Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Fish, Two Fish...Pink(ish) Fish, Blue Fish

Sometimes, my "inner child' wants to play with scissors and paper  So I did.  The spark was ignited by the challenge at A Blog Named Here: Snip and Stick,

which in turn lead me to the delightful school of fish, a free digi, at The Alley Way Stamps
. (Yes, I know, 'simple is better,', but.I wanted to challenge myself; plus, I have new scissors - finally!!  Proper paper-piecing designed,  sharp & pointy, Honey Bee cutting scissors.  Yayyyy...)

After a whole bunch of image twisting and turning, printer figuring, paper choosing (the pattern reminded me of fish scales), deciding who to "pop" up (the three 'bigger' guys), 'snipping and sticking', my little paper-pieced "Keep Swimming" card came to be.

As a novice card-maker, I found this a great learning experience.  The best part:  paper-piecing is really quite fun (and theraputic!). 

Thank you for stopping by!!  Darn, I missed the deadline for entering...but that's okay.  There's always a next time!


Shannon J said...

Well, let me just start with this card...oh wow!! WOW! Your paper piecing is pristine! That is not novice work - not even close! I can not believe that you are new at this! And I have to say, that is my absolute favourite digi. Those fish and oh those puckers! And I love the sentiment - it is so perfect for someone going through a tough time. Your patterned paper choice is also right on. You are reaching expert level in just five posts! And oh your penguins are just so sweet as well. And they are dressed so sharply!

Congrats on being a Winner Wednesday winner! Don't want you to reign in your commenting too much - not when it pays off like that! Plus, I'd miss your comments too much!!! I like to leave comments for the same reason as you - to let people know that their little pieces of art work are appreciated, loved and inspiring!

Thank you for being so excited for me for my PS debut today! And the comment you left over on their blog was just so sweet - you are just so thoughtful! And it meant a lot to me too that you can see in my cards that I really try to let the recipient of my cards know that I truly made it with them in mind. And I can also see that you do the same... ;) !! In your cards *and* your comments - you too, are so awesome!

You've got me thinking about the RS card...can't wait to see it!

Well, I should be off so I can spend a little time with my Valentine! "See" you soon!


A Blog Named Hero said...

this is so fantastic! what a cool idea :)

Sorry you missed the deadline!!

Thank you so much for showing us through FB though :)


Unknown said...

WOW! I am LOVING all the fun patterns you did with this card. I LOVE TAWS too. I have almost all their stamps and have a couple cards I need to put on my blog using them as well. I really love the embossing you added. SO CUTE

Tracy said...

Love those fish! Great card!

Shannon J said...

Hey Carol,
Just posting on an older post to leave you my email address (just so it's less "exposed"!) - I don't know why I'm such a freak about putting my email out there! Anyway, thought it might be easier to correspond that way rather than in the comments. BUT if it's easier for you in the comments, by all means, I'm more than happy to keep doing that too! It's :)