Saturday, December 21, 2013

Birthday Blog Hop THANKS!!...Paper Smooches: Anything Goes

 Hello – only three more sleeps before we head north to celebrate with my family, and I think the excitement (and pressure – still cards and tags to make!) has me in a flap!  I made some tags, a couple cards, hiked up to husband’s office (he’s in a bit of ‘forced work-aholicism’ these days with biathlon events back-to-back-to-back),  went to Canadian Tire where I scored a super sale on a much needed flat iron for my wacky hair (the other one blew its fuse on Friday…at least it timed its expiry to coincide with a sale) as well as some little storage bins (we’re spilling out all over with my crafty stuff!), made an ‘effort’ at a couple more tags and then. ..hello!!  I realized that the PS challenge is near to closing!  So, here I am…and I’m shifting back, briefly, to the most wonderful birthday celebration I was treated to on Monday. 

In addition to the blog hop (spectacular x 10000!!), my family had a couple surprises for me, too.  Chats with my mom and sister were wonderful, and the Skype call with my niece and nephew: fabulous!   Ms. Niece sang Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells (she’s certainly not shy!), showed me her ‘jump off the stairs and pirouette’ (sort of) new learning from gymnastics, and decided that I *had* to see the shoe wardrobe for one of her doll sets.  Mr.  Nephew, to my extreme delight, when he saw me,  jumped up and down, shouted” Aunty, Aunty” (I listened very closely, and he distinctly said “AunTy”, not AnDy, which he’s been able to say for a while now…hmmm!!), then ran up to the screen and gave me a big smooch!  Heart melted!  Of course, my niece joined in…I can only imagine the lip prints on their iPad.   Excited to see them SOON!!

And then, there’s my dad…oh, he’s so funny sometimes and quite clever!!  He made me  a ‘card of cards’, using images of cards I’ve made as his ‘design’ template.  Judging by the selections, I think he just might read my blog on occasion!!  Inside was one of his poems, which I’m sharing here.  He’s spot on with capturing the ‘essence’ of what making cards is all about – and last I checked, I’ve never seen a poem with this as a topic (trust me: as a former English teacher a whole lotta poems have crossed my path).  Yes, it’s quirky, but it’s also awesome, because my dad made it for me…and I’m ‘spreading the love’ to all of you, passionate as I am about our craft:

This birthday card of cards is just for you,
to show some things that you have done and like to do!

The making of a card starts a threefold expansion of joy:
first to the creator who decides on the theme to employ;
next to the sender who passes the card on to another;
then to the receiver who can enjoy its fond wishes forever!

A card can show many things, places or seasons.
They are given to others on special occasions or for no reasons,
just as a reminder that you are thinking of them and do care
about what they do and the good will you want to share.

We hope this card is one you can enjoy and remember
it is part of our best wishes on your birthday this December!

I think it’s sweet!

My card today, heading for the PS Anything Goes Challenge

is for all of you - my crafting family and my family family – who made my birthday something truly out of this world!  Yes, I’m still basking in the glow…(and I managed best I could to stay on my Christmas-themed only diet...)

It's simple, but it comes from the heart!  
Thank you, Bev, Ardyth, Anita, Geri, Kimberly, Shannon, Darnell, (sidenote: check out Darnell's baking blog: hilarious!!), Barb, Amy, Dana, Cindy, Savannah, Greta, and Kylie!!

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!!

NOTE:  So delighted to be selected as a Featured Player over at PS! Thank you!!!


Greta said...

Your dad's poem gave me a catch in my throat--what a sweetie & what a poet--he truly did capture what we all know & feel. So reminds me of my mom who wrote poems for all family occasions & my sweet dad who always had something positive to say. Thank you for sharing your family, Carol. Have a safe trip & blessed holiday.

Shannon J said...

I could read that poem over and over and over again. Just fills my heart with happiness, as I know it does yours. What an amazing, loving, thoughtful, caring, sweet family you have, and the apple does not fall far from the tree!! So exciting that you're just days away from seeing them!!! (for some reason I thought you were heading up today...don't ask me why!!). And score on the flat iron...ah, more things in common. A flat iron is essential for me to tame my lion head!! Now onto the card! A pure delight! The cluster of gems in each of the flowers, and the singles scattered about gives just the right amount of sparkle. And that die cut 'thanks', raised and just slightly off set - what a fabulous accent. Love it, Carol! xo

Anonymous said...

What a sweet man your Dad is, Carol ... and you're so sweet for sharing his lovely poem with us too ... you'll treasure it always, I know! What a glorious and joy-filled birthday you had ... I was thrilled to have been a little part of it! Your 'thanks' card echoes your words beautifully ... it's full of fun and energy with the vibrant colours, offset word and those cute bling enhanced blooms ... a delight! Christmas Blessings to you and your family, my friend ... and safe travelling! Hugs ... Anita :)

~amy~ said...

What a wonderful family you's so fun to hear how they celebrated your birthday with you. Your Dad's poem is truly wonderful, a perfect keepsake! You are definitely lucky to have such a sweet family!

Your card is those sweet blooms and how you did the sentiment!!!!

P.S. thanks for telling me to go check out Darnell's baking blog...HEE-larious.

Kay Miller said...

Hi Carol! First off, your card is just adorable! Love the way you did the thanks die! Very neat :) Second, thank you soooooo much for the sweet comments you have left on my blog! I appreciate them so very much :) Thirdly, the poem that your dad wrote... OH what a treasure!!! To get something like that from your Dad is just the sweetest thing! And he made a card too! That's too much! It sounds like your whole family is lovely. I hope you have a safe trip north to spend with your family and I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas! ((Big hugs)) P.S. I have wacky hair too!! haha!

Marisa said...

Little kids, in their unfiltered joy bring some of the best gifts ever :) Love the story about them kissing the iPad :) LOVE modern technology for allowing families to communicate regularly and visually so distance is not nearly the issue it used to be :) Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like your family made it a great one for you :) Love the glitter in the flowers too!

Darnell said...

Fanubulous Christmasie thank you card, Carol! You are entirely welcome; it was our pleasure to surprise and delight you, as you do us with your charming blog posts!! Thank you for sharing your family treats, as well, especially that awesome poem by your father!! Happy, Happy Holidays and safe travels!! Hugs, Darnell

Rachel Izakowicz said...

What a lovely poem & family! And a lovely card! Thanks so much for playing at Paper Smooches Sparks this week!

Kim S said...

What a special day you have had - a special happy birthday song and "aunTy" - probably the best presents you could get!

FYI - I love your dad and his poetry!!

Unknown said...

Awesome Dad poem! Awesome card with that perfectly offset diecut and diecut negative. I love everything about this post!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Not sure if you ever received this e-mail, so I list it here:
Dearest, most sweet C!

I have not forgot about sending you a card... I must get to buy more Canada post stamps! I will get to it!

I have a card club this weekend, and must busiliy get my items ready.. I procrastinated, though I already know what I will do as the kits.It will be the card that posts tomorrow. I just love it, though the card class card will be less the buttons, and slight variations of the floral paper because I had to buy the larger print of it in 12x12 and not the 6x6. Other than that, I also showed it to a gal in my office, she commissioned me to do 8 for her!
BONUS, will earn some supply funds.

Hope you are warmer, and safe! It is mild here. My housework suffers. I am lucky my husband is over the moon for me (tee, hee) but seriously he is a gem, the absolute best. When I gave up on being married again (he is my second - I married very young long story there..) Anyway, I gave up but took one last date, and we have been together ever since. He must be heaven sent to take me, and I care give for my mother that is handicapped, she gets around slowly, she had TB in her leg when she was five. They removed her knee, so she has a straight leg that does not bend, she can do mostly for herself, except cannot drive, shop, or cook, she can do laundry some,and clean some. Mostly she knits and watches TV all day or reads. She lives in the mother in law of our split level downstairs, and then when I told him that my brother was going through a time, and if I had the chance, I would adopt his son, my nephew, and raise him as my own. He smiled and has been by my side ever since. I hope I am not putting you off by all this personal things about me, sharing my life is interesting. I love my life. It is not easy, but having my Scott makes it the most (well and Conrad and mom) the best ever. We may not be rich, my crafts are cluttering the dining table, and my husband works too much, though we are so strong in how we care for each other it makes life grand. ..... I think that the only thing I would change is to have a maid LOL!!!

Sharing my love in card making is the icing on the cake. And having wonderful people like you that come visit (ok - there is not anyone that leaves comments like you) just makes my heart full.

And when I get to the dreaded post office (it is hard as I take our boy to Karate Tuesdays 5:30-8, Wednesdays 5:30-8 and Fridays 5:30-7.
And Saturdays 11:30-1:15..I always wanted a boy, (though I adopted him at 7) knew he would be a black belt that is one thing he does. And he is doing great...what was I getting at... Oh, I will buy lots of postage to I can also send you whenever cards too. You will get a HAPPY MAIL!! It will just be a surprise when you do... hee,

Have a wonderful night C.

Hugz your pal Kimberly!!!
PS, THE card is finally in the mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!