Sunday, September 8, 2019

Happy Little Stampers September 2019 Anything Goes with Dies Challenge...Lily's Cards


Welcome to Happy Little Stampers September 2019 Anything Goes with Dies Challenge.

This month, my sweet Lily inspired my cards *grin* She needs to give/send a LOT of cards, especially to the wonderful staff at the vet clinic. Lily was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease (finally an answer to two months of her being on-again/off-again not so well), so we've been in close contact with the fabulous vets, techs and reception personnel on a regular basis. Now that we know what she has, we're in the process of helping her heal; that means home-cooked meals! I'm thrilled to do the cooking for her and hopefully, with a very slow introduction of some essential ingredients, we'll see improvements (fingers crossed, touch on wood...the works). Actually, she is incredibly full of energy, spunk and sparkle...maybe I should eat what she does (currently ground beef and oatmeal)!

This one went to my nephew...

this one, to my niece. 

Please visit my teammates; their creations are wonderful and, if you have a moment, leave them some love. I know they'll be thrilled!

Looking forward to seeing your Anything Goes with Dies cards/projects in the gallery!

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Jeanne said...

Oh Carol, you are the best! Love that you are thinking of the people who helped you diagnose your sweet pup's medical condition. I'm sure they will really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Did you know Gina K (of Gina K Designs) makes her dogs' food as well? She makes it in her slow cooker. I think I saw it on Instagram. Maybe you can also get ideas from her once you get your sweet Lily back on track dietarily speaking. So happy to hear that her tummy issues don't affect her personality too much. Hugs!

Lindsey said...

Lily, inspiring your cards, who'd have thought? :D These are absolutely perfect!

Nora Noll said...

These little cards are DARLING!!! I love the fun coverplate and the little sentiments that you used. Such adorable design!

laurie said...

What fun cards!! Super cute set!

Kim S said...

So happy for Lily! Such perfect cards you made!