Thursday, August 13, 2020

MFT Summer School (August 2020): Visual Triangle (Day 1~Happy Birthday Chicks Shaker), Rainbow (Day 2~Walk Your Own Path All-Stars), Symmetry (Day 3~All Systems are Go), Ombre (Day 4 - Happy Birthday Chicks), White Space (Day 5 - Happy Birthday Sky-High Friends)


For the FIRST time, I've actually completed all the assignments for My Favorite Things Summer School!  Woo hooooo! 

Here are my cards:

MFT Summer School: Visual Triangle

MFT Summer School: Rainbow

MFT Summer School - Symmetry

MFT Summer School - Ombre

MFT Summer School - White Space

Tasks done, which means I can now claim this badge:

So much fun!!

Thank you for dropping by!


Dotty Jo said...

Gorgeous cards - happy graduation! Jo x

Lindsey said...

Completed tham - and nailed them! What a fantastic set of cards!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations! And I see you graduated at the top of your class. These are fantastic cards! I REALLY like the rainbow card. But they are all fabulous! So happy for you!

I Card Everyone said...

Completed them beautifully, Carol! Graduated magna cum loudly [pun intended] with gold stars all around! xxoo

JulieP said...

You really hit it out of the park with these Carol!!!!

Bobby said...

A++ for you, Carol. One plus for doing it all and one for doing such a fabulous job on them.