Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy 43 and 19 Months Old...Unscripted Sketches #224, Online Insider Class

Tomorrow, October 3rd; a week Saturday, October 12th.  Significance?  Happy 43 Months Old for my sweet niece, followed by Happy 19 Months Old, for my cutie-pie nephew!  And, for the 43rd and 19th time, Aunty C (me) has a little something to send them.  For those who are new my blog: I *celebrate* each month my niece and nephew’s birthdate…because it’s just what I do.  It’s a most perfect excuse to add more stuff to the craft collection.  I mean, what response can my husband possibly have when I say, “But it’s for the kidssssssss”?  Actually, he doesn’t question my shopping…yet…because he’s got bike stuff riding on the line J.

The kidlets are at the age where what she has, he wants, and vice versa (including hair accessories…my sister-in-law said my nephew wore barrettes to daycare the other day – embracing both his masculine and feminine sides, as we all do -  but when he’s pulling them out of his sister’s hair…messy!), so the cards I’ve made for them are based on a much neglected 12 X 12 package of EP Scoot (again, bought when I didn’t realize that the patterns on 12 X 12 are…well, big). 

My niece’s card layout was inspired by Seize the Sketch #4 (missed the entry for this card), 

as well as the Online Insider Class I attended recently. A ‘little package’ on the front tag was the ‘first’ inside – I wrote on the yellow tag -  as well as a journaling card and die cut “43’ for the inside.  She likes helicopters, as does my nephew; the paper choice serves double duty should some ‘exchange’ decisions take place (which she does…).  The helicopter sticker from the kit was tucked inside as an ‘extra’…

inspired the layout for my nephew’s card, giving me a reason to bring out the mini folder die once again.  My note to him begins on the (crooked) lines inside, and carries into his train themed card,  with a companion train sticker.

We’re planning to visit my family for Thanksgiving the weekend of Oct. 12 – 14, so I’ll have a chance to celebrate the kids’ ‘month birthdays’ with them.  Aunty C is EX-CI-TEDVery!!!


  1. These are both so cute, Carol ... I'm sure the kidlets will love them! It's so great that you'll be celebrating with them in person! Anita :)

  2. You are such a good Auntie! They are so blessed to have you. And I know it works in reverse too. Sweet cards, and ones they'll treasure forever. You go girl. Bev

  3. It is so sweet how you have this tradition established for them, Carol! This month's cards are so adorable! You'll be heading off just as I'm getting back from my sister's, so I'll wish you now safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving with the family!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. You are the best aunty! The children are going to love these - and so do I! I remember my nephews arguing about which one of them received the better card from Auntie Kylie and they were both convinced *they* did. I can so picture your niece and nephew doing the same. lol It's wonderful being able to celebrate with them like this. Such a wonderful tradition.

  5. Darling my dear and love that the kids will love these! :)

  6. Loving your card! Great Aunty!!Thanks for playing at US!

  7. I'm running out of things to say because each time I scroll down to see what I have missed this past wee while, I find more and more and more amazing projects!

    Your niece and nephew have got to be the luckiest little people on earth because they have been blessed with you in their lives! Amazing cards - love the DP (I think us card makers all have a stash of "BIG" paper tucked away in a drawer!). The helicopters are so cool - another great idea, perfectly put to paper!

    Love the barrette story!!!

  8. Have I mentioned before how much I love the tradition you've started, sending the sweet little wee ones a card for their birth dates?!! I can only imagine their little faces lighting up like a Christmas tree every time they receive their special Aunty C cards!! And I KNOW they will LOVE these cards!! So fun and just so sweet! Maybe you should have put a barrette on each of the cards too...ha ha!!!