Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celebrate!...TAWS BE Inspired #33

Guess what! On Tuesday, I packed a slightly version of the ‘mobile craft unit’ into the car for another road trip.  Destination: Edmonton, to Mom and Pa’s house, where (hopefully J), I'll be staying until August 18!!  Look out folks, the ‘middle-aged daughter’ has made a return!!  Yayyy…

Here's the abbreviated version of how this wonderful event came to be:  a while back, my husband applied for, and was accepted (like in a nano of nanosecond) for a 'mission staff' position for Canada Summer Games, which begin today, in Sherbrooke, Quebec.  All the Alberta folks flew out on Tuesday, so after dropping him off at the airport, I simply...headed north!!  Of course, I'll miss him immensely, however, well, what can I say?  Time with my folks? My brother and sister-in-law?  My NIECE and NEPHEW??  This is a win-win opportunity for both of us - he's busy managing/helping athletes, whilst I'm busy playing/helping with wee munchkins.

Just shy of 48 hours here, my Aunty C activities have been plum-full of all sorts of things: playgrounds, trail hikes, chariot-stroller pushes, carrying and/or hand-holding walk, flower and rock watering (rocks get dry too, I've been told by Ms. Niece, who seemed shocked I wouldn't *know* that), making pancakes, picking peas and carrots in my mom's little garden plot, making 'take home' snack packages (cereal, usually, and 'only 3' of each of mini-wheats, cornflakes and rice krispies), and so much more. A 'first time' experience for me: yesterday morning, along with my brother, I was a volunteer for yesterday's field trip to Fort Edmonton with my niece's day care group of 15 little ones. Fifteen - and oh, they were soooo good, holding hands with their partners, eating carrots from the Fort's garden, tossing the greens to the pigs, sitting 'politely' for their cheese sandwich lunch...cute+++. To put everything in a nutshell: Too. Much. Fun. 

Anyway, I had a snippet of time to create a card for a much missed challenge: TAWS BE Inspired note to self: play more often!!), and one that I almost 'missed' again, seeing that the link's close was a mere few hours away. 

Here's the lovely photo
Gorgeous yellow + grey, with hints of light blue and black, and gift boxes: this is what caught my eye. And given that I have so much to be thankful for, well...I went with a celebration theme, using images from Wish Big...

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments brighten my day!

Hope you have a fantastic start to August!  Me - looking forward to more family time (happy face X 1000000), and in the card-making world, I'm starting to think fall... Thanksgiving... Halloween... Christmas... 


Happy Dance said...

Well, duh!....of course rocks need water!!! lol, how cute is she?! Hope you're having a blast with the little ones and your folks. Your card is wonderful, and I really like how you've been inspired. It's very fun and very happy!! Bev

Geri said... I love reading your posts!!! I smile the whole way through your entertaining story telling! The field trip sounds like it was so much fun! And, uh hello, don'cha know that rocks need water? Sheesh! (insert eye roll)

Awesome - love how you combined the colors so beautifully. The three wee bits of bling are "spot on". The layered scallop edged "tags" really add interest and depth to your design! Perfectly balanced too! Well done Aunty Carol!

Enjoy your time with the kidlets! Keep us posted on all your upcoming adventures :)

Greta said...

Oh how wonderful that you get to see your family without having to leave hubby at home--win-win for sure! Kiddos grow up so fast it's wonderful that you're being an auntie in person as much as possible--I do regret not making more time when my nieces & nephews were little. You used that wonderful photo inspiration to perfection! Love your card, Carol!

Shannon J said...

LOVE how you put this together - awesome design!!! Right down to the sweet little tag AND the perfectly placed bling!! And your fussy cutting - oh my!! Perfection!!!
And three weeks in Edmonton - family time and niece and nephew time!!! I can't think of anything better!!! My heart melted just a little bit when you were "schooled" about the rock watering!!! Sooooo sweet!!! Gah!! Note coming today, FOR SURE!!

*Alison* said...

This is WONDERFUL! I just LOVE your take on the photos.. :) Yes.. note to more ;) hehe.. I am so glad you did! Thanks so much for joining the BIC at The Alley Way Stamps.. HUGS

Darnell said...

Terrific celebration card, Carol! I know you'll have a blast with your family, especially the wee ones!! It will be a wonderful reunion and help pass the time away from your Mister!

Kylie said...

Oh Carol, you seem to be having a fantastic time already! May it continue for your entire stay. :)

Your card is just lovely. I love how the photograph inspired you.

Happy August to you too! :)