Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Camp Week 2 Day 5...New Colours + New Inspiration AND New Stamps + Inks

First, a wee whine: holy smokes but it's hot here in Bend! At one point yesterday, the car thermometer registered 112F! Temperatures like this do not happen where we live. Gahhhh...roasting. Major roasting!

That done (thank you for understanding): quick post to share a wee homework attempt that was cobbled together betwixt and between my husband's race and my 'racer's wife' duties. (Side note: pinning numbers on a rider when he is wearing his jersey could lead to safety-pin poke injuries.  Now, I'm not saying I may have given him a teensy jab - unintended, of course - but in case you should ever be in such a position, exercise caution.  I am, for the record, a skilled number-pinner-on-er...very important task, especially for rider ID when zipping past the finish camera).   BTW: his races are going super well!! He came in 9th yesterday the road race; 17th at the time trial (decent, considering he doesn't have a TT bike), and I'm not sure about the criterium race yet, as results aren't posted.  Last one tomorrow (where has the time gone!!)....

I really, super really wanted to try Jennifer's tri-fold card, with the flower border opening and panel background, however, the "mobile crafting unit" didn't have all the right tools I needed.  Adapt as required - and with that, use some of the new products that have joined my collection:  PS Calico and Reflections stamp set, as well as some dewdrop sized Memento/Versamark inks.  My amateur status at stamping with coloured ink will be readily apparent, however, I'm excited by the 'growth' opportunities. Best part: no stained stamps!!

My card is 'busy' with flowers and leaves, mainly because...well, new stamps #1, and trying to use the colour combination I selected, #2 (light blue, red, orange, green, white).  Two flowers are the 'wrong' blue (another ink added to the list for future shopping), so I used a better-suited match for the background panel. Not sure if it works; I'll see what leaving it for a few days results in, and decide then on renovations, or not.  My bouquet is nestled (crowded...) on to the PS notebook die, which I ran through first, folded, to make a mini card, and then a second time for the top holes.  I added a couple stamped flowers inside, and realized, yup, this card is indeed for "just a note" - as in a teensy, weensy, itty, bitty note.  Oh well...sometimes less is more, right!

Anyway, here's it's little outside

(apologies for the shadows)
and its little inside:

We're off to go *watch* a bike race in downtown Bend - the pro guys' criterium.  Should be awesome, especially with a field of 180...

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments add sparkle to my day.


Geri said...

Gorgeous! I cannot believe that you are creating such beauties, with limited supplies, while on a holiday...well, kind of like a holiday!

Beautiful colors - not even close to being too busy! It is absolutely stunning! Expertly layered and perfectly balanced. Love it to bits Carol!

Shannon J said...

Um, maybe you should be teaching the class with a card like this!!! Gorgeous! Soft, pretty, just the right amount of dimension...and really just the right amount of everything! This is a top 5 for sure! I am SO glad you brought along your "MCU"!!!
Oh, and I'm sure you have been hypothetically forgiven for the hypothetic pin prick! Ha ha!! Blame it on the heat!

Greta said...

Hi Carol! I love that notebook die & your new flowers & how you put everything together! This is a wonderful card & sometimes it's nice to just say thinking of you--so you don't need a lot of space. Enjoy your day & have a safe trip home. Keep me on the agenda for a side-trip next time or maybe I can arrange a trip to Bend since we love it there.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Wow! That is super HOTTTTTTT! We get tempts like that every so often here.... But thankfully it's only in the high 90s right now!

Hooooray for so many great times and placing a for your husband! And OUCH to the safety pin incident- I'm not a professional so it's normal for me to he poked (by sewing needles!)!

Love love love this card- esp the notebook front and secret message!!! Loooooooove! I also love that your stamps didn't stain!!!!!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog-- you always make my day!!!!! Love us!!!!!