Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TAG! I'm *It*! Tags Round 1...Festive Friday: Final Challenge for 2013

Hello!  Quite the *exciting* week in our province, weather-wise. Blizzard conditions over the last couple of days have wreaked havoc, especially in the two major cities, and the highways that connect them. Roads closed, travel not recommended, schools closed – not where I work, though. People were pretty much encouraged to stay home…and where is my husband this very evening? Traveling to the city where my parents live, to attend a meeting tomorrow morning, then heading back home! Yeesh! While part of me is disappointed I couldn’t join him, the other part is content not to be on the roads. Actually, the timing worked out well: personalized delivery of the cards destined for the Christmas Bazaar my mom will be at on Saturday.  I also sent along a little package for my niece (45 months old today!!) for him to drop off…and yes, yes, a thousand times yes, I am most envious that he’ll get a visit squeezed in with Ms T and Mr. C, minus me.  I’ve given him careful instructions to give them both great big Aunty C hugs! 

Speaking of my niece and nephew…my sister-in-law, who is absolutely amazing, had a 'wee' request of me during our Sunday conversation. She works at a popular fitness/recreation center, and because she has the most upbeat, kind personality imaginable, she wants to give her staff and volunteers a little something 'extra' in their Christmas cards; namely, a tag.  Made by me.   Seventy of them!!  

Mass production of the same thing + me = not going to happen. I have the attention span of a gnat. So, I’ve decided to tackle production in groups of ten.  Ten of ‘similar’ I can handle.  Today’s tags (and yes, I hope you’ll bear with me during this creative process; I’ll try not to be toooo boring!) were inspired ( and yes, even for tags I need inspiration. Sad isn’t it!) by my rosettes die and  Festive Fridays’ Final Challenge of 2013 : to select our favourite challenges from 2013, and create something new.  As I only *just* discovered FF this fall,  strolling through the year’s 21 challenges was an eye-opener.  Oh what fun I missed, but with this challenge on the table, I’ve made up for it…a little bit! 

So, Festive Friday team: I hope you don’t mind that I partnered up pairs of tags with your challenges, which means: more than one inspiration.  They’re just ‘little dabbles,’ but they offered the sparks I neeedd for Round 1 of my tags. Thank you!!

 The background paper is full of little candy canes.

I couldn't decide on red or aqua for the background paper/rosette, so made one of each.

And these last two are...just on their ownsome...

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


  1. Wow Carol, you OUTSHINED this tag production! A Chorus line of beauties for me to see, wait I need to scroll up and take a another gander!!!

    Okay: I LOVE the silver stars perfect touch on the first set! - and that patterned paper just makes the pinwheel sing!!!
    Sweet patterned paper and little Bell on the next tag set!!
    The trees and the tree paper with stripes-----------So Gorgeous!!! My FAVE !!

    And the last with the musical note papers, elegant and awesome!!!

    Thanks for always popping in, and being you!

  2. These are all magnificent...tags and rosettes...awesome!

    70 wow.

    Blocks of 10, smart.

  3. When I hear of weather like yours, I'm happy to deal with the rain LOL! Actually, it is cold and clear out here and we are freezing LOL! Damp cold is NOT at all like a dry cold so layers, layers and more layers it is. Though the blue sky and sunshine is a huge bonus - the cat sure loves laying in the sun :)

    70 tags - oh my!! Blessings on you for doing this for your sister! The ones you posted are fabulous and are sure to touch the hearts of those who receive them.

  4. You definitely win best sister-in-law ever!!! These are awesome - love every single one of them! Especially love the same but different concept! The rosettes are gorgeous and your patterned paper combos are, yet again, FAB!! You have the biggest heart of gold, you know that?! What a special gift for your sis-in-law. Stay warm and safe!!! And please let your hubby know I am wishing him safe travels!! xo

  5. Seriously...my mouth in hanging open so wide that I'm sure I could catch a swarm of flies...if it were fly season that is. Wonder how those pesky little budgers would like this weather we're having. Sorry, I digress! Back to my mission which is to tell you that you are amazing and have just been crowned the "Queen of Rosettes". Perhaps we shall call you Rosie ???

    Amazing mixing and matching of colors, DP and tag centers! Carol - you are rocking these tags. I can guarantee you that your sweet SIL in going to have her staff stealing these tags from each other to use on their own gifts!!!

  6. Wow, Carol! I mean, really, WOW! Not only are you tackling 70 tags, you're doing it with such style, panache and talent ... these are sooo fabulous, your SIL is going to be beyond delighted with them! Amazing! Anita :)

  7. Gorgeous tags, Carol! These are beautiful and sure to be a treasured part of the gift they're attached to! Thanks for joining us at Festive Friday! Looking forward to seeing you in 2014!

  8. You are off to a fabulous start, Carol! She is going to be blown away by the glorious tags, as will the recipients! Sorry to hear you are having such nasty weather. I hope your hubby makes it home safely! Hugs, Darnell

  9. OMG! These are fabulous!! I love rosettes and your are perfect!!! These tags are super cute!! I really should get a move on.


  10. Oh my goodness--these are beyond fabulous! Your SIL will be thrilled!

  11. wow these tags are stunning. you have been busy.. they will look amazing on your packages...