Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Eggstra" Special Weekend...

We've just unloaded our bags and various food purchases (scored great deals at Costco, Italian Superstore, Wal-mart...seriously, you'd think we live out in the sticks somewhere given what we buy when we head to the 'big city'!!), having arrived home after an outstanding weekend with my family.  I love the opportunities to "go home," where I can be a 'real life'

  • daughter to my parents.  Given my age, I am ever, ever, ever so blessed that my parents continue to be a 'going concern.' My mom is an absolute gem - hilarious, wonderful - an all-around spirit-lifter!My 'pa' is the 'silent type' - and as the saying goes, 'still waters run deep.' He is quite the dad....
  • 'big' sister (especially age-wise!) to my brother and sister-in-law.  Opportunity to cross paths with my sister and her husband didn't happen this trip, but we caught up with a 'local' phone call.  Next time: a 'for sure' visit!
  • and, best of all, Aunty to my niece and nephew!  My niece, who is a mere 7 sleeps from turning 3, is such a delight!  We played 'make-up' (my sister-in-law snapped lovely photos of her 'lipstick' - application on herself...and Aunty...who never wears lipstick, but exceptions are always made for Ms. Adorable), and counted stars, and went to 'sport-ball' and had ever so many hugs and kisses.  As for my nephew -  a couple of weeks from turning one - we watched him make his first steps.  It's only a matter of time before two toddlers will be running the show.  Can't wait!!  
Three days passed so quickly, and now, I'm teary-eyed from leaving, knowing that our next trip is several weeks away.  So...time to cheer up and do what I had planned before we left (but didn't!): post my entry for Paper Smooches SPARKS Cool Shades Carnival Challenge.

Here's are the 'Cool Shades' - Carnival inspiration colours: 

Since I knew I'd have an 'extra awesome' weekend, I created an "Eggstra Thanks" card, using the freebie basket o'eggs and thanks sentiment.  The baskets are paper-pieced, with the blue and pink popped up, and the green behind the thanks was...just because.  My card is dedicated to my family...miss you and LOVE you...eggstra special much!!

Photography needs work - my apologies.  My poor camera is accident prone,  
dropped on the floor a little too often...

Thank you for stopping by!  And to all who left comments on my previous posts - an eggstra thanks to you too!  Every comment amplifies how special this crafting community!!


Shannon J said...

Carol, I love this post - because it is so full of LOVE! I can just tell how much love there is in your family - aahhh, a beautiful thing! Sounds to me like you're just like your Mom - a complete, absolute GEM!! And Aunty time...THE BEST!!! I'm sure it was a very teary goodbye. Your card is perfect for the time you had with your family this past week, and the much anticipated family time ahead - EGGSTRA SPECIAL! Oh, and and let's not forget, it's adorable too! I can totally relate to dropping everything (literally!) to get the post up! I like to call it dedication to our craft (although my husband calls it crazy! - ha ha! - what does he know?!!).

Eeeeeeek! I'm so excited that your PS order arrived!! I know the wait can be painful! When I submit an order, I usually wait a week before getting excited, because I know there's no chance it will be waiting there in my mail box for me. But week two, I go crazy! I run to the mail box every day with so much anticipation, and when it's not there - overwhelming deflation!!! But on that day that it IS there, I practically skip back to my place, cut open the pillow envelope, admire the sweet twine bow they are wrapped in and then just look at the stamps with excitement and let the ideas flood in! Oh those days are so much fun! Have SO much fun playing with your NEW STAMPS!! I can't wait to see what you do with them! I know you are going to "rock" them!

Oh, and don't worry about the typos, teach! I am embarassed by how many I make - sometimes I'll read back on a post or a comment and I am appauled at the mistakes - spelling, grammatical, you name it! I even noticed on a comment I left for Anna, I ended in some kind of non-sensical mid-sentence that I never finished (or accidentally deleted the end of it before I posted it)! In fact, I'm sure there are typos and errors just in this paragraph!! But I've learned to forgive myself and be okay with them - it's the message that's important :)

Well, I have to tell you some thing funny. I think our correspondence has gone into my subconscience...I had a dream the other night that I was in Camrose! You had signed your very first comment to me with where you lived and I always remembered that. I've never been to Camrose in my life, but there I was, in my dream, surrounded by mountains...and tourists from Texas???!! So if you have any dreams about being in metro Vancouver, let me know ;) !!!

Hopefully everything goes well in the office today with the server overhaul, and that you have state of the art access! I could only wish we could have access like that - our firewalls block EVERYTHING, any kind of social media - forget it! So I have to do everything from home :( I know, I know - poor me - ha ha!!

Well, I'm off to make a card or two on this lovely day off. I've actually taken every Monday off this month, and it's been blissful! This is my last one so I'm going to have to EGGSTRA enjoy it!!

Hope you have a fantastic day, and hope you can squeak in a card tonight too :)

Talk soon :)

The Paper Parade said...

Aww, I love those three sweet baskets lined up together :) And then the sentiment is just perfect! Great job on this challenge!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

So glad you had a good time with your family! I wish I could see mine more often!

LOVE this little card! FUN use of these baskets!!! LOVE that sentiment! Tooooo cute:) THANKS for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge-- I hope you join in the fun with this week's challenge {picture perfect}!!!