Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh, My Muse....Muse Challenge #6

My 'muse' sometimes works in quirky ways, as revealed in the card I'm about to share.
One of my favourite aspects about challenges, is to observe the diverse ways people 'interpret' the challenge elements.  So much education comes from noting the 'special touches' that fill the small canvases we work on.  Whether the artist has flipped a sketch's landscape or highlighted a little splash of colour peeking from a varied mix or emphasized certain patterns or textures: everyone 'sees' the same 'inspiration,' yet what emerges is as unique - and delightful - as the colours and patterns in a kaleidoscope. Amazing...truly amazing.

Time to turn to Muse Challenge #6 , featuring a stunning card by Deanna Jean:

March is 'birthday month' for my niece and nephew, so my cards, of late, share a common theme.  My 'muse' - with its 'kids' birthdays' focus - drew inspiration from several elements of Deanna's card: colours and patterns, the corner placement of the flowers, the sentiment, and the 'hand drawn whimsy' of the frame.  
With that as a backdrop, my muse took charge, marching off in its own direction.  'Artistic license' ran its course, so the card you're about to see is...well, I'll leave you to arrive at your own conclusions.  

Here's my version:

A bit of a stretch...I know....

My 'connections' the the Challenge card include:
  • patterned red and orange balloons (with splash of yellow added, just because) to replicate the flowers; 
  • a green background, to echo the leaves on Deanna's arrangements; 
  • a 'similarly' themed sentiment; 
  • a 'first time' *shaky* attempt at 'hand drawn whimsy with the balloon strings (oops - should have 5 strings showing!  Gah!); and 
  • two tiny yellow rhinestones, as counterparts to her black flower centers. muse is quirky..very!

Thank you for stopping by!  I wish you a day filled with balloons, clear skies, warm breezes...and abundant happiness.


landerson213 said...

So cute! I love that you used balloons instead of flowers! How clever!!! :)


Shannon J said...

Awwww, so, so adorable! Isn't that giraffe just SO sweet! I love all of the elements that you pulled from the inspiration! Like you, I am in awe how the same inspriation translates to such imagination! Just the little details that are drawn out, like you say, that spawn the most incredible results!! Such a sweet card to express your sweet love for your newphew!!!

Greta said...

Wonderfully creative way to use Deanna's card for inspiration! Adorable kid's card!

Greta said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your enthusiastic response to my MUSE top pick! You gave me a great lift before I went to work today! Remember--that snow can't last forever--Spring is coming!