Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Congratulations! We did it!!...CASE Study Challenge #136

The CASE Study Challenges test my ‘crafting mettle’ with inspiration cards that truly are masterpieces!  This week’s Study #136, by the talented JJ Bolton is a prime example of what I mean.  Her die-cut card is amazing, and she repeats the performance with her layered “Yippee” retake.  Two stellar cards; one providing the foundation for the other, yet the second, in its own right, is just as ‘original,' just as lovely.

I see plenty of “JJ sparked’ inspiration in the entries so far, and wow, the array is vast and varied!  As I mentioned, this challenge means amping up my ‘game play’which, in turn, means knowing the difference between what I can do, and what I can’t.   JJ’s blog post explaining how she designed her inspiration card is excellent, but I’m not in that ‘league’ quite yet.  Aspiring to be, though – very much so (and I’ve book-marked it with the *must try* label).   As an alternative – and because the end result captures – at least somewhat – the diamond effect of JJ’s card,  I dabbled with a ‘quilting’ technique completely new to me, and within my ‘can do this’ range.  I confess, the 'getting it down pat' took a few tries; sometimes I wonder if I missed those kindergarten classes where we learned to do crafts, as I am really quite the 'late bloomer'!  Good thing tutorial videos have “rewind-pause-rewind –repeat several more times” features.   Bonus aspects of my detour approach: I used up some scraps (the smaller the scrap pile, the closer I am to "no excuses required" shopping. Double ++); my tendency to cut ‘crooked’ lines isn’t quite so evident (no close-up ganders, please J), and yet another opportunity add a butterfly.  Yep, three things to make me very happy! 

Here's JJ's stunning card: 
and here's my 'dare to try my hand' attempt:

Inspiring me to try something new - that's the best part of CASE Study!

Thanks for dropping by, and please know that your comments are welcomed and appreciated, deeply.
"Congratulations' to everyone who entered this challenge.  As my 3 year old niece would say: 'Yayyy, we did' it!!  *arms raised high, and more Yayyyyy....*


Maureen said...

Carol, this is so cool! I loved reading your post and know how you feel. JJ is stamping/die cutting royalty to me and it's been very unnerving trying to do her justice. But you've captured the spirit of CASE Study...to be inspired in any way by the Muse. I'll join in the "Yay!" Thanks for playing with us this week and I hope you'll be back!

Shannon J said...

It's a beauty, Carol! I love that you had the courage to try a new technique and let me tell you, it was a success! The look is spot on! I think you would make JJ proud to see that!