Saturday, October 1, 2022

Color Hues Challenge #50~Orange and Purple...EEK, Boo, Shriek Cross-stitch Minis


Happy October 1st and welcome to Color Hues Challenge #50, where I've selected hues of orange and green as inspiration for the next two weeks. Of course, I have Halloween on my mind; however, as you'll see on the main blog, this combination can be in a variety of ways

Over the past couple of months, my love for cross-stitching has been rekindled, thanks in large part to multi-talented, incredibly inspiring Nicole Spohr, I have a couple delightful patterns on the  go and a whole bunch more waiting for attention. Did you know that collecting patterns is a 'thing'? Yep...and I'm certainly one who's doing so!

For this challenge, I've featured both stitching and paper-crafting with my two Eek, Boo, Shriek mini makes. So much fun (even though they took me quite a while to make, as I am the slowest stitcher EVER!). Despite the white background, the ghost is visible in real it has glow-in-the-dark floss stars. Nice to have these finished...and more to come! If you're interested, the pattern is from Primrose Cottage, where you'll find a bevy of delightful charts. 

How will Orange and Purple spark your creativity?
Looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!

Thank you for dropping by!


Julie B said...

Love a bit of cross-stitch Carol, you made a great job of them both. I'm still trying to finish one of my late Mum's triptych panels, but it's easier said than done. :)

Jeanne said...

Oh Carol, these are fabulous! I love how you made the ghost glow in the dark and gave the same pattern two fabulous looks. And that you combined your love of cardmaking and cross stitching. Fantastic! Your stitches look terrific, too. Thanks so much for sharing! Crafty hugs!

Karen said...

These are just amazing! I never mastered the art of cross stitch, but I sure do love it. These are wonderful!

Kristie Goulet said...

These are amazing! I'm with Karen, never mastered the art of cross stitch. Have a great week!

Cindy Beach said...

oooh, yes, I do know about saving patterns. I still have some! Glad you've re-visited stitching. These are so sweet! I didn't know you could get floss that glows. Everything does come around again, I think!