Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Case Study...Studied!

A stretch - as in a “cat-reaching-out-her-paws (all four of them!) as faaaar as possible stretch” – is what I lay claim to with my Case Study #128 Challenge entry.   After first glance, and the several more closer studies that followed (I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for  the ‘case study’ aspects of this challenge:  chin-stroking, eye-brow raising and ‘hmmm…’ required!), I came ‘this close’ to giving it a pass.   No idea, no clue.  Then I remembered the cards my sister-in-law asked me to make…

My sister-in-law is a gem; she’s the mom of my niece and nephew, who I cherish; she’s a salt-of-the-earth good soul; she’s good-natured, hilarious, witty and, well, she’s the best thing EVER to come into my brother’s life!   For her – anything

A while back she requested two special February birthday cards:  one for her mom, aka as “Grammy” to my niece and nephew;  the second for her grandma (Grammy’s mom), fondly referred to as “Super Baba,” turning 85.  She was open to ‘whatever’ style or design I wanted,  with but ‘two’ requests:  flowers  and that “Super Baba” appear on the card destined for her (yet another perk of home-made cards ~ personalizing).  Easy peasy.  Not!  I thought about these cards for days on end.  Procrastination, plus.  My stumbling block – one I’m sure many of you have facee – and amplified by my ‘novice’ status:  a card with ‘expectations.’   By expectations, I mean my own!  Whatever I make, my sister-in-law will love, but I wanted to create something she will LOVE!!  Something she’ll be proud to give to Grammy, or Super Baba.  Something they’d be proud to receive.  Pressure (self-induced) on!!
 So, with Teri’s sketch as inspiration (the timing was wonderfully, ironically perfect!):

Here’s my card for Grammy…

or Super Baba.

I made a tag for either - a simple 'add' once the chosen one is decided.

Here's a close-up of a couple of the 'elements' -

Although this was a ‘stretch,’ I loved the challenge.  I met most of my expectations (always room for improvement!); most important, I hope it makes my sister-in-law happy, and Super Baba – or Grammy – smile!

Thank you for stopping by!


Teneale Williams said...

Great card, I love the placement of the different elements. Thanks for playing at CASE Study this week.

Marlena M. said...

Your sister-in-law,Super Baba and Grammy will be blessed by your cards Carol! The hearts, butterflies and flowers are beautiful details~

Shannon J said...

I'm hoping to be back to send you a little longer response later ;) but I just wanted to jump in quickly before I head off to work to say - WOW! Carol, this is a stunner! I love everything about it! Are you sure you're just starting out ;) !!! I have a little dance recital to go to tonight for my niece...hoping to be home in time to send a bit more...but if not, be in touch again soon ;)

Unknown said...

How fun are the butterflies. What a great color combo! I can't believe you are just starting out. If I had my cards at the beginning you would fall off your chair. Great job on the inspiration. I really like it!
Thanks for always taking time to comment on my posts. You really are very sweet.

Shannon J said...

Hey Carol! Just another quick note - this morning's was on my way out the door, tonight's is on my way to bed! The recital was lovely, thank you for thinking of that :) The day at work on the other hand...well, I'm not sure if I can say it was challenge and frustration free! But the bright spot in the day was a "ceremony" that was put on for my co-worker and I gave her the "Go Boldly" card. I wasn't with her when she opened it, so I'm not sure what her reaction was, but I did get a lot of very nice compliments from those who saw it before I sealed the envelope shut! Thank you for thinking of and asking about that as well - you have such a thoughtful heart! And one more thank you before I go...thank you for your sweet, sweet comments about my little wedding card I posted this morning! Yes, Spring Fling is worth it just for that little chick! I sure do hope those PS stamps arrive for you soon - I can't wait to see what you do with them!!!
Have a lovely evening and a fantastic day tomorrow - looking foward to seeing what you're going to come up with next :) :)

Shannon J said...

Hey Carol! Hope you arrived safe and sound and are spending special time with your family! I'm sure your niece and nephew must have been delighted to see their Aunty! Just as much as you delighted to see them! Enjoy ALL of your time with them and the rest of the family. No cards allowed! You have all the time in the world to do that when you get back home!

I know what mean about the ideas in your head not translated into the card! It's frustrating, but it's all part of the process! It happens to all of us. I've pulled apart cards, added this, taken away that, and even then have not been happy. Some just end up on the cutting room floor!! It happens more than you might think! And then there are those days when it all comes together - lots more of those ahead for you!

It's made even more difficult for you having to use digis and having limited supplies. Once your supply stash starts building, the possibilities become endless and your creativity will soar! Like you, I started with a very small amount of supplies - some black ink and a stamp set or two (sound familiar!) stored in shoebox. But after collecting slowly but surely over the years, the shoe box has turned into an entire room (which desperately needs organizing and purging!). But I'm at a point where if an idea pops into my head, I have what I need to execute my plan. As you're just starting out, it's much trickier for you to do that. So that fact that you are still able to create absolutely beautiful cards with what you've got speaks volumes about your creativity!

And last but not least, how is it that you can just brighten every one of my days?!! Your comment today about my adventurous life was just so special to me - I had never thought of it that way. THANK YOU for giving me new perspective! And I hope you know that you too are on your own adventure, because you are teaching, supporting and inspiring just as much as - no, MORE - than I am! And thank you for filling my day - each day - with turquoise, raspberry and sunshine yellow :)