Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Camp Day 1...Hello & Fuzzies

Summer Card Camp 2 started with its usual fantastic flair of phenomenal inspiration including videos, featured projects by outstanding designers, detailed supply lists (yes, the wish book continues to grow!), tips and techniques, along with a "new to me" twist:  a first week focus on using at least 4 out of 5 recommended colours per card, along with a choice of three sketches to select from, as we work through our assignments.  Quite an interesting mix-and-match.

I'm tardy handing in my assignments for yesterday, but they were done.  Truly...well, except for a couple of finishing touches on one that I completed this morning, and taking photos.  Yes, I did write "assignments," as I ended up creating two cards, because for whatever reasons, I found this first day rather challenging.  Perhaps my muse was still at the bike race, because something was askew with my efforts.  The colour palette combined with the sketch I chose didn't flow in the direction envisioned, especially for the first card, where I was hung up on following Kristina's sample too closely.  "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'...and I embarked on that trial path, winding up with plenty of 'dis-carding' along the way.  Finally, nearing the point of exasperation, I went a field trip to the Day 1 Gallery where, amongst the vast array of clever+creative+pretty, one card caught my eye; a card by my awesome friend (and now muse!!), Shannon.
Her unique take with the speech bubbles sparked a wee idea and off I went, to use, as Darnell would coin it, a NBUS - my TAWS Gotta Bug set.  First attempt was masking and colouring, which didn't bode well, so....paper piecing it was.  While I'm not overly thrilled with the result, I'm pleased with the 'concept' - it's a presentation I'd certainly try again.

Anyway, here's my 'learning' from Day 1:
First card's highlight - embossing vellum, totally new to me (need to emerge from under the rock more often!)

Assessment:  needs brighter and/or better selection of, colours, and the mixture of the elements is wonky.

Second card: Sending Warm Fuzzies collage. My plan to colour would probably result in a better 'image' but...my stash of Copic markers (2 sets of 6) see limited colours and shades too far apart to blend nicely. Interesting marketing strategy: a 'sampling' of colours that 'sort' of match, get you reeled in (because they are rather nifty to work with), but the realization that you must have more for the full potential of these markers to be realized.  For instance, if I matched each of my markers with one 'blending' neighbour, my little Copic community would expand by 12...and then I'd need another neighbour, and another.  Hmmm...lottery required.  Sorry, I digress...caught up in the 'I need more' moment...

Assessment:  a little "flat," however, the 'concept' has potential...maybe...(Speaking of fuzzies, apologies for the rather blurry photo...yeesh!)

One of the many positives about Summer Camp - the opportunity to improve every day...

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments add sparkle to my day!!


Michelle said...

You're taking the Summer Card camp? Cool! I should've signed up. It looked reasonably priced, but I knew that I'd kill my budget with all of the "must-haves". Looks like you're having fun with the class homework! Keep posting your cards, it's fun to see what you're doing. I love your little fuzzies. :) Very clever!

And thank you so very much for your kind words today. You made my day! :)

Shannon J said...

Eeeek, I'm blushing!! I love that I inspired you, and oh so proud you have made me!!! Your card is just awwweee-some!!! Right down to the little heart on the hot water bottle...I want to put it on my tummy right now!! Perfectly done, and in no way flat! It's got such a sweetness about it, and will make anyone not feeling their best, feel a whole lot better! The first card is just lovely as well! That embossed background is gah gah gorgeous! And the frame is just so pretty! It is SO fun to be in class with you!!!

Kylie said...

Oh C, your cards are so sweet. Love the embossed background on the first card - so pretty! I don't know why you feel the second one is flat - it pops off the page here. Both cards just look great. I do agree with you about the starter sets for markers though. Seems like a way to put people off using the product rather than inviting them to purchase more. You want to be able to create something right off the bat that looks great! Keep up with all your great work. Love seeing what you are creating! :)

Anonymous said...

You always write such fun and entertaining posts, Carol ... they're a joy to read! Your vellum embossing looks gorgeous ... so much sheen and texture ... and such sweet images! Talking of sweet images, your warm fuzzies are a delight ... they arrived here very un-flat and positively dimensional ... so my guess is you're being hard on yourself ... that or it's the journey through the ethernet! Anita :)

Sandy Ang said...

how cute ! I love the embossed effect on your first card to bits