Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trees, please...CAS-ual Fridays #122, Mojo Monday #323, Retro Sketches #93


Well, I’ve entered a flurry of ‘busy’ for the next short while – not card-making or Christmas related (I know…hard to believe!) -  and as a result, my card-posting is all a-jumble.  Umm, actually  it’s always in a jumble...

 A couple months back, I introduced myself to the lady who was substituting for the school’s librarian, and discovered that she had recently created a little ‘transcription and editing’ business for herself.  We chatted about that for a bit, and I left, letting her know that should the demands on her time require an ‘extra set of eyes,’ I’d certainly be willing to help.  Two days later, she called, and I had my first stint: proofreading and editing a research paper on bridge girders.  Truly, it was quite interesting!  Shortly after, I had another; this time dealing with concrete polymers. And again, I learned something I’d never thought about (and it’s a good thing others do!): concrete stability/instability, and why ‘this’ mixed with ‘that’ is perhaps not in a structure’s’ best interests.  Over the weekend, yet another opportunity came my way: a thesis.  A 323 page thesis, to be precise, addressing the topic of biomedical communication.  Vastly new territory for me – and quite intriguing, from the synopsis the student provided – so, I dived in and told her that yes, I was most interested.  The thesis wasn’t quite at the ‘final draft’ stage when we first chatted, but today, a whole bunch of pages landed in my inbox, and more arrived as the day progressed.  I spent a significant chunk of time, delving into her research,  and wow: impressive!  Hopefully, my editing will see her paper polished and tuned well, ready for submission next week.  I fully understand that you’re likely shaking your head in disbelief, as the writing on my blog  doesn’t showcase particularly strong writing/grammar skills, but I do enjoy editing - just not my own stuff.  I must say, though, if I see one more  et al. today, I may go a wee bit bananas….

Anyway, time to post cards.  This go-round, the focus is on ‘trees,’ or rather, "out on a limb" (hmmm...fitting considering my latest endeavour) the current challenge at CAS-ual Fridays

Two cards, same stamp, and two different layouts.

The first uses the sketch from Mojo Monday 323,minus the twine parts, as I'm all thumbs when it comes to anything string or ribbon like.

The second card's sketch is from Retro Sketches #93 - which I admit to a) modifying a bit and b) getting carried away with, a bit, as you'll see in future posts.

(I'll pre-apologize for the bad lighting; we're down to just under 8 hours of daylight...)

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


Shannon J said...

Carol, just when I didn't think you could be any more amazing than you already are, I find out that you have taken on not just a little part time adventure, but a pretty darn significant one!! Where my eyes would be glazing over after the first sentence (actually, I might not even make it that far!), you embrace it as an opportunity to learn from it, understand it, and broaden your already vast knowledge about so many things! I am on bended knee bowing to you!! You are amazing!! Seriously!!
And with all of this on the go, you still make time to make and share your cards with us!! And so glad you did, because I love them! Nothing short of fabulous! I especially love the retro card - that Christmas tree sweetly tucked into that little circle is crazy awesome!
Oh, and I wanted to say, because I don't think I've said it for far too long - your blog is THE BEST! Your wit, your humour, your stories, your words - it's just the highlight of my day coming for a visit!!! And you make me giggle and laugh every.single.time!! xoxoxoxoxo

Amy Kolling said...

Oh I love the script tree!!!! What a fabulous take on this challenge Carol!!! Thanks for playing along with CAS-ual Fridays!!!

Flubidoo said...

Gorgeous layout and great stamp Carol! Thanks for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays ;-)

Leigh Ann Baird said...

That is an adorable tree! Both cards are lovely! Thanks for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

Geri said...

Ditto to every single thing Shannon said! First of all, I figure you are a person who never says" no" when asked for help. Right? Yep, thought so! You've a kind, kind soul! It shows in your projects - warm, colorful, happy :)

I'm quite sure that your friend loves you to bits for all the help and expertise that you are giving her!

Now, speaking of in AWESOME cards! I think your interpretations of the sketches are just fine - beautifully interpreted by a creative mind! You know that I always love the patterns and colors that you choose. No exception here! You also know that I love your designs - like the cut out circle for the tree...uh awesomeness.

The script tree has never looked better :)

Unknown said...

These are amazing cards!! I just loved the colors that you used and your designs are just wonderful :)

wienerhoneymooners said...

Simply amazing!!! That is what you are. And the cards of course too!

Yes, for work I write as well.....claim letters and negotiate contracts and e-mail all day with reps from the steamship companies from all over the globe, as the ace problem solver for the import/export shipping company I work for alas, when I blog I am too brief, too short and frankly just exhausted from writing all day. I so appreciate your long messages to me, wishing I had some more strength to write more back. So, know my heart is in it, and today actually I had a break at work, and it was especially grueling and stressful today. I go on vacation, and since I have 23 years experience, I need a minimum of someone doing my job for a more than week (ha just to cover me for 4 days lol) so the good news is that we trained all day, she being "me" and me shadowing her. The sorta bad news it was hairy as any and almost every possible challenge faced us. So at my break, I had message---NO there were three!!! ---- from Just Me C!

Hooray, what a morale booster.

And in all fairness she was a good sport. Thankfully she likes alot of what I do as It really is important to the company, and you really feel like it when people receive the completed reports and updates. I haven't made a card in a few days, the last minute stress of readying everything for vacation. I take care of my mom and she will then go to my sisters for the week we are out, and the cat, and Conrad and my husband need all their meds updated, same as mom, and a last minute dr appt for mom, and wrapping everything up, so my mind is spinning setting things up last minute this and that. I hope I can do a card tonight, I just don't know... Thanks for being this little corner of the webosphere sweetness, it is so appreciated!!!

~amy~ said...

okay, you are a woman of many talents. How fun that you've started this intriguing side business. I must admit that now I cringe when you come over to my blog since I have such amy'ified must make YOU cringe :)

Your cards are wonderful and I love that you're a challenge junkie too so that you give you me reminders of what's out there!

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing what comes from a 'chance' meeting and introduction, Carol ... what a wonderful world awaits you in your new adventure! Your cards are just fabulous ... the rich gold embossing, the fantastic choice of DP (of course, it always is!), that brilliant off the edge circle cut-out ... just splendid! Anita :)

Greta said...

I like both cards! Hope you're making some crafting money with your second job! Do you ever say no, girl?!

Unknown said...

Carol...Carol...Carol! How I LOVE these cards! The second especially with the tree paper and diecut to reveal...the sentiment tree! Genius!