Friday, April 15, 2022

Inkspirational Challenge #263~Technique Challenge - Watercolour... Quintet of Missees


Welcome to Inkspirational Challenge #263, where *Watercolour* is our Technique Challenge for the next two weeks. Watercolour offers a wide variety of possibilities, so if you've used inks and water in any fashion, we look forward to seeing you in the gallery!

Watercolour: ACK! Just not my thing because I just can't get the colours right, or the blending, or...well, any aspect of it down to an art. BUT, I tried...using a quintent of Missees.  I'll grade myself an A+ for effort (I mean, who choses to watercolour faces when she doesn't have a clue how to do so! Pick me!) and a generous C for the results. I like parts of what I've done but lots of practice (or not! HA!) needed. Yes, I should have 'outlined' then with background shading or a wash of some nature, the time I was done, I'd reached my limit. Besides, I didn't want to mess up any more than I already had! 

Check out my fabulous team's watercoloured delights, then join us in the gallery with yours.

PS. New Missees collection has been released and the stamps are awesome...but they require colouring of some nature (and likely fussy cutting...another stretch for me)! Oh dear! Still...I am a Missees fan! May need to up my creative game!

Thank you for dropping by!


Jeanne said...

You are way too hard on yourself my friend! But, I get it. I'm hard on myself, too. I really like how your Quintet of Beauties turned out. They all look so pretty and each has their own personality. I sure hope you had at least a little fun bringing these to life, Carol. Big hugs!

Bobby said...

You grade yourself too harshly, Carol. This is card making, not fine art. Your girls look fabulous and so cute in their various dress and hairdos.

Pia S said...

I'm no coloring expert, I'm especially not very confident doing skin, hair, fur and flowers. Is there anything left then to color? Well, I'm doing it anyway:)
I have one die set for Missees and she's so fun to play with, so I'll probbly end up increasing my collection. I think you did a beautiful job coloring these lovelies.