Sunday, March 9, 2014

I MET GERI!! So fantastic...and a card: Muse #57

You’ve seen her cards:  clean, precise, perfectly executed stunning works of art.

You’ve received her comments:  thoughtful, personalized, detailed, complimentary, spirit-lifting, morale-boosting (especially in my case Jwords of art.

If you’ve met her in person, you’ve met a beautiful, smiling, brilliant, funny, articulate, positive, kind-hearted individual who is, in every possible way, a delightful, precious gem!

I’m speaking of none other than our wonderfully talented, always effervescent, tremendously engaging, Geri, from Manitoba Stamper, who I had the ultra-awesome absolute x 10000000 pleasure of meeting this Saturday!!  Talk about WOW x WOW x WOW!

When Geri let me know, a few weeks back, that she would be traveling west to visit her daughter, ‘getting together’ was simply  a ‘must do’.   She and her daughter decided they’d make the trek from the ‘big city’ to my little town, and we arranged to meet at a local coffee shop.   I’m pretty sure that my excitement level went well beyond the Richter scale as the days…the hours…the minutes ticked down for Geri and I to see one another in the flesh.  I walked in the door, spotted her immediately, and OMG!! My heart melted!! Those of you who have met ‘blogging friends’ know well the experience and powerful emotion that come when the magical, mystical ways of the universe bring us together beyond the realm of computers and laptops, into reality. 

Hugs?  Only YES!

Conversation?  Only oodles.
 Feeling like I’ve known her for years upon years upon years?  Only absolutely! 

We lapsed into chatting about such a variety of topics (including bikes!!), as though we were old friends, catching up on the latest news.  No one, I’m sure, listening in our conversation, would ever suspect this was a ‘first date.’   Every word, every minute (the time passed far too quickly!), every  smile, every everything, I will treasure!    An extra bonus:  sharing time with Geri’s daughter, who is every bit as lovely, sparkling, energetic, upbeat and charming as her mom.  That they love one another deeply: pretty darn obvious, from where I was sitting – and what a joy to behold!

We won’t talk about the good-bye hugs…makes tears spring to my eyes instead, I’ll say this:  Geri, thank you exponentially for your gift of precious time given to me; thank you for letting me get to know you a little better; thank you for listening to me prattle and babble on and on;  thank you for allowing me to meet your daughter – and how gracious of her to include me in your special mom-daughter bonding time.   Priceless…this visit was priceless!  My hope: that there will be more visits down the road.  Many, many more! 

Here we are:  Geri’s the beauty on the right (see what I mean about that smile of her's...infectious!), and I’m the "sprinkled with grey, crazy-hair goofy grinner" on the left, in total glee at sitting next to a really, really special friend!!

Happy sighhhh....I'm ready for 'next time' already! And I'm hoping - as I'm sure many of us are - that my path will cross with others in this oh-so-nurturing community.  The blogging world is wonderful, but 'real life' visits...oh, they are marvelous!! 

Before I close: a quick card to share for this week’s Muse #57 challenge, inspired by Vicki's oh-so-pretty butterfly creation:

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


wienerhoneymooners said...

Amazing! So awesome that you got to meet Geri, and she is also lucky to meet you as well!!! Wonderful times!

Shannon J said...

I was HOPING you were going to share a photo!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEKKK!!!! Um, you are GORGEOUS, just gorgeous, my friend! Not only does the also gorgeous Geri have a mega watt smile, so do you!!! And your hair is anything but crazy, silly girl - it's beautiful!!! Ack, what an amazing day for both of you!! Love it when this crazy universe works its magic, hey?!! Next magic trick: abracadabra, hocus pocus and poof - free travel to meet crafty friends any time we want!! Oh wouldn't it be awesome?!!!
Your card is just as lovely as you! What a cool, funky diamond strip die! And that butterfly die has always been a favourite of mine - love it when you use it! So sweet, delicate and pretty! Extra love how you went for a lighter tone on the body, and darker for the wings!! An awesome card to end and awesome weekend!!! xoxo

Vicki Dutcher said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your take! Fabulous card - Thanks for joining in at Muse!

ps - TOO FUN to meet Geri -- isn't it the best to meet fellow bloggers!!

Ardyth said...

Wow! So great to see this photo of the two of you! Meeting blogging buddies is just the best! Thanks for joining us at Muse this week! Love that delicate die cut!

~amy~ said... the picture of the two of you! It is like a date though, isn't it? Meeting up with bloggy friends is so fun and exciting. There's always a connection based on the passion that we all share, papercrafting!

I love your card, that delicate butterfly is so sweet ...awesome springy colors!

Irish Cherokee said...

Had to stop by before logging off. Glad I did. You are infectiously bubbly. Glad you met Geri. Will stop back again to completely read your post.


Marisa said...

LOVE your case of Vicki's card.and oh what fun it is to meet "cyber friends" in real life :) So glad you had such a wonderful time together. I had a similar experience with a stamper from Australia last year. BTW, you don't have crazy hair at all - need to check my curly, do-what-you-want-to-do-when-youwant-to-do-it hair". Love your smile too. Maybe one day we can met up too :)

Darnell said...

I couldn't wait to read about your visit and I knew you would use every adjective possible to let us really GET the emotional impact of getting together with sweet Geri! You definitely made me feel like I knew her better, and you better, and to top it off with that awesome and beautiful photo of the two of you girls was just the icing on the cake! Thank you for sharing, Carol!!

And, WOW, fabulous card for the MUSE challenge!! Have a great week! Hugs, Darnell

Deni(se) said...

This is really eye catching. I really like the pattern behind the delicate butterfly. It is unexpected. Your border pattern is very appealing too!

Anita in France said...

What a truly fantastic post, Carol ... not only did the lovely you and the lovely Geri get to meet one another and share time together, you got such a wonderful, smiling, happy photo of the two of you ... and yes, you look as though you've been friends forever! I was going to put 'old friends' but thought that might not read right!! Gorgeous Muse card ... so gorgeous that I just voted for it! Hugs, Anita :)

Kay Miller said...

Well gosh! Geri sounds like a tough act to follow, not sure I want to be the next one you meet. Maybe you'll meet some not as wonderful as Geri and then I wouldn't be so bad! hahaha! Just kidding! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm so happy for you both! The picture of you both is just adorable! You both have such pretty smiles! And I have the wild and crazy hair syndrome too. Left to do as it pleases, it's a terrible mess, and I'm not a big hair fixer. Anyway, I love your card!! The borders and butterfly are beautiful!!

Kim Heggins said...

oh so jealous! I am sure the three of you had such a wonderful time and having had the opportunity to meet several of my blogging friends, I know just how you feel. What a wonderful treat and don't you love how you feel, like you have known each other for ever!!!! Fabulous card by the way, gorgeous butterfly!

Kylie said...

Oh my face just exploded into a cheshire grin as I read your post! I am so thrilled you had such a wonderful "first date". I'm next! haha I wish! :)
And speaking of gorgeous, (because yes, you are, both inside and out), your card is stunning. The borders are beautiful but they look amazing on your card with the butterfly and the sentiment. Love this!! hugs!!

Dana said...

Oh wow! I'm so jealous!! There are so many ladies i'd love to meet in person, maybe one day!!! :D Also i LOVE your card, so clean, crisp and CAS awesomeness!!! Love it!!

Greta said...

Brings back memories of meeting blogging friends in person--3 so far & you're on my list! So, so glad you shared that wonderful picture, Carol! I love the Muse card & I love your take!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

gorgeous! Again, I love how the butterfly is dainty and opposite to the doily on the card being CASEd. It is so fun to see your style grow and change, i love visiting your blog!

Emily Keaton said...

Oh my! It sounds like your visit was heavenly! It is such a joy to meet people that you've bonded with electronically. I'm so glad you had such a special time together :-). And today's card is beautiful. You captured the inspiration card perfectly!

Joni Andaya said... guys are so ADORABLE!!! What a nice picture of you and Geri :) Such Gorgeous cards too :)