Sunday, March 10, 2013

Smiles, and more Smiles...PS SPARKS Trend Watch

From first view of the PS SPARKS Trend Watch Inspiration Photo, to the 400th - because I'm sure I've looked at it minimally that many times! - the same thought repeats:  I want that pantry!  Seriously, all that healthy goodness, beautifully organized, all in one place? Big want.  On the other hand, if I opened a cupboard filled with smiling fruits, veggies, beverages - guaranteed I couldn't eat or drink a single thing!    Chowing down on a smiling orange, or cauliflower, or carrot - nope.  I'd end up *friending* them all, and who knows what would happen next...
I'll set aside my musings, and turn to the task at hand - sharing my smiley card with you.

Here's the delightful photo:

That cauliflower is such a cutie-patootie!!

and here's my card...using a PS freebie...

The happy sun face and the happy pantry - they just seemed to 'compliment' one another!  Hope you think so, too!

Before you go, check out Shannon's fantastically happy card here   So many smiles; so much joy!  Love it!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you a day filled with smiles, sunshine and rays of colourful happiness!  


Greta said...

Oh how happy--makes me smile! Love this card, Carol!

Shannon J said...

Now this is a bright and sunny card! Such a special touch adding the extended rays with the sentiment on each one! Eeek!! Even sweeter than the inspiration photo itself - now that is hard to do!!!