  CUTE +++  I hope my crayola crayon colouring did them justice.

Now that my card’s done, time to tackle some chores, bake some cookies (all for me!!), and call my mom.

I’ll sign off my note, Arielle, by saying THANK YOU for ‘adding colour’ to my day, and I hope my card adds some to yours, as well!

Thank you for dropping by!  Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Sunday, Happy *Almost* Spring Day!!

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Shannon J said...

Glad you got a chance to stay warm and cozy inside during that snow! I saw the craziness on the news with that 100 car pile up - geesh! And you're right, perfect opportunity to hunker down and make cards! This is a beauty! Your shading is so well done, and I just love how you coloured in the letters - that look is one of my faves! And such a pretty palette - perfectly executed!!!