Friday, February 15, 2013

Boy, oh Boy...Retro Sketches #50

Boy, oh for guys - even the little dudes - I find to be a challenge.  Solution to challenge = more practice, tackle it head on, give it the old one-two try.  Right.  So, with Retro Sketches #50 staring me in the face, daring me to 'create,' I decided to answer by making a card for my nephew.  Combination challenge.  Why not.
In just under a month, my nephew turns one year old. ONE!! He's growing up way too fast! Soon, he'll be all independent, all grown up...but for now, he's still kind of a "baby" (glad he can't read; he'd certainly disagree!), which means, at least for a bit longer, 'cute' is still allowed.
Inspiration sketch:

My 'boy' card, where I aimed for 'most' elements - like the colours and patterns - to be 'boy-themed.'  The cupcake though:  full on cutie-patootie!!  Now that I look more closely, that face (thank you Peachy Keen stamps) is a remarkable resemblance to my nephew's.  It's the smile...definitely the smile...

Hope he likes his card (hope his mom and dad do, too!!). Someday, when he's a man and looks back on this, he will, undoubtedly wonder, 'What the heck was Aunty thinking???"  And the answer is, and always will be: 'Because I love you.'

Thank you for stopping by. 

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Shannon J said...

Hey Carol!

Just wanted to pop in to see what you had done with the retro sketch - and I am still oogling over that face! That is pure sweetness. Did you rosie up those cheeks too? Perfect touch. Your nephew is going to love it. Hopefully he (or Mom or Dad) will save this very special card in a little treasure chest, so that when he does get older, he can see just how much his Aunty loved him right from the start!

Hope you have a fun, card-making filled weekend! I just noticed that TAWS has got their latest challenge up, and I would like to jump in on the CAS(E) this Sketch challenge as well. I'm hoping that my creativity is in full swing!

Shannon :)