Friday, June 24, 2022

Inkspirational Challenge #268~Word Prompt - Precious - Precious Painted Rose


Welcome to Inkspirational Challenge #268, where our prompt, for the next two weeks, is *precious.*  So many directions to explore...welcoming a precious baby, precious gems, precious metals...anything that you consider precious works for us!

Initially, I figured I'd use my Concord & 9th gems turnabout and die combo, but in rummaging through the bin, the Painted Rose caught my eye. On a whim, I googled 'precious flowers' and landed, as luck would have it, on Precious Rose! Perfect! One 'precious' rose; three 'droplet' enamel dots and a stenciled background from Photoplay! Easy...once I made the decision! 

Inspired by Precious Love Rose

Please check out how my team was inspired, then join us in the gallery with your something precious!

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