Friday, March 15, 2013

Just a Note...Retro sketches #54

CAS and me - we're just not jivin' very well with one another!  My #1 issue = the 'empty' space that, in my view, just seems, well...empty.  Big.  Vast.  Nothingness.  That same space, on the gorgeous cards I see others create, though, is perfect.  Fitting.  Eye-catching.  How curious that my 'perspective' spectrum is at either end, with no middle ground.  Evidently, my next 'cas assignment' is to spend more time exploring the loveliness of 'uncluttered' space, because while I 'get it,' I don't 'do it.'  All this learning and 'trying' - frustrating at times, but when something 'clicks,' oh, but the happy dance is wild!  That's one reason (amongst many) why I enjoy tackling the Retro sketches challenges - for the stretch, for the creative tickle, for the occasional 'grrrr..." and especially, for the 'learning.'  Whether I've learned what worked, or what didn't - it's all a positive, in the end!!

In my Retro sketches #54 entry, I attempted to mirror the 'band+sentiment' portion of the sketch, keeping it on the lower portion of the card.  The bow and the empty space - that's where 'spiral off in a new direction' occurred.  I tried placing the patterned paper, postage stamp frame and flower/sentiment on a longer card, but it seemed so...bare!!  Next option - that I think 'sort of worked' considering the sentiment speaks to 'just a note' - was to create a 'note-sized' card.  The wee empty space was space I could handle.  As I steps!  The bow - oh, how I envy all of you accomplished bow-makers - I replaced with two latte-coloured pearls, that matched the light browns in the patterned paper.  While my card isn't a full-on rendition of the retro sketch, it has its moments.  Best part - I had fun!!  Next best part - it's already in an envelope, ready to send to my aunt.  "Just a note" to let her know I'm thinking about her...

Here's the inspiration sketch:

and here's my little 4 X 4 take - part retrosketch and part me. 

The paper is pretty. - love those flowers -  from a 6 X 6 pad called "Hopscotch."

Thanks for dropping by.  "Just a note" to wish you a day filled with flowers and simplicity...

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Shannon J said...

I am doing a wild happy dance all over this card!! The colours, the softness...a masterpiece!!! Your aunt is going to be delighted to receive this! And the "just because" cards are the BEST! They just arrive with extra love, because you did it for no other reason than to let her know you were thinking of her! And THAT makes me smile!