Sunday, February 10, 2013

A whole lot of firsts happening...

...Hi, I'm Carol, a new-comer to card-making, yet already hopelessly and happily addicted. Today, I'm sharing a series of 'firsts' on this journey I've started. First #1: I finally amped up courage to create a blog, so I can share my First #2: my first time entry into the Paper Smooches SPARKS Polka-Dot Challenge. Although I'm a PS fan, I don't have any of their stamps in my collection - yet - but some are on their way, which is First #3. While I wait (im)patiently for them to arrive, I decided to tackle the challenge using a variety of free digi stamps. Yes, I did get "carried away" a bit, as you'll see, but Paper Smooches + polka-dots + paper-piecing (First #4) = a combination I simply couldn't resist! With this as inspiration,

here's my version: a set of mini cards (3 X 3), with accompanying envelopes, each featuring PS digi stamps and yes, polka-dots... a whole lot of 'em!!

On stage first:  Bee Happy:
<My little bee looks like he has 'spot-itis'...sort of cute-ish...>

Next up:  You're so Thoughtful

Then:  Thanks

Finally, the group together:

Thank you for the opportunity to share my "firsts" with you; hope you enjoyed (or had a hearty laugh) at my rather zany entry.  Looking forward to giving these to someone as a 'just because day-brightener'. You can never have too many polka-dots (or Paper Smooches...).

Recipe:  Cardstock ~ stash; Patterned paper ~ Simple Stories, Sn@p; Card, envelope, tag dies ~ MCT; Polka-dot embossing folder ~ Cuttlebug


Shannon J said...

Eeeeeeek!!! Congratulations on starting your blog! And I must say, you did not disappoint! Your cards are absolutely, positively adorable! Isn't that little bee just delightful?! I can't wait for you to receive your PS stamps to see what else you create - I've already got you as a favourite!

How did you feel when you hit "publish"?! Excited? Nervous? I'm just so excited for you - I think you are going to love blogging! Now you get to express your creativity through your cards AND your blog! And you will get to "meet" thoughtful new friends - just like I got to meet you! And have I mentioned what a treat it has been to have "met" you?!

I think this calls for a toast - to you and your new blog - and all the exciting things ahead for you!

Congrats again!
And ps...I think it's so perfect you chose today to start your blog. It's the Lunar New Year today - a day of new beginnings!!

Shannon J said...

Have you seen the TAWS post yet today?!! Eeek! You are famous!!! And so you should be - your comment was amazing! I had noticed that there was a pattern of aliteration in the posts but I love how you just took that and ran with it!!!!!

Ah yes, the photography. I struggle with it - a lot! I actually take my photos in the evening because they actually turn out better than when I take them in the daylight! Something is definitely wrong with that!

The blog question: unfortunately, you can't reply to those comments that go in your in box (at least as far as I can tell), which is too bad - it would be really nice if we could. No worries at all about the space :) I just love getting your comments! Take as much space as you'd like!!!

I got a good chuckle from your comment about my card making starting at age 12! I was a bit older! ;) I started when I was about you can do the math to figure out how old I am now - ha!

Glad you liked the anniversary card :) And I can't wait to see your TAWS card! I know how frustrating it can be when it's just not coming together the way you'd like it to. Sometimes it helps to come back to it after a day...I just checked, you still have 18 hours before the deadline! I'll be watching out for it!

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day too!