Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Camp Week 2, Day 1 - One assignment, one 'sort of' assignment, and one just because

Last I wrote and shared a card, we'd just wrapped up officiating at a bike race on Sunday, and I was in a hurried frenzy cleaning and packing in preparation for our journey south.  Monday, we made our escape, traveling from the thunderstorm that made loading the car a bit of a water-dodge, into sunny skies, and incredibly warm temperatures (at least for us!).  Our first day destination - Kennewick - proved not only a welcome relief from 10 hours of driving, to a bit of a shopping 'score' for me!  I had a couple of quick 'time-and-budget limited' jaunts to Joann's (Tombow adhesives, some adhesive paper, which I've not seen before, being my 'featured buys) and Hobby Lobby where, left to my own devices, I'd likely still be shopping.  Featured buys included two 6 X 6 paper pads (seriously on  sale. Seriously!), a Christmas sentiment stamp and some clear embossing powder (I think I've been bitten by the embossing bug, as a result of Summer Camp).  My little 'fix' fixed, we carried on to Bend....

Our 'race-themed' Bend trips have an "arrival' routine that I thoroughly enjoy, even though my husband's part has me both marveling at his commitment to racing, as well as shaking my head in bewilderment.  Our first stop - before even entering Bend - is to head over to the charming tourist town of Sisters, which is also the starting point of the winding, sometimes hilly, sometimes steep roads of the McKenzie Pass.  We park, my husband dons his cycling gear, reconstructs his bike that has been wheel-less for a couple of days, grabs a couple of water bottles and off he goes, for a three hour ride.  Three hours: after spending 5 hours in the car previously, and previous to that, upwards of 10!  Admirable craziness!  While he's off training (his last 'hard ride' before Friday, the start of four competitions over three days), I do exercise of my own: poking around the shops in Sisters, some of which are totally darling!  My favourite is The Stitching Post, and even though I'm not a quilter, and have but dabbled in knitting, if I were so inclined in either of these ventures, this shop has it all!  I love looking at the wool, thinking about the numerous skeins I have at home, awaiting the touch of knitting needles (perhaps another scarf waiting in the wings...that's about the extent of my skills.  Although my mother-in-law gave me, last Christmas, a book to make knitted dinosaurs that are just so stinkin' cute...but I'd need to advance immensely before tackling any of those).  I love admiring the quilts on display, especially as this is the tail-end of a quilting show, so the artistry is quite amazing.  I love looking at patterns, wondering if my mom, who does quilt on occasion, might be interested.  Yes indeed, a sweet shop.

A couple hours later, I meet up with my husband at our pre-arranged destination - this time, at the Dee Wright Observatory - where, happy with his 'exercise high' (and I'm whining about feeling slacky and lazy), he changes, disassembles his bike, and we're off to buy groceries and beverages, before heading to our vacation rental.  Awesome.  All.

Yesterday, nestled in our new 'home,' I had time to explore other things 'new' while Andy went on a 'light' ride:  new cards from my amazing crafting friends, new challenges, and of course, new colours, sketches and assignments from Summer Card Camp.  Oh my, but I'm behind in my homework - and so, detention it was!

Week 2, Day 1 (already!!) and the featured card that caught my eye: Kristina's circle Thank You.  My first card is essentially a full-on copy of hers - and whew, good thing I thought to bring my circles and thanks dies (amongst a box full of other things!) and cuttlebug.  I used some of the new paper I bought at Hobby Lobby, as well as the technique Kristina shared for adding layers to word dies to mimic the dimension of chipboard.

Here it is, in all its simplicity:

Since this was so much fun to make, and because I had a detention anyway, I made a second.  A bit of an ooops with this one, in that I didn't follow the colour scheme. Blame shifted onto the papers: just tooooo tempting to play with:

Apologies for the lighting and rather busy background, which is the countertop in our rental. Another oops.

And, before I end this long post (oops #3), a circle pocket card I made a couple months ago as a 'just because' inspired by a card on the Scor-Pal site.  Oops #4, as you'll see, is the upside down patterned paper.  Note: if you attempt this at home, choose a random pattern, where up-down, left-right doesn't matter.

Circle cards: love 'em!!

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did.  Your comments add sparkle to my day!!


Happy Dance said...

Homework...A+! Skip detention for the rest of the week; your creations are lovely. Loved hearing about your trip. Do keep us posted. And don't forget to go online to check for those local scrapbook/stamp stores. That pocket card is cool, might have to borrow the idea! Bev

Shannon J said...

Why does every one of your posts and cards just make me smile and beam with happiness??!!
I'm so glad you arrived safe and sound in Bend! Your "pre-check-in" ritual sounds like just bliss to me! I could seriously live in sweet little shops like that. And the JoAnn's / Hobby Lobby detour - I could have roamed the isles forever too!
Be in touch really soon!!! And if for some reason it isn't today, wish Andy a giant good luck in his races!

Greta said...

I'm so jealous of your adventure! Sisters is one of my favorite places, but I'm never there with an occupied hubby, if you know what I mean. I love your circle cards--have never seen one with a pocket & it's so neat! Love the paper--upside down or not! Hope all goes well with the race. Wonder if one of the docs I know is racing, too. Lots of cyclists around here. Thanks for your kindness, Carol.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous adventure, Carol ... enjoy all the rest! Wonderful projects ... and all done from your 'mobile' craft space ... splendid! Anita :)

Kylie said...

lol I don't think you should be in detention (but you can keep me company as I haven't done one bit of homework! Oops! lol) because your cards are so lovely. They may be simple but they work! Love the patterned papers you have chosen too. Oh, and I totally laughed that you too your cuttlebug on your trip! That is truly awesome! lol

Wishing your Andy all the very best for the next three days! I am sure you will be fantastic in your support role too. You sound like you have everything well in hand. :)

Have a great day!

Geri said...

Wow! I can't believe you created these pretties while you are 'on the road' with limited supplies! Detention paid off - gorgeous creations! Had you not mentioned the upside down paper (which happens to be my favorite of the three), I never would have noticed!

Detention? No sireee...summer school rules apply - NO detention - just hours and hours of driving, enthusiastic cheering for DH and a bit of crafting is all that is needed to redeem yourself :)