Friday, June 10, 2022

Inkspirational Challenge #267~Use a Digital Element...Marcia with a Cupcake (Kit and Clowder)


Welcome to Inkspirational Challenge #267, where we'd like you to use a digital element in your card/project. Digi stmap, digital die-cut, photo (now why didn't I think of that *palm smack on forehead*) or even a computer generated sentiment: anything digital goes

A while back, I was enrolled in Kit and Clowder's monthly pencil-colouring classes. I can't rave enough about how excellent a teacher Alyce is; she breaks down all the steps so well that, by the time you're done, you can step back and say " Wow! I did that?!"  The first image I coloured was this one - Marcia with a Cupcake. Followed the video (it was long but such a good investment in every way) to a *t*, ad this was the result. She's been sitting in my craftroom for a long time and this challenge offered opportunity to card-ify her.  I may need to take another class...or twelve! 

Please check out how my team was inspired, then join us in the gallery with your digital element! 

MarinaPiaMarlenaLindsey (taking a break) 

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Jeanne said...

Sweet! And I completely agree about those Kit and Clowder classes. How fun that you got to cardify this sweetie!

Bobby said...

Beautifully done and so cute, Carol. I don't often do digitals but I'll check to see if I have one with me. No printer here at the lake.