Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Camp Day 3...Circle + Window + Butterfly = Thanks card

What a blisteringly hot day yesterday - and most spectacular in many ways (sweltering aside).  In an attempt to be a 'good wife,' I joined my husband on his 'easy ride' - he on his road bike, and me on my good old heavy, reliable mountain bike. (I do own a road bike, but haven't ridden it for a while - too sketchy for me, especially in the wind.  Call me a weenie, because yes I am!).  From our Seventh Inn have, off we went, for our 'jaunt' that took us down the highway, into the Tetherow golf course area (quiet road, thankfully!), into the awesome...wait, AWESOME...neighbourhood around Summit High School, back to admire, longingly, at a house we stayed at during a prior visit (my dream it! Perfect - plus it has craft-room space allllll for me.  Wishing, wishing...), then retraced our route back to our rental.  Grand total: 1.5 hours. Not long in the realms of cycling; perfect time frame and pace for my husband; and me?   Yeessh!! I love my bike, but need to make a serious effort to ride it more often.  I can keep up with my husband (given he's not at race pace), however, I most certainly lack his fitness levels and recuperative power!  Jello legs for a good chunk of the day.  And just in case someone in 'bike land' might be reading this: could someone please, please, and please invent a bike seat that's comfortable?? Please??

Ride done, we stopped at the front desk to check on a couple of items I'd ordered prior to our trip and *fist pump* YES, they'd arrived!  Welcomed into my little collection: L'il Inkers (stamp set, connected circle die and chevron die, with more on the shopping list, awaiting the stock to be replenished) and a variety of Paper Smooches stamps - Reflections, Calico and Christmas sentiments (too cute to resist) - and dies - Speech Bubbles and the Power Rays.  Tickled pink!!

After some recuperating time (for me, that is), we headed out to shop for a bit. In one of the local  bike shops, my husband commented to the lady tallying up his purchases that finding this particular brand of cycling socks in Canada was like finding hen's teeth. She asked where we lived, he told her, and imagine the collective surprise to learn that her daughter lives in Canmore, a competitive cross-country skier!  Small world...and side note:   the price of his socks reinforces I need to have a whole lot less guilt about buying crafting stuff!  

Okay, enough of the travel-diary and on to my card I had a chance to make last evening.  It's a bit of a hybrid, drawing inspiration from two designers:  Jennifer M, from Day 1, and Julie E, from Day 3 - and the third sketch of Week 2's choices.  Bonus: I finally used some paper from a pad that's been sitting idle! Yayyy!!

My card wouldn't stand up properly for its photo shoot, so down it went, with the edge of a cuttlebug plate holding it closed, so you'll see that on the corner, along with a rather shabbily cut edge on one side. little cutter must need new blades.  Oh no, that likely means a trip to JoAnns *grin, grin*

(Thanks is from my new L'il Inker set. Cuteness!  
Hmmm...I wonder if it needs some different sized ink dots to jazz it up a bit.  Seems a bit plain-ish...)

And, a 'something' that I don't often do: a bit of an inside greeting...

Today is Race Day 1 - 74 mile road race starting from and ending at Mt. Bachelor. I'm nervous; my husband is not.  Go figure!!  He's out there at 1:30, during the heat-iest part of the day.  Hope my passing water-bottles to him in the feed zone is in good form!!!

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments add sparkle to my day!


Happy Dance said...

Great card, Carol. Love the color palette you've chosen, and those patterns! I can see I might have to pay a visit to Li'l Inker, but it will have to wait for a bit. Love hearing about your trip. And I totally agree with you about the bike's part of the reason I don't ride as often as I should. Keep having fun! Bev

Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

Pretty and sweet.

Shannon J said...

Ahhh, now this sounds like holiday bliss! A little bit for you (crafting on vacay - awwwesome!!), a little bit for Andy (cycling, of course!), and a little bit of togetherness (even if for that dang bike seat!). Lovely, lovely, lovely! Except for that blistering heat - I'm so with you on that one! Your card is sweet as pie! So much beautiful patterned paper resulting in a CAS design - gorgeous - and not easy to accomplish! And the inside - such a fabulous touch!!!
Hope the race went well today - I know one thing - Andy had the BEST feed zone passer there!!!

Geri said...

Yep - Shannon said it all - what a perfect little escape the two of you! Sounds perfect, except for the heat!

I am sooooo in love with this card! The colors are gorgeous and that little window is absolutely divine! The DP rocks again girl!

Hope your butt is feeling a little less wounded! If you happen to come across a happy butt seat in your travels, please, PLEASE share with us as there is nothing worse than going out for a nice bike ride, and within minutes wish that you were back home!

Greta said...

I love this card, Carol! You got good new stuff, girl! I say go for it & add some ink splotches, but it's great as is. I'm picturing you there in Bend & at Inn of the 7th Mtn. We used to love to cross country ski at Bachelor. So glad hubby's racing is going well! Hugs, Greta