Friday, August 9, 2019

Inkspirational Challenge #193~Designer's Choice...Disney Albums (Simple Stories: Say Cheese)


Welcome to Inkspirational Challenge #193~Designer's Choice, where Pia has selected a Travel-theme for our cards/projects. Perfect for this time of year!

My brother's family spent a few days with us last weekend (finally!) and oh my stars! How absolutely wonderful to have 24/7 time with my niece and nephew! A trip to the Calgary Zoo,  homemade pasta making (my husband navigated that adventure), oodles of playing/walking with Lily, our puppy...just all-around happy hanging out time!

Now, for my travel project...

A couple months back, I made a first ever 'fancy' album - Simple Stories Say Cheese Disney, as a 'first step' to eventually scrapbooking my brother's family's two years' ago trip to Disneyland - thanks to a class conducted by Karla Yungwirth, one of the designers from ScrapShotz - my close-to-home/go-to retailer). Making one easily convinced me I *had* to buy two more for a 'sometime' craft-a-thon with the I did and kept them at our place waiting for the perfect time.

Said event happened last weekend...and oh, what a blast! My niece created her album all on her own (we followed kit instructions, of course), while my nephew's was a combination of his, my sister-in-law's and my contributions. Yes, assembling took a while (we worked betwixt and between several other activities), but they each went home with an album and a smattering of photos I had printed for them.  We had loads of fun...and used loads of foam tape *grin*'s a photo-heavy showcase of several of the pages from their albums. Love this...and more than that, LOVE that we created it together!

Looking forward to adding their travel photos to my album and then, at some point, embarking on a 'real' scrapbook album adventure. I have the papers and to figure it all out. On the 'do' list!

My wonderful teammates have interpreted TRAVEL in fabulously inspiring ways; please visit and leave them some love, which I know will be deeply appreciated:

Looking forward to visiting you in the gallery! 

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Jeanne said...

Fabulous results of your (collective) efforts! These pages are simply wonderful. I am in awe of you as an aunty. Those children are SO very lucky to have you with all the love you give them in their lives. You are making so many wonderful heart felt feel good moments for them. And for yourself as well. I am in awe of your capacity to love and give. What a treasure!

Pia S said...

Wow! This sounds like it was fun to make and I’m really admiring the result! Love how you did the cover and how each page looks differen, still everything goes together beautifully.

Marina said...

What fun you must have had and what a fabulous project you've produced!

sandie said...

Oh I bet you had a ball doing this and they are following you in their crafting skills-superstars! I loved looking through these and what a joy to spend this time with them x

Kim S said...

What a wonderful time you gave to your niece and nephew. Such fun assembling the Disney albums (between other events!!). They have wonderful memories of doing it with you - AND a place to keep their wonderful Disney memories.

Marlena M. said...

You swung for a home run here Carol, WOW! I'd be so intimidated to tackle a scrapbook project! You are the bestest aunt ever and I'm sure the hours dedicated to this fun project were appreciated ten times over. ;) We are all about Disney in my family, so this resonates deep with me~

Anila Dikay said...

This looks so pretty. I love the background on the cover page. So lovely