Saturday, March 16, 2024

Color Hues Challenge #83 - Cream and Blue - Sealed Flowers and Wax Seal Hello


March 16th has certainly come quickly, hasn't it! Seemed but a blink ago that it was January 1st...and we whooshed through that month and February, too. Of course, mid-month brings a new Colour Hues Challenge and, as your hostess, I've selected hues of Cream and Blue as inspiration for the next two weeks. Both combinations invite a range of hues/shades, so hopefully, you'll find a pairing that speaks to you.

My amazing teammates, as well as our guest designer, Steph, have lovely inspiration to spark your creativity.

I've become a bit obsessed with wax seals, recently, so I decided to share a couple plays I had with them for this challenge. My card designs are far from original, with inspiration coming from Spellbinder's designers. Even so, I added a couple of my own touches.

I decided not to use a gold highlight pen on my seals for a couple of reasons - the pen is quite, shall we say, 'fragrant' and I didn't want to mess up the seals with my inability to wield the pen skillfully on such delicate images. As a result, I've shared my cards in a larger format, so you can see how pretty the seals are. The first is an floral envelope 'Hello' (which matchy-matches my card); the second is 'Just A Note', which can be used as that, or as 'just a note' for a specific occasion, shared inside.

Looking forward to seeing how Cream and Blue inspire you! 

The challenge will remain open until March 29th at 9 am!

The winners will be posted an hour before our next challenge and the overall winner will have the opportunity to be a future Guest Designer.

Thank you for dropping by!


Tracey McNeely said...

Carol you selected such a wonderful color palette! Although I don't like my photos its was fun to create with. Your two cards are amazing and I love your wax stamps I have two and some wax sitting on my desk, they have been for weeks an now I'm inspired to use them! xo

Stef Perry said...

Oh, Carol, your cards are absolutely gorgeous! The wax seals are so detailed and pretty, and work beautifully in conjunction with the lovely die cut florals. Now I can see why you are in love with the seals, such a great design element!

Marcia Hill said...

Both cards are absolutely BEAUTIFUL Carol and the color pairing is just so pretty! The wax seals are amazing and I love the detail! I've been on the fence with the wax seals because of the cost to get started, and of course the "one more thing, do I really need it" argument, but gosh darn it, they sure are pretty!! Do they hold up well going through the mail? Thanks for such a wonderful color combo this time around my friend...I sure loved playing with it! Hugs. :0)

Lisa Elton said...

Those wax seals are nifty, I see why you like them so much! These are both pretty cards, Carol!

Julie B said...

Two very elegant cards Carol. Those seals look great fun to use and set off your designs perfectly. :)

Karen said...

I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favorite between these two beautiful cards, Carol. Many years ago, wax seals were also popular, and I owned a couple of them. They disappeared in one of my major purges, and now that they're popular again, I wish I had held onto them! Your color duo was a great one, and I had a lot of fun with it,

Jeanne said...

Both are oh so pretty, Carol! Love the vintage feel!

JulieP said...

I have not been tempted by these seals ..... until now, darnit. These are amazing Carol!

JoAnn said...

Two lovely cards Carol. I really love the first one with the embossed bottom layer and lovely blooms. The seals are nice, but I am not into them - but I do love flowers. :)