Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Camp Days 2 and 3...Homework Catch-Up

Only three more sleeps and we are Bend Oregon bound!  I'd add about another 20 exclamation points to that statement, except that between now and leaving, my 'to do' list includes a zillion things (okay, perhaps 15…10… is more apt).  

Even though I’m ‘technically’ on summer holidays, oodles of little tasks need my attention at work partially the result of the flood setting things somewhat ‘adrift’ time-wise; partially the result of colleagues just a bit too enthusiastic about packing and moving us to our new ‘home’ in the town high school.  The early move means my ‘work station’ is in a jumbly, tangled box-laden mess in the spacious classroom+connected offices site (actually, it’s my former classroom, before I resigned from teaching 1 ½ years ago.  A bit of a ‘home-coming’ of sorts…). Half my stuff is there, while the other half is at our Outreach office.  My aim is to send off report cards today so I can put a ginormous check-mark on that list item.  Organizing the disheveled space can wait.

Add to that house-cleaning, laundry, grocery-shopping - and ‘for good measure’ – we’re also officials for a bike race this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday!!  The plus is the event is local.   Once the last race is done, we’ll be performing our own ‘race’ in getting my husband’s cycling gear packed (he’s competing in the Cascade Classic, which runs from Friday, the 17th to Sunday, 21st – so our car will be filled to brimming with ‘his’ essentials), figuring out what card-making stuff I want to bring along (I’ve claimed ‘large box’ space for my own essentials)…lots and lots to do, but it’s all fun!  Sometimes, ‘anticipation’ is a very good thing!! 

While we’re away, my brother, sister-in-law, my darling niece and nephew, and my sister-in-law’s parents, will be staying at our place so I want to make double sure I leave things super-duper neat, clean and tidy!   The best part about their visit is that my sweet munchkins will be here when we return!!  Yayyyyyyy!!!
Even though I’m painting an “oh, I’m so busy’ picture, the truth is, all of this can be done in bits and pieces, and fairly quickly (provided I focus!), which means that in-between the ‘spaces’ I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Summer Card Camp! 

Two cards for the moment:
Day 2 the focus was on stamping techniques and I DID IT!! As in, I finally let go of my ‘cannot stain my stamps with coloured ink’ issue and…dived right in!  I used the masking technique with a TAWS stamp, then used the same inks to create the background mat, as well as the butterfly. A tie-dyed look, for sure, but I’m pleased with the result.  The stained stamp however…how do I get it clean again???  Grrrr…Lesson learned: no more Cat’s Eye inks.  Pretty, yes, but the stain factor is too much for me.  Shopping list for ‘other’ inks added to….

The cardstock is a bit dark for the colour choices we were to follow...oops!

Day 3 was another opportunity to practice the colours + sketches, and inspired by the entertaining video and charming card - banners made from scraps - created by Laura Bassen, I simply followed suite:

Colours and design, I'm okay with, but the "so" is really 'so-so.'  More 'word dies' added to the shopping list...

I have Day 4's 'attempt' to share later, after I fix it.  As in perhaps a complete renovation...  Off to work. Must. focus...

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments, always welcome and always appreciated, add sparkle to my day!


Anonymous said...

beautiful cards! Enjoy your hols!

Unknown said...

I love them! Where did you find that not perfect stamp? Keep them coming!

Geri said...

Awesome homework! Can teachers give themselves an A+++++?

Absolutely ADORE the dark 'graple' card stock that you used. Fabulous way to showcase the beautiful tie-dyed elements! The creative you totally shines in the different colors that you used in the sentiment! Wowzers're cookin' with gas!

Card number 2 - another A++++++! I really like the "SO" element - perfect size and shape to snuggle in comfortably under the umbrella! Looks like they were meant to be together! Again, awesome choice of patterned paper Carol!

Have a blast in Oregon, cheer loud for DH at the Cascade Classic and then enjoy your return home to tons of hugs and kisses from the wee ones!

Shannon J said...

Have you changed your name to Carol Picasso?!!! My jaw hit the floor when I saw your first card - SO cool, SO artsy, SO AWESOME!!! And the creativity didn't end there! LOVE how you used your selective stamping (done perfectly, btw!) to represent the panels in the sketch - totally genius! And card number 2 - lovely!! I am wishing now that I had made my card with the banner ends rather than just straight panels - they add such a fun look, and really jazz it up! Even though your day was a busy one, hope it was awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool inking on your tie tied card, Carol ... love how you tied (oops!) it all in with the butterfly and background ... so pretty! I love your banners ... a perfect selection of lovely papers and such a cute, cute brolly!

I'm with you on the ink-staining-stamps thing ... took me ages to get over it and I haven't found anything to clean off the red/pink based colours ... and I've so tried. One tip ... household cleaning products aren't necessarily good for clear stamps!!

Anita :)

Kylie said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip! Your cards are so pretty. In the photograph, the cardstock chosen doesn't look too dark. Seems to set it off beautifully. As for card number two, it is so so pretty! Those papers are divine! The umbrella is just too adorable. The whole card is just so sweet!

Greta said...

Trying to get caught up on blogs after being gone a few days. Good for you taking the class. I really need to do that--maybe next year. I love the look of both cards, Carol! I use pigment inks all the time & most of the time the color comes off pretty well, but it's not a big thing to me if it doesn't. Have you used Staz On cleaner? I know they say be careful using it on clear stamps, but I've had no problem. I rinse with water after the cleaner. Have fun in Bend--a favorite spot of ours! I'm pretty much straight across from there & will be thinking of you.

Happy Dance said...

Your 'homework' gets an A+ from me...both cards! Very cool. Love the brightly colored tie-dyed effect, and the multicolored sentiment on #1, and love the little banners and umbrella on #2. Plus, your color choices on that one are perfect. Keep up the good (home)work! Have a blast in OR, and then...have an even bigger blast with the kidlets! Bev

Darnell said...

You and I are playing catch-up with each other these days, Carol! I've come backwards to here. I've enjoyed your cards; great job on homework! My very favorite is the one where you stained your stamps in this post. I totally love it and especially love that sediment! Your rainbow of colors is just fantastic!!

Sorry Bend has been so hot! It's just been a pretty miserably hot summer for everyone this year, considering it's so early in the summer. Global warming is no joke! I hope it cools off for you!!