Tuesday, December 15, 2020

EH 12 Days of Christmas Tags~Days 3-7


I've been making tags and am 'this close' to completing one for each day of Ellen Hutson's 12 Days of Christmas Tags Challenge!  Fingers crossed I can get the last couple done before the link closes tomorrow.

Therese, on Day 3, was inspired by "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"; easy to see that Santa inspired me too! In fact, I was inspired to make two tags!  The first is very, very sparkly

and the second is my first time with a TH Colourize die. Such fun!

"Sleigh Ride" was Lisa's inspiration for Day 4. Limited sleighs in my collection, so I went with the "snow" and, specifically, a 'wonderland of snow' for my tag/bookmark. Patterned paper paired with a snow die from Uniko.

Jessica was inspired by "White Christmas" (one of my all-time favourites) for her Day 5 tag; the 'tree tops glisten' inspired me, as did her palette. More sparkle on my bookmark/tag...

"Home for the Holidays" was Michele's song of choice for Day 6. My Mini Cooper is heading home, loaded down with oodles of Christmas gifts!

Finally, for Day 7, Heather was inspired by "A Marshmallow World", which is a new 'oldie' to me! My connection is obvious! 

That's it for now...

Thank you for dropping by!


Lindsey said...

Wow, you've been busy! I am not going to push myself to get them all done, since I've only done three :D - but I think you've got it! Love all of these!

Jeanne said...

Wow, Carol! I am so impressed by all your tags! You've been one busy bee in that department. I am sure you are having fun, too. And I'm sure you can finish strong!! Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs!