Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Chevron...Fusion #1 and CFC #97

“Chevron,” I remarked to my husband, as we passed a gas station duly named, enroute to our Bend destination.  We don’t see Chevrons in our ‘neck of the woods,’ so my observation didn’t faze him much; besides, his attention was riveted to his latest cycling magazine, and an opportunity to play passenger while I fulfilled my driving shift.
By the fifth “Chevron,” he realized my weird and wacky notifications were entering uncharted territory.  Well familiar with my “oh look, a yellow Volkswagen – good luck” squeals (I spent many years chauffeuring my brother - 14 years his senior , the only ‘big sister’ with a car - and his baseball teammates to games.   Amazing the things I learned from 12 and 13 year old boys : yellow “Bugs” = good luck, and so too does lifting your feet when crossing train tracks – which to this day, I still do.  You never know…) the “Chevron” bursts were entirely new.

“What are you doing?” he asked (an oft heard phrase I hear from him).  “Chevron, gas station…”

“Yes, AND a pattern!  Chevrons are the zig-zag thingys that go on cards.  I’m just realizing that the Chevron ‘trade mark’ is a…well, a chevron…” (sharpest knife in the drawer – not me).  I was smugly satisfied with my ‘connecting of the dots’ and the fact that my husband was now enlightened as well.  Just to be on the safe side, though, I checked with and sure enough: chevron = zig-zags. 

Little did I realize that my ‘new knowledge’ would come to the test this week, with the unveiling of several chevron-themed card challenges.  Well, thought I, I ‘like’ chevrons, and I have paper sporting chevrons – might as well give these a go.   And I tried – I really did, to the point of creating THREE cards – all of which were great learning experiences, even though the net outcomes aren’t quite what I envisioned. 

Learning #1:  I need a chevron die!  On the list – at the top.  When you see my cards, the reason will be self-explanatory.  No more ‘fussy cutting’ chevrons.  Done with that.

Learning #2: I need to learn to stamp!  See above about the ‘self-explanatory’ bit.  My skill with stamping – and my confidence with doing so – is zero.  Add to that my pathetic ink collection.  A few weeks back, in what I *thought* was a ‘steal of a deal,’ I purchased two sets of the Colorbox Queue stacks.  Bright colours, plenty of choice, 12 total – and then, I tried one.  And it stained my stamp!! Stained it!  I am mortified; I don’t know how to get my stamp back to its pristine clean state (yes, I’m compulsive that way – and other ways, too, come to think of it…um, alphabetized paper pads…).   Perhaps I’m doing something wrong; perhaps I’ve totally squandered my money on those inks (regular price $11 each; I got them for $3.60…).  Whatever the case, until I get some advice – anyone, anyone?? – they shall remain in their queue, closed!  I defaulted to my usual mode of fussy-cutting, which is okay, given its therapeutic value.  Fussy cutting, however, does not make for “quick and easy”, though, and really, I’d like to learn how to stamp, because I see so many beautiful cards from those of you who do.

Anyway, moving along…

Fusion  is an awesome new challenge, and its debut has certainly attracted ever so many lovely entries (mine will change the tide a bit, I fear…grrrr…chevrons…).   We're given options: to play with Jackie's sketch challenge, OR Lesley's inspiration photo challenge, OR a 'fusion' of both.  Here's the 'visual' of the details:
followed by my 'fusion' card.  This was the 'third' in the series I made (you'd think by then I'd be at a more stage of more 'dazzlement' - alas, nope). It's a really simple, though long-in-the-process of creating, given all thee obsessing thinking that happened beforehand, capture (I hope) of the key elements of the sketch and the flowers/colours of the photo.  CAS-ual Fridays also has a "Chevron and Flowers" Challenge, so I'm entering there as well.

I'll echo the comments of many others who posted entries: given this Fusion first 'impression,' I'll definitely be back to play again...and again...and again.  The same goes for CFC.  Yes, loving the challenges; loving the learning! 

I'm adding my 'first' card to this post, too, although it's not an 'official' contestant.  With this one, I was aiming for 'fusion' but the chevron (yes, fussy cut!), border wasn't in keeping with the sketch, and my flowers needed a stronger pop of colour to reflect the inspiration photo.  It's 'kinda' cute, but needs some 're-visioning' to be true to the "Fusion" elements.

Thanks for dropping by, and please know your comments are both welcomed and appreciated, immensely.
Wishing you a day of fun-filled 'zig zags' and bright colours...


Marlena M. said...

Hee hee, you entertain me Carol! Don't you just love our husbands that "get" us?
I think your cards are wonderful~perfect amount of zig,zag and floral.
As for the stained well loved stamps are also kissed with color. I found that a stamp scrubber pad and Ultra Clean stamp cleaner (PTI) get most of it off. My favorite new inks are Hero Arts and they tend to stain~but it is WORTH IT. I'd rather have lovely coverage which stains than ink that WON'T touch the stamp at all (beads up)~
Hope I helped in some small way~

Unknown said...

Both of your cards are great. Love all these bright colors and chevrons. So glad you joined us this week at Fusion.

Tracey McNeely said...

Both of your cards are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing with us this week at the first Fusion Hypothesis!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH MY! I just love your story at the top! LOL! I hate to laugh.... but you wrote it so well! I could envision the convo with your husband and you sitting there fussy cutting the chevrons! I'm glad you stuck to your plan of creating for these challenges and with chevrons-- these cards are FAB!! LOOOOOOOOOOVE that first one! I love the green chevron the most;) ANd those flowers pop on that second card! BEAUTIFUL:)

FAB job!!!

Lyndal said...

Gorgeous flower & chevron combos!
So glad you joined in the fun at the first Fusion challenge :)

Kim S said...

I'm with Marlena on the first comment - it's really better that they stain - because those inks give great coverage. I haven't found any product line that at least some of the colors don't stain - reds are really bad everywhere!

Through all of your stories - I think I'm falling for your husband! First he brings you a butterfly die and then he tolerates "chevrons". My husband had to learn to deal with beeping in tunnels (which I don't do anymore because traffic everywhere has just gotten so heavy and it scares the people in the tunnel with you) and holding our breath across bridges!!

It may be a pain but I do love your fussy cut chevrons - wonderful dimension!

Jingle said...

These are very cute cards! And yes.. many inks do stain, you just need to make sure to clean them after use. Staining doesn't hurt your stamps, but gunky build up will, so as long as you clean them, a stained stamp is simply a loved stamp! Thanks so much for playing along with us over at the CAS-ual Fridays Challenge Blog!

~amy~ said...

alphabetized paper you come over to my house:) I love this post! Awesome cards and I adore your chevron card:) Thanks for playing with us at Fusion!

Shannon J said...

I think I am in love with this new challenge site as much as I'm in love with the cards they inspired you to make! Home run on these beauties! As for Learning Point #2 - you are stamping like a rock star! And fussy cutting - perfection!